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All Types of Vacation and Long-term Home Rentals From Around The World. We Know Great Places! With a wide selection of both vacation rentals, long-term residential home rentals and hotels all over the world, makes it easy for you to find a holiday home or place to live in thousands of locations. So even if you are travelling for just a few days for a well-earned vacation or looking for a new home to live for a few years, you can be confident that there will be a place to stay with


  • 1. Vacation A Guide to Listing Your Vacation Rental RENTALSWORLDWIDE.COM STAY.LIVE.EXPLORE

2. Today Join Our Global Community Today RENTALSWORLDWIDE.COM is home to over 250,0000 vacation properties and over 140,000 hotel listings worldwide.Vacation home owners can join our community and oer their own homes to a worldwide audience of vacation rental Guests.In addition to listing your vacation property for rent, you may also list your property For Sale at the same time. We do not charge an agency fee, saving you money, on any sale. You simply take the enquiry and deal directly with any potential buyer on your own terms. Guests are also potential buyers.Annual membership to advertise your home, is a simple online process. You will receive your enquiries directly and your Guests will pay us via Paypal or credit card using our secure online payment system. We adhere to an industry standard practice of releasing funds to you via Paypal within 24 hours after the rst day of check-in.All property owners that list a vacation home and Guests that make a booking are ID veried for security purposes and peace of mind of both parties. In this way, we know that we are dealing with real people within our secure community. Rent your vacation home direct to Guests 3. Started Lets Get Started RENTALSWORLDWIDE.COM First impressions always count when it comes to advertising a vacation rental property. Communicating the unique features and benets of your holiday home is the key to attracting enquiries.You will be able to create your own headline, description and select from a very comprehensive list of standard property features, amenities, places of interest and local activities. You may also highlight the safety & suitability of your property such as child friendliness, wheelchair access or if pets are welcome.Your rates can be added by various seasons on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Currencies are exible.To apply for membership you will need to have your holiday home information, some great photographs, your passport, ID card or driving license and either a Paypal account or credit card. Bring the WOW to your guests by showcasing your property in the best possible way in less than 15 minutes. Uploading your rental home details is simple 4. Advert Putting Together a Winning Advert RENTALSWORLDWIDE.COM At we believe in bringing a highly professional approach to advertising your vacation rental property.With large format images, unique property headline and full description together with a well structured and complete check- list of features, we ensure that nothing is overlooked in bringing your property to life. By understanding that potential Guests look for dierent information within your advert, it is important make your description and photographs as strong as possible.A winning advert draws attention and attracts enquiries and that means good rental returns.WOW Guests with great photograph's and information 5. RENTALSWORLDWIDE.COM It is important to take time for photographs. They can present your property and guest experience better than any words. This is important as most people are visual by nature. Interesting photographs are likely to engage with the Guests attention. Here are a few tips to help take the best photographs:- Prepare you property and choose a clear bright day, preferably with morning sun. Turn o any TV or computer displays, prepare the rooms and remove any unsightly objects. Do remember to take photographs of any special features. Try to avoid people in general photographs. - Use natural light and shoot away from the windows to avoid exposure issues. If you require additional light, use the interior lighting but try both with and without the lights on and select the best results. - Never display dark or cluttered images. Correct any photographs using a simple editing software on your computer and choose the best results. - Make sure you have good exterior shots of the property and any views. - Showcase your vacation home with up to 25 photographs Capturing the seasonal ambience is also eective 1000 Words A Great Photograph is Worth a Thousand Words 6. Rental Rate Advertising With The Right Rental Rate RENTALSWORLDWIDE.COM Much in the same way as a great description and photographs draw attention, the same detail should be paid to rental rates.It is important that the property is not priced too high or too low and as such, it is worth spending a little time to research comparative rates for similar properties in the area.You can rene your rates by season, public holidays and even special occasions such as Valentines Day allowing for a lower or higher premium.Many rentals properties are also for sale and travellers and Guests are often potential buyers. We are the rst rental portal that supports members to also advertise their property for sale on their rental listing. Take direct enquiries, make a deal and pay no commission when you sell. You can also sell your property as well as rent 7. Enquiries Responding to Your Enquiries RENTALSWORLDWIDE.COM When a potential Guest makes an enquiry, they will contact you directly through the enquiry system to your account. Their email will not be disclosed until such as time as the booking has been conrmed and paid via the payment gateway. The main Guest, as the point of contact, is required to verify their ID online at the time of booking. Bookings are always fully paid upon conrmation. We do not operate a split payment policy. As a rental property owner or manager and at the time of payment request, you will have a choice to select either a 7, 30, 60 day or no cancellation policy. Each policy has a dierent refund level during the cancellation period.Our advice is to always respond to Guests within 24 hours to improve the chances of a successful booking. Always include as much information as the Guest may request.Responding to enquiries presents an ideal opportunity to get to know each other and establish an early relationship. Receive and manage your enquiries through your control panel 8. Payments Taking Bookings &Payments RENTALSWORLDWIDE.COM All enquires will be received through the system and these can be administered from your member account control panel. Alerts are sent to your email account for each enquiry.The control panel allows you to communicate with Guests, raise an invoice and request payments. All payments are made through a secure payment gateway.Funds are released to you (less any booking fees, if applicable, and less a convenience fee of 2.5%), 24 hours after the date of the rst day of charter. This is a Guest security measure.We auto release funds due to you via Paypal to your Paypal account. Standard Paypal fees will be applied by Paypal to any remittance to you.By using established industry payment release practices, secure payment systems and trusted ID verication methods, we aim to provide peace of mind to all the users within our community.All property owners and guests are veried 9. Membership Opening An Account & Enjoy Membership RENTALSWORLDWIDE.COM Opening an annual membership account to advertise your holiday rental property is a simple process. Just click the List Your Property button, complete your registration details and select Vacation Rentals. Uploading the rest of your property details is simple and secure.There are a choice of annual membership plans that start from a convenient low monthly fee of just US$4.99. Our plans provide the exibility of choice between an annual membership fee with zero booking fees or a lower annual membership fee with a booking fee. Guests pay a booking fee in addition to your rate. A small convenience fee applies to both parties.Select an annual membership plan that best suits your own requirements.If you own or manage six properties or more, you may contact us directly and a specialist will assist you with recommending a suitable preferred membership plan.Please remember to open a Paypal account to receive your payments from bookings. You can also do this during the membership sign-up process.Lets get started! Just click the List Your Property icon now to list your vacation rental property.Become a Member and list your property for rent 10. RENTALSWORLDWIDE.COM Registered Oce:The PHILLIPS Group Pte Ltd 8 Robinson Road | ASO Building | #06.00 | Singapore | 048544All rights are reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means. This includes but is not limited to photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without prior written permission of The PHILLIPS Group Pte Ltd.The PHILLIPS Group Pte Ltd have made every eort to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information contained in this brochure and we assume no responsibility for errors, in accuracies, omissions, or any inconsistency herein.Any likeness or similarity to people, places or organisations is unintentional and purely coincidental. Local rules and regulations may vary by country. Always refer to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy on our website.Copyright 2014, The PHILLIPS Group Pte LtdEXPLORE STAY . LIVE . EXPLORE STAY . LIVE . EXPLORE