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My presentation at SAE Alumni Convention Amsterdam


  • 1. 6 Awards Winning Visual Communications Specialist Founder (www.yangrin.com)Partner & CCO (www.dogma.co.il)Worked with such international brands as: Microsoft, Volkswagen, Deloitte, SAAB, Baskin Robbins, RE/MAX, and many othersShareholder and advisor of 4 start-ups in Israel and US Member of: Design Council of Australia Freelancers Union of America Graphic Designers Association of Israel

2. Imagine that you want to reach an endless amount of people worldwide and make sure they get your message correctly and how you would say your message in person, but to extremely large audience Well, a website is exactly that! Sort of a business card, a hand shake, a meeting, a sale tool, advertising, promo, and many other things websites are there to promote and sell a company, product, services or a person. The sole reason why we all use the web and put out our websites up in the air is simply to make sure as many people as it is possible see our company, product, service or us 3. Landing pages Lead generators Promo sites Business cards Small Corporate Large corporate Online Retailer E-Commerce News sites Media Portals Social Networks Online Applications 4. Everyone! :) Well, maybe a bit too loud but pretty much everyone, any type of business, small or large, local or international, any service provider, be it a person or agency, artists, show-man, writers, and whoever needs to have their name herd beyond their circle of friends and family. So on a general note, pretty much anyone is a potential client now or in the future. 5. A website is a combination of such key elements as visual and technical. However, it is not as simple as it seems at first glance; website is a complex machine running at a virtual facility with virtual fuel. Think of it as your car, every car has its value, has its cosmetics, technical part and fuel and as every car out there, it needs pampering, taking care of it, updating and upgrading it and also fixing it from time to time, and dont forget about the regular service, just like any other car. But keep in mind, if any of the elements are not working in complete harmony with the rest of the elements, it will not work well, will break down and eventually will have to be completely replaced! 6. Research +color palette + architecture + wireframe + design& layout + development + good product and/or service 7. This lecture was prepared by Yan G. For more questions, consultations, or other needs, you may contact me: - yan@yangrin.com