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Today’s IT organizations are being pressured to do more with less. Manage more applications, data, users, and devices with fewer internal resources. Execute complex IT initiatives on flat, year-over-year budgets. And above all, extract as much value from the IT investments they’ve already made. It’s this last notion of getting more value that is the focus of our discussion today. Riverbed customers should always expect more value. And we’re committed to ensuring they get it.


  • 1. Expect More Value. Get More Value.Technical Account Manager ServiceRiverbed Professional Services10/14/2014Copyright 2014 1 Riverbed Inc. Confidential.

2. Situational Analysis:Does this apply to your organization?We need a go-to point of contact at Riverbedwho can help us resolve technical issues fasterAND ensure our business objectives are beingmet with Riverbed solutions.Copyright 2014 22 Copyright 2014 RRiivveerrbbeedd IInncc.. CCoonnffiiddeennttiiaall.. 3. Situational Analysis:Does this apply to your organization?Were sure our Riverbed solutions areperforming as expected. We just dont knowhow to capture and communicate the fullbusiness value were experiencing as a resultof our investments.Copyright 2014 33 Copyright 2014 RRiivveerrbbeedd IInncc.. CCoonnffiiddeennttiiaall.. 4. Situational Analysis:Does this apply to your organization?Were evaluating additional products from theRiverbed Application Performance Platform.But to help build our business case, we need toget more value from what we currently own.How can we improve adoption andperformance?Copyright 2014 44 Copyright 2014 RRiivveerrbbeedd IInncc.. CCoonnffiiddeennttiiaall.. 5. Situational Analysis:Does this apply to your organization?We need to be sure our Riverbed solutionscontinue to perform as our infrastructurechanges. We also need to know how ourcurrent technology investments can help usprepare for future IT projects.Copyright 2014 55 Copyright 2014 RRiivveerrbbeedd IInncc.. CCoonnffiiddeennttiiaall.. 6. Its All About Getting More ValueYou Need: Which Provides: Value Added?A Designated Point ofContactHelp Capturing andArticulating ROITo Enhance SolutionAdoptionTo Discover NewSolution Use CasesCopyright 2014 6 Riverbed Inc. Confidential.Timely resolution of support issues andquick access to more RiverbedresourcesConfidence that business objectives arebeing achievedFaster ROI and improved performancefor critical business apps and servicesMaximum utilization and value ofRiverbed solutions already in use 7. Expect More ValueGet more value immediately andconsistently with the TechnicalAccount Manager Service.Copyright 2014 7 Riverbed Inc. Confidential. 8. Riverbed Technical Account ManagerIn conjunction with the Riverbed sales team, the Technical Account Manager (TAM)Service provides a dedicated advisor who partners with you for the strategicdevelopment and evolution of your Riverbed solutions portfolio. Designated advocateinside your organizationand at Riverbed toaccelerate progress,improve visibility, andsustain successCopyright 2014 8 Riverbed Inc. Confidential. Ensures you get maximumvalue from the entireRiverbed platform byfocusing on solutionadoption and utilization Addresses continuousimprovement opportunitiesacross your IT operationsand business processes 9. Copyright 2014 9 Riverbed Inc. Confidential.TAMKnowledgeandExperienceTAM OverviewDesignated point of contact into Riverbed for all business andtechnical mattersCustomerRequirementsEnhancementsChallengesTimelines &MilestonesProjectsSuccessesRiverbedProject ManagementEngineeringTechnical SupportPartner EcosystemSubject Matter Experts 10. Why Use the TAM Service?Fast-trackResults Get the product capabilities you need delivered the right way,Copyright 2014 1100 Copyright 2014 RRiivveerrbbeedd IInncc.. CCoonnffiiddeennttiiaall..at the right time Resolve technical issues quicker with a designated point ofcontactEnhanceAdoption Expand your organizations knowledge and utilization of keyproduct featuresImprovePerformance Continuously evaluate the effectiveness of Riverbed solutionsin meeting your business objectivesBusinessAlignment Align Riverbed technology investments to effectively meet futurebusiness demandsFlexibleModels Low-cost, flexible engagement models that range from a one-day-per-week TAM to a full-time resource to meet uniquerequirements 11. TAM Service ActivitiesCopyright 2014 11 Riverbed Inc. Confidential. 12. Technical Account Manager:Activities and DeliverablesActivity DescriptionCustomerAdvocacy Designated point of contact into Riverbed for all business and technical matters Meet with stakeholders to understand challenges for business units andapplication owners Facilitate planning and status meetings with IT staff and executive management Create, distribute, and present progress and executive summary reports Provide architecture, methodology, and support documentation Assure ongoing enablement and education through various types of knowledgetransfer sessions Ensure support cases are receiving appropriate visibility and escalationOperationalAdoption Assess effectiveness of current Riverbed deployment Assess needs for expanded training, professional services, and support Evaluate organizational resource, sizing, and capacity demands Develop actionable strategies and a roadmap for ongoing success withRiverbed solutionsCopyright 2014 12 Riverbed Inc. Confidential. 13. Technical Account Manager:Activities and DeliverablesActivity DescriptionMonitoring andAnalytics Address enterprise-wide dashboard, reporting, and alerting needs Ensure reports and analytics are properly interpreted to support improvementrecommendations Track progress against business and performance objectives Provide self-service portal and dashboard visibility into support metricsStrategy andEvolution Identify future-state technology, as well as business and process integration gaps Coordinate applicable roadmap discussions with Riverbed Product Management Develop financial modeling to evaluate and justify new IT investments Develop staff and operating plans to effectively meet future demands Plan and track migrations of and/or upgrades to Riverbed technologiesCopyright 2014 13 Riverbed Inc. Confidential. 14. TAM Service Delivery LifecycleLEGENDCopyright 2014 14 Riverbed Inc. Confidential. 15. Complements Other Riverbed Offerings forHigher Solution ROIRole Description Key DifferenceTechnicalAccountManager Riverbed solution adoption and management Business objective performance score carding, analysis, andoptimization Proactive advice, knowledge, and best practice sharingCopyright 2014 15 Riverbed Inc. Confidential. Account and businessobjective focused Business experience On-site and remoteTechnicalResident Hands-on, technology-specific administration Dedicated delivery, monitoring, and troubleshooting of performanceon specific Riverbed solutions Deliverables are project based Technology specific Hands on keyboard Full time and dedicated On-site or remoteRiverbedAdvancedSupport Daily remote incident, problem, and support case management Immediate visibility to and fastest resolution of priority cases Dedicated TAC offering 16. TAM Case StudyCustomerBackgroundChallenges Company Description: Global designer and manufacturer ofsports apparel and accessories Riverbed Solutions In Use: Riverbed SteelHead appliancesand Riverbed SteelCentral for Network PerformanceManagement Determining if current infrastructure could support upcoming ITinitiatives Improving the use and performance of its Riverbed solutionsportfolioProposedSolution Initial 6-month TAM engagement to help client stabilize its ITCopyright 2014 16 Riverbed Inc. Confidential.environment and discover new use cases for Riverbedsolutions 17. TAM Case StudyTAMObjectives Complete a Riverbed product lifecycle study to assess currentperformance and create an improvement plan Conduct informal knowledge transfer with clients technical staff Assess clients current infrastructure to see how Riverbed can supportupcoming IT projects Help Riverbed sales teams focus on improving customer satisfaction Client satisfaction has steadily increased as a result of the initial six-monthCopyright 2014 17 Riverbed Inc. Confidential.TAM engagement Client has already agreed to renew its TAM engagementValueAchievedAdditionalNotes Support cases are addressed in a more timely manner Discovered untapped product use cases and underutilized features Knowledge transfer enhanced clients utilization of Riverbed products Infrastructure assessment helped client validate short-term initiativesand showcased how Riverbed products will enable those projects 18. Three Key TAM Service Takeaways1. Get the full value from your Riverbed investment2. Future-proof your investments against IT change and uncertainty3. Flexible, low-cost engagement models to support uniquerequirements and environmentsCopyright 2014 18 Riverbed Inc. Confidential. 19. For More InformationTechnical Account Manager Service:www.riverbed.com/about/document-repository/technical-account-manager-brochure.htmlRiverbed Professional Services:http://www.riverbed.com/services-training/Copyright 2014 19 Riverbed Inc. Confidential. 20. Thank You20 Copyright Copyright 2014 2014 Riverbed Riverbed Inc. Inc. Confidential.Confidential.


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