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Tunheim Partners' Director of e-Strategy, David Erickson, discusses how to use LinkedIn as an expert positioning tool.


Expert Positioning Using LinkedIn 01/08/09 | Who We Are: About Tunheim Partners Well-regarded thinking and crisp execution these are the building blocks of Tunheim Partners. Our clients turn to us to help them capitalize on important communications opportunities. We respond with insightful counsel and service to help them achieve their objectives. What Is LinkedIn? A Social Networking Site Facebook for business A Relationship Engine Examines relationships among your contacts and your contacts contacts Knows who you know and who you should know Trust If youre a friend of my friend Focus Of Attention What The User Sees Inbox People You May Know Network Updates Think about how people use the site Company research People research Finding people Getting answers Conversations LinkedIn Login Screen Network Updates/Newsfeed Gossip 2.0 Most compelling feature Who is connecting to whom? Who is doing what? What discussions are taking place? Who joined what group? Who recommends who? What is your network up to? Who just joined? Whos Interested In Me? Search Profiles Groups Q & A Company Profile Applications People You May Know Recommendation Engine Your contacts Your contacts contacts Your associations Schools Employers Industries Organizations Groups Career management tool Talent acquisition Company research Connect with company contact Recruiters/HR Expertise Job postings Career/Jobs Opening & Optimizing Accounts are free or $19.95/month Limited contact vs. ability to freely email Fill in completely More information = more possible connections Use keywords /insights/search Likely search phrases Industry keywords Interest keywords Job title keywords Optimizing Your Account Making Yourself Findable Name keywords Professional headline keywords Company keywords Titles Descriptions Website keywords SEO Public profile keywords URL SEO Editing Basic Information Editing Employment Information Job Title Search Optimization Job Description Description Summary Duties Accomplishments Industry Editing Education Information Education Keywords Majors/Minors Expertise Industry Activities & societies Expertise Industries Additional notes Any appropriate keywords Editing Websites Search Engine Optimization Anchor Text Keywords LinkedIn Google, et. al. Editing Additional Information Editing URL Web Address Numeric default Name keywords Industry keywords Expertise keywords SEO Editing Summary Information More Keywords Industry Expertise Acronyms Written out Terms of art What To Show Privacy Options The more you give The more you get More privacy = Fewer connections Less search benefit Fewer opportunities LinkedIn Search Optimization LinkedIn SEO Optimize for external search engines Full view profile Google, Yahoo!, MSN searchable Public profile URL keywords Links from your profile to company Web site, blog Links on profile page Within Groups & Q&A Links to your profile from Other social networking sites Your own blogs/web sites Search Optimization Connecting On LinkedIn Invitations & introductions Searching LinkedIn Recommendations Questions & Answers Groups & Associations Events Applications Invitations & Introductions Low-hanging fruit Family, Friends & colleagues Clients Contacts connections Introductions Ask to connect on LinkedIn In person Over the phone Through email Link to your LinkedIn profile Email signature Your blog Other social media Company bio LinkedIn Promotion Searching LinkedIn Sophisticated & Powerful Search Keyword search Industry search Title search Company search Geographic search Very narrow demographics Research & Find Learn about companies Find people Searching LinkedIn LinkedIn Recommendations Generosity pays Give & you get Dont be shy ASK for recommendations Provide keywords Demonstrates Competence Expertise Establishes trust Can appear on profile LinkedIn Recommendations Questions & Answers Questions Get an answer Attract a targeted audience Find qualified talent Make connections Appears on profile Answers Help out Demonstrate expertise Within group On profile Make connections LinkedIn Answers LinkedIn Answers Groups & Associations More connections Affinity Groups Join/Create Like-minded or specific people Targeted audiences Discussions Demonstrate expertise Create familiarity Trust Share news Post links/Add value Expert positioning Appears on profile LinkedIn Events Expert Positioning Promote your attendance Industry events Speakers Conventions See whos attending Connect with attendees Promotion Add events Organize events Appear on profile LinkedIn Events LinkedIn Events - Attendees Add An Event To LinkedIn LinkedIn Applications Expert positioning Demonstrates knowledge & expertise Appears on profile Creates connections LinkedIn Polls Create and/or participate Branding Amazon Reading List Watch others lists SlideShare/Google Presentations Blog Link/WordPress RSS to profile Building Your Network Begin with your own network Invite family, friends, colleagues & clients Mining contacts Raid friends networks Search for former classmates & co-workers Ask for introductions Encourage people to join Clients & colleagues Search Friends & colleagues Clients Industry leaders LinkedIn Open Networker (LIONs) Tunheim Partners e-Strategy Tunheim Partners Strategic communications company Public relations Public affairs e-Strategy e-Strategy Tunheim Partners specialty Internet marketing practice Full service Internet marketing practice Experienced leadership, strong team As director of e-Strategy, Tunheim Partners Internet marketing practice, David Erickson specializes in strategic online communication. David has been marketing online since 1995, first as a freelancer, and then in 1997 as the founder and president of e-Strategy and now with Tunheim Partners. Erickson is a student of how people use technology to communicate, and that fascination informs his work. He is a "first adopter" of the latest technologies because he wants to understand how they can be used as marketing tools. David's work has included: executing a national online media relations campaign for a presidential e-debate for the 2000 election, using e-mail marketing as an expert positioning tool, optimizing electronic press kits and press releases for the retail and fashion industries, conducting search engine marketing for numerous clients, designing and carrying out a sports marketing viral video campaign, and implementing social media optimization and marketing campaigns. David's training in the visual and language arts and his experience in retail, advertising, market research and public relations all contribute to his expertise in Internet marketing. He taught himself the technologies needed to implement online communication strategies, so he understands how Web technologies work as communications vehicles. David also has personal experience with delivering effective messages: he has written advertising copy and articles for publications, produced Web publications of his own, appeared as a pundit and commentator for media outlets, and co-hosted his own radio show. David blogs about Internet marketing at . David earned his B.A. from Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where he studied art and writing. He is a former Hubert H. Humphrey Policy Forum Fellow. When he's not scheming up clever new ways to communicate online, David can be found playing or watching football or reading...but most likely playing football. Reality is nine-tenths perception. Anonymous David Erickson, Director of e-Strategy Contact Web Email [email_address] Phone 952-851-1600