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  1. 1. D O M EGive your design lifePhotorealistic Images Quick Turnaround Time Acceptance of all kind of FormatsDOME A,located in Guangzhou,Ch'na,speciaizes 'n the research and. ,,, ,,. -m, ,-, ,,,of 3,,graphics techno| ogy_ Satisfaction GuaranteedReasonable costhttp: //wvvw. dome-a. org/dome_a2014@163.corn skype :echoxu2011
  2. 2. We apply Australian favorite ligg to our worksGallen Yue |3D artistOur team leader of Dome A.Gallen Yue is in charge of monitoring the service and also the QC for the team.He has gained over 10 years experience in residential,commercial architectural rendering.He has delivered projects inUSA,Australia,Singapore and Canada. He has an abundance of knowledge about the building style and the landscape.BeforeDome A was set up,Gallen has worked fora local rm as the team leader and also wasa senior expert in BASE,a branch of an Australian company in Shenzhen.He has also worked in a school as a lecturer to give 3D class for students. Gallen honed his skills whilst working with a number of prominent and prestigious 3d rendering rm.Clients gave him very good feedbacks for his service.
  3. 3. We apply the most popular furniture to our worksMaggie Xu |so artist I 5 "T E 2As an team expert in interior rendering. Maggie's role is to continually making efforts to deliver the best service while balancing with rendering efciency and costs.She is a very talented professional with 15 experiences in her field.Prior to joining Dome A.Maggie has worked for clients in Singapore.Hongkong and USA. She was the team leader at Innite Graphics and also a senior interior artist at Quanjun interior of Hongkong.She has worked on numerous local and interstate multiresidentia| . commercial and institutional projects.She is also a very committed female.She is always twing her best to keep pace with the current architectural fashion andto put them in her works very often. lair __ i. ---w_wI, __"! "! '
  4. 4. ,_ _ We apply the Australian plants and landscapefor each houseI . . ' -, .'(Henry Li |PS artistOur team Photoshop expert with more than9 years experience.Henry's skill to enhance the rendering.endows the project with life and soul.and his understanding of landscape details adds immense value to any project. Henry is highly procient in Photoshop,his breadth of knowledge in this eld ensures Dome A utilize the software to its fullest capacity and that our renderings are consistently of the highest standard.He was worked for BASE,a branch of Australia Company in Shenzhen.He has been working withDigital Mirage.With 9 years working experiences.Henry is quite familiar with the Southeast Asia.USA and also Australia projects.Clients also respected him highly.
  5. 5. Echo Xu |DirectorEcho has been involved in 3D eld for more than 3 years.Before she set up the teamDOME A.she worked in HP as a senior project manager for IT department.Her strong competency of organized,management.good communication and coordination sklls add numerous values to the team. We work with high efciency and seamless communication V _ r3ll? iii5ia'3r 9 vdesyne Cassandra Meyers |Brand Manager at Impact HomesAfter researching 3D rendering business offshore and locally in Australia I could not go past Dome A.I have worked closely with several companies on pricing quality.accuracy and speed and no one compared to Dome A.They have helped us with render projects for exterior residential houses,townhouse developments.birds eye view site plans and interior renders.Their understanding of the Australian landscape and interior furnishings is spot on which saves a lot of time going back and forth which I had to do with other companies. I was initially concerned there may be a language barrier and time delay with correspondence considering their location however all staff take instruction very well and take great care in what they do.Their attention to detail is amazing,they take instruction very well and I always receive timely responses and follow ups.As they have a large team of developers working on projects they can turn around large volumes quickly whichhas been great for my tight deadlines. I have ben working with Dome A for 12 months now, I would (and have) recommend them to anyone looking for quality renders that are affordable and need to be turned around quickly.
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