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  • Packaging for food & liquid

    Quality Packaging Europe AB, Box 3148, SE-443 03 Stenkullen, Sweden Tel: +46 302 558 00 • •

    Packaging for food & liquid

    Driven by technology and innovation. QPACK is at the forefront of delivering solutions for new applications, through continuous development and testing of new films, adhesives and varnishes.

    This development and innovation is at the core of our business so that we can offer customers superior prod- ucts that deliver the utmost quality in terms of strength. durability, protection and performance. With advanced barrier properties we strive to ensure all our products are fully compliant and wherever possible exceed relevant industry quality, performance and hygiene standards.

    QPACK continues to be a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier

    of flexible packaging solutions.

    Experts in flexible packaging

    QPACK through its expertise prerequisites to provide wordwide coverage and support to customers in order to strengthen their brand through packaging solutions with its own print. We help from graphic design to final production.

    ◆ Stand up pouches ◆ Spout pouches ◆ Flat Bottom pouches

    ◆ Quad seal bags ◆ Side gusset bags ◆ Pillow bags

    Specialist manufacturer of both pre-made stock and printed pouches. Converting both

    plastic and paper materials

    Benefits with standup pouch Standup pouch effectively replaces: boxes, cans, glass and plastic bottles and other rigid packaging for many industries on a daily basis.

    The benefits of standup pouch against plastic packaging are several: 1 pallet of 6300 1 kg standup pouch corresponds to 39 European pallets of equivalent size of cans of 3 liters, see picture.

    ◆ 95% lower shipping costs.

    ◆ Storage cost is much lower, one pallet to 39 European pallets. If the storage cost is 7 € pallet a month = 266 € / month in storage cost. ◆ Less shipments and warehouse staff. ◆ Where it goes 4 pcs of cans in a package, you can pack 6 pcs of standup pouch = 33% more in each package = lower cost / unit. ◆ 67% less CO2 emissions compared to the same plastic can in manufacturing. ◆ Less energy in production. “saving the environment” ◆ Less space in recycling. ◆ Better exposure. ◆ A standup pouch is cheaper.

    = 1 pallet Standup pouch corresponds to 39 pallets of cans at the same size.

    Experts in flexible packaging

  • Standup pouch

    Standup pouch for nutrition

    Standup pouch with windowSpout pouch A selection of coffee pouch, Central seal gusset, Flatbottom, Standup pouch

    Standup pouch with window and handle

    White printed standup pouch

    Kraftpaper pouch

    Kraft paper pouches with zipper and window

    Standup pouch for health food

    Standup pouch for nutrition

    Kraftpaper pouch

    Offering an unrivalled selection of stock pouches, Qpack is able to support the packaging and brand ambitions of any company irrespective of their size.

    Experts in f lexible pack aging Get some inspiration from printed pouch we have producedPackaging for food & liquid


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