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    No: RITES/Expo/02/2177-56/M&P/PSB Dated: 29.11.2011 Due date of opening 13.12.2011 Dear Sir, Sub: Tender enquiry for supply of Profile Stretch Bending Machine to RITES. Please submit your most reasonable offer for the following item which are required to be delivered at RITES Warehouse C/o Asiatic Logistics Pvt. Ltd., (old Apollo Tyre Godown) Khasra No. 332 Zona Pur Mandi Road, New Delhi -110030. Contact Person Shri Dev Dutt, Mr. Mohan, Mobile No. 09312966836, 09312278300 S.No. Description Qty

    1. Profile Stretch Bending Machine as per Technical Specification

    attached at Annexure-II. 01 No.

    1. The bidder is advised to go through this tender enquiry and give his parawise, pointwise acceptance to the Conditions of Contract at Annexure-I and technical specifications at Annexure-II. 2. Interested bidders may obtain further information from the office - address given below for reference or RITES website www.rites.com

    General Manager (Expotech) RITES LTD, RITES Bhawan, 2nd Floor (Left Wing) Plot No.1, Sector, 29, Gurgaon -122 001 ( Haryana), India (Telephone No. 0124-2818212, Fax No. 0124-2571670)

    3. Eligible interested bidders may take the tender documents free of cost on any working day between 10.00 hrs to 16.00 hrs w.e.f. 29.11.2011 to 12.12.2011. Tender document can also be downloaded from the RITES web site.

    4. Bids must be submitted in the above office on or before 15.00 hours on 13.12.2011. 5. Bids will be opened in presence of the Bidders/Bidders Representatives who chose to

    attend at 15.30 hours on 13.12.2011 at the office mentioned above. In case of unscheduled holiday on the closing/opening day of the tender, the next working day will be treated as scheduled prescribed day for closing and opening of the tender, the time notified remaining the same.

    6. Bids submitted by the bidders whose bids are not valid and open for acceptance for a

    period mentioned in the bid document from the date of opening of tender, will be rejected.

    EXPOTECH DIVISION IInd Floor, RITES BHAWAN Plot No. 1, Sector 29, Gurgaon 122 001, Haryana, (INDIA) Tele-fax : +91(0124) 2571670 Tel : +91(0124) 2818212 Email : Virendra@rites.com

    RITES LTD. (A Government of India Enterprise)

  • 7. Issue of tender document to bidder will not automatically mean that the bidder is qualified

    for the Award of contract. No condition/ deviation which is either additional or in modifications of the tender conditions shall be included in the bid submitted by the bidder. If the bid contains any such conditions or deviations from the tender conditions, the bid shall be rejected.

    8. Bidders are required to put their sealed tender in the Tender Box personally or through their

    authorized representative. Bids in sealed condition can also be received by post/ courier provided that the bid is received at least one hour before the stipulated date and time for opening, in the receipt section of RITES Office Ground Floor, RITES Bhawan, Plot No.1, Sector-29, Gurgaon 122001, Haryana, India. RITES Ltd shall not be held responsible for the delay/non-receipt of the bid.

    9. The Tender No., Due date of opening and Title shall be super scribed on the sealed

    envelopes. 10. RITES Limited does not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any offer or to give

    reasons for their decision. RITES Limited also reserves the right to reject or accept or divide the offer between more than one tenderer without assigning any reason.

    Yours faithfully, (Virendra Singh) GM/Expotech


    1. Definitions: Purchaser means RITES Limited, Gurgaon

    2. Scope Of Work: A. The Profile Stretch Bending Machine to be supplied shall be new and as per

    specifications given at Annexure II. B. Past Supplies: The Bidder must attach with the offer a list of purchasers of the said machine both

    in Indian and abroad.

    C. Installation, Testing & Commissioning: The Bidder shall also install, test & commission the Profile Stretch Bending

    Machine at place of final delivery in Myanmar. The manufacturer / supplier shall depute his authorized experience

    commissioning team immediately on receipt of material at site in Myanmar. 3. Validity Of Offer: The validity of offer shall be 90 days from the date of opening of offer.

    4. Delivery: The Profile Stretch Bending Machine shall be delivered at RITES Warehouse,

    New Delhi at the earliest. Bidder should quote the shortest delivery schedule. 5. PRICES:

    5.1 Prices quoted shall be delivery at RITES Warehouse, New Delhi. 5.2 EXCISE DUTY AND TAXES: Since the item is for export, CT-1 Form will be

    provided for clearance of spares from the place of manufacturer, without payment of excise duty, if payable.

    In lieu of sales tax, Form H (for Central Sales Tax for outside firms for Inter-state transaction) will be provided by RITES after export of material within stipulated time period. The firm shall submit /fax the invoice within 7 days from the date of dispatch of material so as to enable us submitting timely information to the Sales Tax Department for arranging form H as date of invoice is reckoned as date of sales and monthly information for H form to sales tax department. Non submission to the department will result in non issuance of H form. For Sales Tax purpose RITES jurisdiction is Delhi being Regd. Office is in Delhi.

    6. Payment Terms: 6.1 70% of the payment shall be made against delivery of the material at RITES

    Warehouse, New Delhi. The balance 30% of payment will be released after successful commissioning and prove out of machine/equipment at site.

    7. Bid Security: The Bidder shall provide for Rs. 29,000/- in the form of Demand Draft drawn in

    favour of RITES LTD payable at Gurgaon. Bid Security of successful bidders shall be returned on receipt of performance security. Bid Security of unsuccessful bidders shall be returned within 30 days of finalization of bid. No interest shall be paid on Bid Security. If the bidder withdraw/modifies his bid for any reason during its validity, the bid security shall be forfeited. Failure to submit bid security would lead to rejection of offer.

    8. Performance Bank Guarantee (PG): The successful bidder is expected to submit Performance Bank Guarantee for an

    amount equivalent to 10% of the contract value valid up to one month beyond the warranty period.

  • 9. Documents: Following documents will be submitted along with each Profile Stretch Bending


    i) Catalogues and complete spare parts/ Wear part list. ii) Operations and maintenance manual including write-up on safety

    measurements/ provisions iii) Electrical, electronic, hydraulic and lubrication circuit diagrams. iv) Commissioning and troubleshooting instruction.

    10. Inspection: Inspection will be done by QA Division of RITES Ltd.

    11. Warranty: Notwithstanding the pre-dispatch inspection by RITESs representative bidder

    shall provide complete warranty against any manufacturing defect, design and such other defects for a period of 12 months from the date of commissioning and Provisional Acceptance by Myanma Railways. All such defects shall be removed by the Bidder at his own cost with in a responsible period of time as agreed with RITES representative.

    12. Tool Kit: The bidder shall supply necessary tool kits along with each Profile Stretch

    Bending Machine. 13. Basis of Evaluation:

    The offer will be evaluated on delivery at RITES Warehouse, New Delhi +commissioning & training.

    14. Liquidated damages: If the Bidder fails to supply the material/equipment or complete the work given

    under this Order within the agreed delivery schedules mentioned herein or any extension thereof authorized by the Purchaser and /or fails to fulfill their obligations under this order, The Bidder shall be liable to pay liquidated damages and not by way of penalty, a sum of (half) percent per week of delayed supplies subjected to maximum of 10 (ten) percent of the order value. The compensation shall be payable by the Bidder without prejudice to other rights and remedies available to the Purchaser in respect of any failure/defaults committed by the Bidder. However, for delay beyond 10 weeks for supply of the material/equipment or complete the work given under this Order within the agreed delivery schedules mentioned herein or any extension thereof authorized by the Purchaser and /or fails to fulfill their obligations under this order, the purchaser may take action for termination of the Contract as per The Termination clause mentioned below and make arrangements at the risk & cost of the bidder.

    15 Arbitration/Settlement of Disputes: Mutual settlement of Disputes: Except where otherwise provided for in the

    contract, all questions and dispute relating to any matter directly or indirectly connected with this agreement shall in the first place be resolved through mutual discussions, negotiation, deliberations and consultations between both the parties. General:- Subject to aforestated conditions the provision of the Arbitration and conciliation Act 1996 or any statutory modifications or re-enactment thereof and the rule made there under and for the time being in force shall apply to the conciliation and arbitration proceedings under this clause.

  • 16 Force Majeure: Force majeure shall mean unforeseeable cause beyond the central and without

    the fault or negligence including but not restricted to acts of God or caused by war, civil commotion, riots, mobilization, flood, epidemics, quarantine re