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  • 1. 1. Asking Suggestion2. Giving Suggestion3. Accepting Suggestion4. Rejecting Suggestion

2. The function to: ask for opinionsor suggestions to someone to getTHE KEY: the clear of something Do you.Will you EXAMPLE: SuggestionAny IdeaDo you have any suggestion for me? Can you..Will you give me some suggestion,Tell me..please? Question ?Any idea?Can you tell me what happened?Please tell me what should I do?Do you have any advice for me?How do you suggest I fix this? 3. GIVINGSUGGESTION 4. Thank Why didntThatsThats ayou. Ill try I think of soundswonderful that. that?good.idea. 5. Dont I dontThats aI dontthink so good idea, want to do but....thatbecause.... ButCant 6. Are youunderstand? 7. Chan: Hi, have you ever seen anything strange of me?Madam : I hope I do not see anything in you.Chan: Really?Madam : yes, of course.Chan: You have time for me?Madam : What do you see Im busy?Chan: Well, now Im thinking of someone. He was beloved, and who knows howmany years I have never met him. Ive missed out a way to stop. Whatshould I do?Madam : Pathetic, why do not you try to forget it and learn to love me.Chan: What are you saying? No!Madam : Just kidding man!From the text above, what is the conclusion?a. Chan agree to advice from Madamb. Chan very enthusiastic advice from Madamc. Chan rejected advice from Madamd. Madam is loving Chane. Madam and Chan do not understand anything 8. The sentence below is a phrase associated with the suggestion, except...a. How can I resolve this?b. I hope last night he met meA. Asking Suggestionc. Better you wear a red shirtC. Giving Suggestiond. I think so, but not in this issueD. Rejecting Suggestione. I suggest you a lot of practiceE. Giving SuggestionKest: You look more suited to wear blue shoes. Looks easier and prettier.Seth: I think so too. But what about the red?Kest: Better the blue.From the text above, What the expression of Seth said?a. Rejecting Suggestionb. Accepting Suggestionc. Hoped. agreee. disagree 9. suatu yang sedang terjadi saat ini, I am NOT writing nowsedang berlangsung saat ini.You are NOT reading my article at present Negatif Are you writing now Positif : S + Tobe + V ing Negatif : S + Tobe+ Not+ V ing Tanya Are You reading my article at present? Tanya : Tobe + S + V ingPositif I am writing nowYou are reading my article at present 10. Suatu peristiwa yang Sedang Terjadi juga sebagaimana Present Continuous Tense, THE KEYBedanya dalam Future Continuous Tense makaSedang nya itu bukan sekarang melainkanbesok, akan datang, nanti.Anda telepon saya dan bilang mauke rumah saya jam 9 besok. Wahsaya nda bisa terima tamu tuh jamsegitu, karena pas jam 9 itu sayaakan sedang berenang. Jadwal saya Example:renang itu 8:30 sampai 10:00. Jadi(+) They will be driving home jam 9 besok itu sedang renang kan?(-) They will not be driving homekapan renangnya? besok!. Itulaharti sedang tetapi akan ini (?) Will They be driving home ?I will be swimming at 9 tomorrow, Youmay not meet me at home 11. Positif (+)S + be(was/were) + V1-ing/present participleThe team was playing basketball.The workers were queuing for salaries. Negatif (-)S + be(was/were) + not + V1-ing/present participThe team was not playing basketball.The workers werent queuing for salaries.Interogatif (?)Be(was/were) + S + V1-ing/present participleWas the team playing basketball?Were the workers queuing for salaries? 12. ExerciseA Put the following sentences into 1, Number 1-4 to present Continuous.2. Number 5-7 to future Continuous.3. Number 8-10 to past Continuous.Use the words in parentheses!1. One of my assistants (correct) the financial report.2. Some of them (work) in the factory.3. The two men (discuss) their new plans.4. The girl (take) something in that room.5. My assistant (analyze) their proposal in his room.6. She (talk) to one of our regular customers in that room.7. My friend (Park) his car beside that building.8. The mechanic (Repair) my car in my garage.9. One of them (try) to open the door.10. They (do) their English exercises in the classroom.