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  • Expressionism: I feel that expressionism is an art movement that resonates strongly with my personality, as well as my art style. I value experiences and all the beautiful and natural things that this world has to offer. I feel strongly that majority of the worlds population spends far to much time absorbed in technology, staring at their phone or tablet, rather then looking up every once and a while to experience the beauty that surrounds them. In my eyes, this creates a discordant relationship between humanity and the world we live in. People become insensitive to the world around them. They lose touch with authenticity and spirituality because they are drowned in technology. Much of the work I created through high school represents a similar style to expressionism and was influenced by my favorite expressionist artist, Deborah Feller, who’s style I have incorporated into the design of this document. “Expressionism emerged simultaneously in various cities across Germany as a response to a widespread anxiety about humanity’s increasingly discordant relationship with the world and accompanying lost feelings of authenticity and spirituality.” (Research and information management: Online)

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  • My Character: Creative – By nature and in every sense of the word, I am creative. I grew up in a family of creative minds with two older brothers and an older sister. Much like the people, the household we lived in was a space that allowed for creative stimulation from all angles. From the age of six years old I was interested in drawing, playing instruments, and building things with lego, or sticks and wood glue. I was intrigued by anything I could do with my hands. Caring – Ever since I was a little boy, I had a soft spot for everyone. I made a huge effort to make others happy when they were feeling down. This is because I work well around positive energy. When others are happy, I’m happy. More often than not, I would take other people into consideration and completely disregard what I deeded. This taught me a valuable lesson. Never disregard your needs. Expressive – Unlike most people, I cannot do things normally. Especially creatively. In my artistic creations, I have to express myself through broad brush-strokes, blotches of ink, sprays, bleeds, high contrast and abstrac- tion. I’m not here to replicate an image perfectly on paper. I’m here to express emotion and passion on paper with reference and inspira- tion from others. Happy – Seeing the glass half full. Through my life I’ve had a lot of depression and sadness around me. When I was in my early teens it begun to get the better of me, until I found a way to deal with it. I realized that no matter what’s going on in my life, I can always see the good side of any situation. Because of that, life is always great, and I am always happy.

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    My Values: Friends – From a young age, I was a

    very social person. I thrive around other people and off of their energy. An extrovert.

    Socializing has always made up a huge portion of my life, however what I truly value are my close

    friends. Those people who aren’t just a friendly face, but those who you can trust and tell anything. Those close few

    who you can be yourself in front of. Those who you can trust. Health – When I was a little boy, I was overweight because I was unhappy with my parents fighting and my siblings moving away.

    So, I began to exercise and change what I was eating. After a few weeks, I realized that I wasn’t just losing the weight, I also felt

    amazing! Physically and mentally. So, I have been training hard and eating healthy ever since. Honesty – One thing I have never been good at is lying. My

    parents taught me to always be honest. Sometimes it may seem really hard, but at the end of the day, it makes me feel better, and

    others appreciate honesty. I know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a lie, so I highly value honesty in others. I cannot be friends or close

    with those who I cannot trust. Creativity – I have a creative mind. Growing up and going through posh private

    schools was extremely hard for me because of the high level of academics and the one minded way of teaching that those schools provide. Being creative and making art

    was my way of expressing myself and dealing with this harsh academic environment. So, I highly value creativity because it’s always been a form of release for me, and a way to ex-

    press myself.

  • My Design Practice: I see myself as a good problem solver in terms of creativity. I have the ability to think out of the box and am not scared to experiment with new concepts and tech- niques in order to get my point across and create something that is unique and mem- orable. In this way, I am also good at taking old concepts and making them new by adding my own creative twist. Self-expression is key – Creating something that is beautiful is easy when you have the skills to do so, but creating something that is memorable and truly meaningful is something else. I feel that the only way to get in touch with others through design is to put your own emotion and expression into the work. Show people what you are feel- ing. That way, you will touch those with similar emotions. Hard working – I strongly believe that what you put in is what you get out. During my high school years, I hated the work I had to do, so I didn’t put in any effort so I never got any better so my marks never improved. As soon as I put in just a little effort, I could see the difference in my grades. Now that I am studying what I love, I put all the time I have into it, and the rewards are great! Working with what you have – In any aspect of life, I don’t believe there is a point in complaining about what you don’t have to do a certain task or to get on with some- thing. You can always make something work with what you have. I apply this same thought process when it comes to anything creative, especially design. Don’t make excuses not to create your work because you don’t have what you need. Rather take what you have, and make it work to create something beautiful.

    Fig: 3

  • Bibliography - Research and information management. 2017. Expressionism Movement, Artists and Major work. (Online) Available: [Ac- cessed: 05 October 2017]

    Fig: - Desfontaines, B. 2015. Suffer in Silence #2. Charcoal on canvas. Johannesburg: St Johns College.

    Fig: 2 - Desfontaines, B. 2017. Hibernation. Fine liner and ink on paper. Cape Town: Red & Yel- low.

    Fig: 3 - Desfontaines, B. 2017. Tequila Sunrise. Gouache and pencil on paper. Cape Town: Red & Yellow.