eyeblaster widgets | grab a beta april 2008 …. eyeblaster widgets how do eyeblaster widgets fit...

Download Eyeblaster Widgets | Grab a Beta April 2008 …. Eyeblaster Widgets How do Eyeblaster Widgets fit into your plan? Distributing and Seeding Eyeblaster Widgets

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  • Eyeblaster WidgetsHow do Eyeblaster Widgets fit into your plan?Distributing and Seeding Eyeblaster WidgetsWhy to work with Eyeblaster widgets?How to work with Eyeblaster on a widget campaign?Planning the creativeCustomizing the distribution panelViewing the resultsNavigation

  • How do Eyeblaster Widgets fit into your plan?Analytics combine distribution and rich media measurements from the campaign and from the widgetShare this movie with your friendsRich media ads are served as part of a campaign









    1st Qtr8.2

    2nd Qtr3.2

    3rd Qtr1.4

    4th Qtr1.2

    To resize chart data range, drag lower right corner of range.

  • Distributing WidgetsNavigationAd CampaignWidget SitesAdvertiser Website Gigya Directoryhttp://www.gigya.com/widgetgallery/

  • Seeding WidgetsNavigationCrossSocial NetworksProfile page + Email: + Customize the Email + Imports address bookDesktop Via Google desktop (Yahoo + Mac are on the way)Bookmark Pay per install Suggested a promoted widget in the widget eco systemProvide a copy link it works!

  • Why to work with EyeblasterNavigationIntegrated Data ConsolidationEyeblasters best-in-breed analytics provide seamless reportingTrack your widget from user to userWith Gigyas API, link demographic information with campaign performance, giving precise and actionable campaign feedbackCPM CappingNo need to worry your creative will be too good for your budget. Even if it takes off like wildfire, you can place a maximum CPM on your ad buy.Dynamic Data keeps your creative evergreenKeep content fresh with dynamic updates. Make as many updates as needed, keep eyeballs on your widgets and keep them coming back!Benefit from Eyeblasers custom interactions

  • How to work with EyeblasterNavigationWere here to help:Option 1: Self-serveEyeblaster can take your pre-existing asset and make it an Eyeblaster-friendly widgetYou handle the creative, Eyeblaster handles productionOption 2: Full-serveEyeblaster will provide full creative and production services. You provide the concept, we do the rest!Free in Beta

    NavigationLive Demo

  • Planning the creativeClear and big call to actionKeep the copy link option available: it works.Content management plan: replace content once a month.NavigationContent: Loaded dynamically, replaceable, and refreshable

  • Customize the distribution panelNavigationRelevant social networks Languages Copy LinkCustom colors and sizesBackground Images

  • Viewing your results Premium unified report of:Widget Impressions & Performance with Rich Media Impressions & PerformanceInteraction RateVideo MetricsUniquesDistributionGenerationsNavigation

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    *Rich Media ads are served as part of a campaignA Widget element can be posted from the ads to any of the social networks and be shared among friendsAnalytics combine distribution and rich media measurements from the campaign and from the widget********