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  • FAITH LUTHERAN CHURCH “Partner Church with

    Castillo Fuerte in Bogota, Colombia” 308 2nd Street NW—PO Box 358

    Dodge Center, MN 55927 (507) 374-2174—

    Interim Pastor—Pastor Rehfeldt Emergency—507-993-0564

    Interim Pastor—Pastor Davis Work—507-374-2174

    Director of Youth & Family Ministries— Missy Tjosaas Work—507-374-2174

    Secretary—Shannon DeWitz Work—507-374-2174

    Music—Nadine Langworthy Work—507-374-2174

    Custodian—Dawn Leppert Work—507-374-2174

    Council President—Greg Holmseth 775-2862

    October 2013 Volume 8, Issue 10

    Service Volunteers

    8:00 10:00

    Sunday, October 6 Ushers Curt Vaith Del Steen Beth Vaith Jody Steen

    Acolytes Alissa Hallaway Caroline Gosse Samantha Hallaway Elle Myer

    Reader Jeremy Wahlstrom

    Communion Bill Ketchum Stan Berge Marian Ketchum Ellen Berge Carol Johnson Kate Connor

    Fellowship Bill & Marian Ketchum

    Sunday, October 13 Ushers Bob Christianson Terri Hallaway Lyn Sowieja Mitch Hallaway

    Acolytes Ayden Round Isaak Knutson

    Reader Carol Johnson

    Fellowship Mike & Jill Hukee Family

    Sunday, October 20 Ushers Duane Mussmann Preston Pflaum MaryLou Mussmann Missy Pflaum

    Acolytes Alissa Hallaway Isaak Knutson Samantha Hallaway Jacob Glarner

    Reader Diana Vang

    Communion Mike Anderson Del Steen Ray Spaulding Jody Steen Sandy Spaulding Terri Hallaway

    Fellowship Shirley Traff & Elmer Hungate

    Sunday, October 27 Ushers Dan Blaisdell Aaron Maixner Dave Matejcek Kristyn Maixner

    Acolytes Brady Essig Logan Krause

    Reader Sue Anderson

    Fellowship John & Shirley Chapin Jerry & Karen Ingvaldson

    Altar Care Carol Johnson

    Worship Schedule: We continue with our traditional worship service at 8:00 am, fellowship at 9:00am and our con- temporary worship service at 10:00am each Sunday morning. We are now also back to our Wednesday night mid- week worship beginning at 6:30. Join us for a meal served from 5:00-6:15 and worship at 6:30 each Wednesday night.



    Sunday Fellowship Volunteers Needed: If you are available and interested in providing fellowship, please sign up on the sheet in the fellowship hall with your preferred Sunday. If no one is signed up for a Sunday then only coffee will be provided for that day. Thank you!

    Just for Fun: Just for Fun, a gathering of seniors from in and around the Dodge Center area for fellowship, games, songs and treats. We meet at Faith Lutheran Church fellowship hall the send and fourth Thursdays of each month from 1:00- 3:30pm. We will begin meeting again on October 10

    th . Check us out!

    Emergency Pastoral Care: If you are experiencing an emergency in your family and need pastoral care, please contact the church office at 374-2174 or contact our interim pastors (contact info on front cover).

    Prayer Requests: Please contact the church office ( or 507-374-2174) if you would like to add/remove someone from the prayer list. We need the Faith communities help in getting this important info to us.

    Keep the Church Office In the Loop: During this time of interim Shannon and Missy need your help in keeping track of our Faith family members who have been hospitalized, are sick, would like a home visit, had a baby or other happen- ings that we should be made aware of to make sure that their needs are being met. Contact one of us when you know or hear of someone who may need a visit or pastoral care.



    Stewardship: It’s that time of year again that we are thinking about next year’s budget. A huge part of planning the budget is having an idea of what our giving will be for the year. Watch your mailboxes to- wards the end of October for your 2014 Stewardship packets to be delivered. In the meantime we ask that you prayerfully consider what your financial giving to Faith Lu- theran will be for the coming year. As always, thank you for giving your time, talent and treasure to help make Faith what it is today!

    Planning Ahead to 2014: Please meet with your commit- tees and think ahead to 2014. Yes, we said 2014! Please turn in budget requests for your area of ministry. Drop the request in the treasurer’s box or join us at our October Council meeting to share your request. Also, if you are ever wanting to know information about current budgets please ask. Contact Jill at 374-2010.

    Financial Tidbits/Reminders: Thank you for your faithful giving of finances, time and talent. YOU make a difference at Faith and we love to see as many people working to- gether to continue our mission of Celebrating faith in Christ by worshiping together and reaching out in love to all of God's people.

     If you are interested in giving that occurs automatically for

    you, pick up a Simply Giving form at church in the gather-

    ing area.  Ask to see more detailed financial data if you are inter-

    ested. Call Jill at 507-374-2010.  It’s been about a year since we shared these so just a cou-

    ple reminders and a couple new tidbits:

     When planning to make a purchase for a project or event, please OK purchases above $25.00 with the committee involved with your purchase or contact a

    member of church council. Ask for financial data to be sure there are funds in the budget or to verify

    there are funds in a restricted (money specific to a

    project) fund.  When making purchases please only include items for

    Faith Lutheran on the receipt (no personal items).

     Tax on items is not reimbursed.

     When hosting an event/project please contact the treasurer, Jill, as soon as you can to share where your

    team would like mission donations to be shared. The organizations we share our mission with look forward

    to hearing from us as we spread God’s love.


    Scrip Program: We will be custom/special ordering gift cards monthly. We will continue to have Kwik Trip cards on hand but we will also be ordering cards. There are gift cards from just about anywhere. Some examples: Aeropostle, American Girl,, Old Navy, Target, Lands End, Target - this is just a small sample! Remember...if you purchase a $20 gift card, it is worth $20 on all purchases and we can earn a percent back to support our youth program. Thank you so much for the great support of this ongoing fundraiser!!!

    General Operating Fund General Income: $9,539.20 Year To Date: $111,715.30 General Expense: $7,963.53 Year To Date: $100,666.74

    Building Funds Building Income: $5,510.00 Year To Date: $41,845.56 Building Expense: $6,564.00 Year To Date: $52,512.00

    August 2013 FINANCIAL CORNER


    Altar Care: If you are interested in service on the altar care team, please contact Mary Stoddard. She is looking for volun- teers to serve a one month term. During your scheduled month you will be in charge of setting up communion for our two com- munion Sundays and preparing the baptismal font if there is a baptism scheduled. Very minimal time but a very important job! Please contact Mary at or 633-6796.

    Christmas Choir Musical: Nadine Langworthy and Levi

    Livingood are going to begin leading choir again for the year.

    They will be preparing the choir to do a Christmas Musical

    for this year! Practices will be on Wednesdays, October 9

    & 23, November 13 & 20, December 4 & 18 from 7:15-

    8:15pm. Anyone, any age, any level of talent (or even no

    talent) are welcomed and encouraged to join in! Speak with

    Nadine or Levi if you have questions or if you’d like to be a

    part of the choir and/or musical this year.


    Update: The progress on the Habitat home continues. By the be- ginning of October the sheet rock will be com- plete (thank you Faith volunteers). Next comes the taping, painting, trimming and flooring. It has been a project of many

    churches and businesses in Dodge Center. “Thank you” to everyone from Faith who has contributed their time as volun- teers and as food servers. There is still significant work to be done to be sure, but each week it is looking more and more like a home.

  • Sunday School: Any children preschool age through 5th grade are welcome to join us each week at 9:05 in the Sun- day School rooms.

    We are looking for volunteers to help teach for any time frame throughout the year (if someone is interested in teach- ing a specific age group all year round that would be won- derful, if there are individuals interested in teaching/helping for 3 week periods of time throughout the year, or if anyone is interested in helping with songs/activities or snacks—we would love to have your help)!

    If interested please contact Malinda Quam at 374-2976 or, or any other Sunday School committee members: Karen Kleinwort, Amy Gna- gey, Stacy Wolf, Beth Glarner or Missy Tjosaas.

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