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2. "And in the end, its not the years in your lifethat count. Its the life in your years."Abraham Lincoln 3. "Age is something that doesnt matter, unlessyou are a cheese." Billie Burke 4. "Age appears to be best in four things, - oldwood best to burn, old wine to drink, oldfriends to trust and old authors to read."Alonso of Aragon 5. "Old age isnt so bad when you consider thealternative." Maurice Chevalier 6. "Everything slows down with age, except thetime it takes cake and ice cream to reach yourhips." John Wagner 7. "Old age is the most unexpected of all thethings that can happen to a man." Trotsky 8. "Forty is the old age of youth; fifty the youth of oldage." Victor Hugo 9. "People like you and I, though mortal of courselike everyone else, do not grow old no matterhow long we live... [We] never cease to standlike curious children before the great mysteryinto which we were born." Albert Einstein 10. "No matter how old a mother is, she watchesher middle-aged children for signs ofimprovement." Florida Scott-Maxwell 11. "In youth the days are short and the years arelong; in old age the years are short and thedays long."Nikita Ivanovich Panin 12. "Age merely shows what children we remain." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 13. "Age does not diminish the extremedisappointment of having a scoop of ice creamfall from the cone."Jim Fiebig 14. "The great thing about getting older is that youdont lose all the other ages youve been."Madeleine LEngle 15. "A woman has the age she deserves." Coco Chanel 16. A mans age represents a fine cargo ofexperiences and memories.Antoine de Saint-Exupry