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  1. 1. MichelangeloPainter and sculptorSistine chapelObsessed with human form
  2. 2. Leonardo da Vinci Italian Renaissance Artist, scientist,inventor The Last Supper
  3. 3. Claude Monet French Impressionist Grandfather of theImpressionistmovement. Obsessed with light
  4. 4. Edgar Degas Famous for hispaintings of balletdancers. Possible love affairwith Mary Cassatt
  5. 5. Mary Cassatt American Impressionist One of the few femaleartist at the time. Famous for paintingmothers with children Possible love affair withDegas
  6. 6. Auguste Renoir French Impressionist Beautiful girls, women,rich lifestyle Continued to paintdespite health issueslater in life.
  7. 7. Vincent Van Gogh Dutch post-impressionist Mental Issues andalcohol abuse Cut off ear Never sold a paintingwhile alive
  8. 8. Paul Gaugin French post-impressionist Settled in Tahiti-oftenpainted the native girls Bouts of depressionand alcohol abuse
  9. 9. Henri Toulouse-Lautrec French Very sick as a child-leads to crippling Painted the theatricalnight life of Paris Suffered fromalcoholism.
  10. 10. Henri Matisse French-Fauvist(Fauve=wild beast) Master of bright color Paper cut collages inaddition to paintings
  11. 11. Jacob Lawrence African Artist-closest tocubism Harlem Renaissance(1920s-1930s) African Americanexperience and history
  12. 12. Marc Chagall Famous for art andstained glass work Russian who came tothe U.S. after theHolocaust Colorful Cubist withreligious themes
  13. 13. Jackson Pollock American AbstractArtist Drip method Bi-polar andalcoholism
  14. 14. Pablo Picasso One of the greatestinfluences of 20thcentury art. Co-founded the cubistmovement Notorious womanizer-painted his wives andmistresses.
  15. 15. Salvador Dali Spanish Surrealist Dream-like settings Eccentric and attentiongrabbing behavior.
  16. 16. Frida Kahlo Mexican artist Surrealist elements Tragic accident as ayoung girl Married to artist DiegoRivera
  17. 17. Georgia OKeeffe American Southwest Flowers and cow skulls Married to AlfredStieglitz
  18. 18. Diego Rivera Mexican Realist andMuralist Politically influenced-fought for the plight ofMigrant workers Married to Frida Kahlo
  19. 19. Edward Hopper American Realist Depressed and lonelythemes Alienation portrayed inart work
  20. 20. Norman Rockwell Mr. Americana Wholesome images ofAmerica and its people Saturday Evening Post-he designed the covers.
  21. 21. Andy Warhol American Pop Artist Inspired by pop cultureand celebrities Famous quote-In thefuture, everybody willbe famous for 15minutes.
  22. 22. Roy Lichenstein American pop artist Ben-Day dots Comic art
  23. 23. Hokusai Japanese artist andprint maker Worked under manydifferent names Created 100s of pieces
  24. 24. AT LEAST (1) BOOK AT LEAST (2) ONLINE SOURCES: SC Discus and websites.Reminder: evaluate sites for Authority Accuracy Objectivity Currency Coverage