famous music artists of the 50s

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1. Hi everyone! In this presentation Im going to talk about some of the most famous music artists of the50s. Those who made possible the birth of a newmusic genre called Rock and Roll.Hopeyou like it! 2. Buddy HollyDescribed by criticBruce Eder as "thesingle mostinfluentialcreative force inearly rock androll.Unfortunately, hissuccess just lasteda year before hedied in an airplanecrash...Song: Thatll be the day 3. Cuck BerryOne of the pioneersof Rock and Rollmusic, introducingthe new concept ofguitar solos in hismusic. We can listenone of his mostpopular solos in hismost popular songnamed Johnny B Goode. 4. Billie HolidayNicknamed LadyDay. A greatjazz singer witha beautiful voiceand a lot of soul. Song:Strange fruit. 5. Ritchie ValensKnown for hisgreat hit, La BambaRitchie started doing rock in spanish, but his fame only lasted 8 months, he died when he was 17, in the same plane as Buddy Holly travelled. 6. Ray CharlesPioneer in the genre of soul music and called a genius in show business. Amazing playing the piano and inconfundible for that wide smile he always had.Song: Georgia on my mind 7. Elvis PresleyAnd finally, we cantleave without talkingabout the culturalicon of the 50s. Knownfor his toupee and sexappeal and also for hiswild dances on stageand for being anothergreat pioneer ofRock and Roll .Song: Blue suede shoes 8. Done by Natlia Llovet