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  • 1. FASHION

2. What you will come across with today ? 1.Fashion in 1960s 2.Fashion in 1970s 3.Fashion in 1980s 4.Fashion in 1990s 3. FLOWER POWER ERA 1960S 4. The 1960s were a time for hippies and strong social movements to have more freedom This youth subculture spawned trends likebell-bottom jeansandtie-dyed shirts.. 5. Men stepped out of their comfort zone of suits and stepped out in bell bottom pants with low waist hems paired with a high collared shirt. Buffalo Plaid was also very popular during this era. 6. For thewomenit was time to bring out the short dresses and go-go boots. Paisley and Tie-Dye also made their appearance during this era. 7. Fashion icons included the understatedJackie Kennedyand the creation of the supermodel, the most famous one beingTwiggy. Men wanted to dress like the Beatles. 8. WHAT INFLUCED THE FASHION OF 1960s? 9. MOVIES ABOUT THIS ERA Breakfast At TiffanyS Forrest Gump 10. SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER 1970S 11. Increased ease oftravelmeant that fashion had moreglobal ethnicinspirations. Thediscodance craze led to widespread use ofpolyester, which was ideal for creating tight, stretchy clothing that shone under disco lighting.These flashy styles reflected the social revolutionand openness that defined the decade. The late seventies gave rise topunk, an anti-fashion anarchistic movement. 12. MOVIES THAT PEPRESENT 1970sBrady Bunch 13. MATERIAL GIRLS 1980S Materialism defined this decade, as the western world experienced aneconomic boom. Thepower suitbecame a symbol of the eighties, especially after John Molloy argued in his bookWomens Dress for Successthat women would need such a suit to climb the corporate ladder. 14. This period of time was a fun time for everyone. Music was always fun and lively. . The fashion during this time was really based off of the music and the creation of MTV. The vibes were great and bright so, so were the clothes. The clothes resembled bright, and physchedelic patterns. Big hair, bell bottoms for both men andwomen 15. Everything was over the top. No dull moments of just sweats were popular during this time period for anyone. A big designer during this time was Chanel for being one of the first designers to embrace the craziness ad roll with it producing clothes that are still admired today. 16. Princess Dianaalso became afashon icon duringthis time. 17. MOVIES FROM THE 80s Some Kind Of WonderfulPretty in Pink 18. MINIMALISM 1990s As technology made working from home more feasible and offices institutedCasual Fridaysfashion became morelaidback and comfortable. In contrast to the excessive consumerism and gaudy color palette of the eighties, 1990s style veered toward a more minimalistaesthetic with lots of black and neutral colors. 19. The fashion industry blossomed the most in the United States, where Calvin Kleinused overtly sexual advertisements to shock a supposedly "unshockable" nation.Grungewas an alternative rock subculture that began in Seattle and spawned a style of unkempt dressing. 20. MOVIES FROM THE 1990s CluelessShes All That 21. Thanks For Attendance


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