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Ceramics SA Newsletter Gauteng Feb 2015


  • Affiliate South African National Association for

    the Visual Arts (SANAVA)Gauteng Region

    Volume 13 Issue: Jan 2015

    Inside this issue Letter from the Editor Johns column Tribute to Andrew McAlpine AGM Announcement NATIONAL WINNERS Relaxing with Magdalene Impressions of Magdalenes Workshop Clay Festival Programme 2015 Calendar Gauteng Committee and NEW CONTACT NUMBERS and new members






  • Welcome to the first newsletter of 2015 may this be a happy, healthy, highly creative and successful year for all.Last year ended on a high note with the National Exhibition in Cape Town and a very memorable visit to Gauteng by Magdalene Odundo, who inspired everyone who attended her workshop with her attitude to life and to ceramics as well as her demonstration of her working methods. More about this elsewhere in the newsletter and the National Exhibition is fully covered in the latest issue of the National Ceramics magazine.

    Now we look forward to another year of great events and opportunities to get together and share our ideas for the future. This will be an abbreviated newsletter.. All the information about exhibitions, workshops, markets etc for 2015 will be published after the first committee meeting of the year. We would welcome new members to the committee and invite you to send your nominations to Cynthia.

    We start with the AGM on February 14, when we will be privileged to have Hennie Meyer as our guest presenter. Hennie is one of South Africas finest ceramic artists, who is always willing to share his knowledge and experience.

    On March 7 and 8 the bi-annual Clay Festival takes centre stage with a host of expert presenters and a trade hall filled with everything you might need in your studio, from raw materials to kilns and wheels

    and everything in between.

    More details about both these events are elsewhere in the newsletter. Please diarise and book your


    See you all at the AGM.



    Opinions expressed are those of the contributors and do not necessarily represent the opinion of Ceramics SA.

  • Johns Column The National exhibition is always a major event on our calendar and last year it was held in Cape Town, which was chosen as the design capital of the world for 2014.

    I was really fortunate to be at the opening and what a thrill it was. The beautiful Alphen Wine Estate came to life with ceramics, not only with the National Exhibition but simultaneously this was also the last stop for the travelling tribute exhibition to Juliet Armstrong curated by David Walters which was in the foyer of the gallery and the lawn in front showed a sculpture exhibition under the curatorship of Wilma Cruise.

    There was a massive turn out at the opening as there should be. It is always wonderful to see the wide range of ceramics on show at the National exhibitions and what a disparate array of work there was to be seen. The exhibition was opened by visiting luminary Magdalene Odundo whose speech focussed on the valuable contribution that ceramics make, and I found her opening address to be both moving and inspiring.

    Regarding the work on exhibition, this is not intended as a revue, but congratulations must go to all the winners, Carol Hayward-Fell who won the Premier Award and Lydia Holmes and Andile Dyalvane the other two award winners. And to the recipients of Merit Awards, Carolyn Heydenrych, Digby Hoets and Madoda Fani.

    Work that shone for me personally were the incredible pieces Catherina Pagani, The work of Katherine Glenday, which always enthuses me, Ralph Johnsons large red vessels and a Buddha vase by Maggie Mathews, among many others. I must also mention the superb work of Ian Garrett, which was part of the Juliet Armstrong tribute exhibition. South Africa can truly be proud of its ceramic profile and the National Exhibition is always an arena to see a good cross section of it.

    Thanks to everyone involved in making the exhibition the success it was and also for making my short stay in Cape Town such a memorable one.

    South Africa can truly be proud of its ceramic profile ...

  • Sadly, at the end of September last year, we said farewell to Andrew McAlpine, dear husband, companion and confidant of fifty years to Cynthia, our Ceramics SA administrator. With Cynthia at his side he fought a long and hard battle with cancer, remaining positive and showing great qualities of fortitude, perseverance and courage until the end.

    Always interested in Cynthias involvement with CSA, Andrew was asked to help out when the Association undertook the large and important African Earth Exhibition in 2000. It was then a natural progression for him, as a chartered accountant to later become the CSA treasurer.

    Over the years Andrew has been a voice of reason and integrity, the keeper of our finances and a

    steady influence on how to keep our affairs in order.

    It was not always easy to deal with creative spirits who came up with grand ideas which might involve major funding but Andrew knew, with some explanations from Cynthia, what we were all about, and would make some sage remarks to put us on the right track. He never dictated, but made suggestions that were difficult to ignore.

    From all the chairmen, National and Regional, past and present, thank you Andrew. We will miss you.

    To Cynthia you were an inspirational team. We offer deepest sympathy and assurance that you have a special place in the CSA family.

    Jerice Doeg



  • The guest presenter after the meeting will be Hennie Meyer from the Cape.

    He will be giving a presentation on the Ukusela eKapa project, which was a joint venture with architect Janine de Waal connecting Capetonians with an imprinted handshake on a ceramic drinking vessel. Ten thousand vessels were produced and installed in public spaces, including Robben Island. Each vessel has the imprint of the hand of an individual from all walks of life..

    Hennie will bring a vessel for each member attending the agm. To be sure of the numbers It is essential that you book for the meeting. Please send your acceptance to Cynthia at the CSA e-mail address.


    Saturday 14 FebruaryGracepoint Methodist Church, 125 Duncan Road, Glenfernes


    Hennie is one of South Africas best known ceramic artists and exhibits all over the world, including regular appearances at Ceramic Art London.As this is a morning only event we would like to have a special tea and we are asking members to bring a plate

    of eats. If you would like to help with this please contact Colleen 073481 0889 or colleen@potterystudio.co.za

    The formal notice of meeting, other details and directions to the venue will be sent out separately.


    Premier Prize Carol Hayward Fell KZN

    1st Runner up Lydia Holmes E Cape

    2nd Runner up Andile Dyalvane

    W Cape

  • WINNERsof the Corobrik National Ceramics exhibition 2014

    Carolyn Heydenrych Gauteng

    Digby Hoets Gauteng

    Madoda Fani Gauteng

    Merit Awards

    Congratulations to Gerd Kalesse for the acquisition of his piece for the Corobrik Collection

  • Relaxing time with Magdalene OdundO

    The biggest part of having an international ceramist visit us naturally involves the workshop they present and any other official duties like opening exhibitions, TV interviews etc. There is always some down time for R&R and thats when we really get to know what our visitors are about. After a busy month of opening the Corobrik National exhibition in Cape Town and giving workshops in Cape Town, Namibia, Port Elizabeth and Durban, by the time she arrived in Joburg, we expected her to be a bit tired. She was completely the opposite all fired up and ready to go with whatever we had planned. Magdalene proved to be a very easy visitor and was pleased with what we had planned for her spare time in Gauteng. She had also perfected her workshop preparation so that time was reduced drastically and we had more time than we first expected for relaxation and fun.

    We were joined by fellow CSA members on an interesting visit to Soweto where we walked down Vilikazi Street and visited Mandelas house. It was a very humbling experience to see the house that he lived in, a very modest 2 bedroom facebrick house that still has the scars of bullet marks on the walls outside. We had a wonderful traditional lunch at Sakumza Restaurant and then visited the Hector Peterson Museum.

    Magdalene was interested in seeing local fabrics so we stopped off at a tailor in downtown Joburg and spent some time at the Rosebank Craft Market. Magdalene was very interested in everything she saw and pointed out many of the fabrics that she recognized from other parts of Africa, she is something of a connoiseur on fabrics. She bought very little though and this was mainly due to the fact that her suitcases were already full of gifts for family in Kenya, including many mosquito nets.

    Kim Sacks invited us to join her for tea in her beautiful gallery in Rosebank and we found time to pop in to see William Kentridges exhibition at the Goodman Gallery. The Madiba Shirts exhibition at Circa Gallery was a highlight for Magdalene as she loved the space and she said the gallery compared with nothing else she had seen in all her travels around the world.

    We spent some time at Market on Main, sitting on the steps eating our curry with all the other locals and doing some serious people watching. Magdalene loved that outing as she saw all our cultures socializing happily in one place. The vibe there is very good. We also popped in to