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A Media Plan by Nueces CreativeMEET





50% of target(s) will be aware of Tree House name when prompted via aided recall after the first 6 weeks 50% of those who are aware should be familiar with their general new store location via the same measurement tool Customers should be excited to pass along positive TreeHouse reviews across various shared media platforms To educate the target(s) about the Tree House store name, location and grand opening by encouraging brand awareness, increasing store front traffic, and inspiring customer engagement and brand participation.BRAND AWARENESSSTORE FRONT TRAFFICCUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT AND BRAND PERCEPTIONMonday-Thursday = average of 150 visitors/daySaturday = average of 300 visitors/day TreeHouse plans on opening a new out-of-state branch. The goal is to successfully launch this brand without impacting the vibe that TreeHouse has already established. The overall strategy is to decide which communication efforts should be shared between Boulder and Austin and which should be unique and stand-alone. At Nueces Creative, we would like to focus on the stand-alone efforts.THE NUTS AND BOLTS

Location: Boulder, Colorado

Address: 1162 13th Street, Boulder, CO (Hill District)

Time: Eight week launch period

Budget: $45,000 to be spent on 100% media effortsDATES TO NOTE

March 1st Earliest date to allocate pre-launch/launch budget

March 14th Boulder TreeHouse store front opens

May 12th Early measurements of success will be taken

December 31st Latest date to allocate pre-launch/launch budget AFTER THE INTIAL LAUNCH

Select and promote a minimum of at least five workshops before the end of the calendar year to be offered at this new location

Promote the variety of services that TreeHouse offers on an on-going basis

To continue the momentum that we begin in our first 8 weeks of the launch throughout the rest of the calendar year





In comparison to the groundbreaking city of Austin, Texas, the increasingly inventive Colorado city of Boulder embodies a very similar environment. Both cities are home to large universities and embrace the urban lifestyle, but still maintain an intimate small town feel. The cities of Austin and Boulder are known as fast paced, forward thinking, and environmentally conscious, aspects which are all carried out by an exceedingly proactive and prideful community. The goal of the Nueces Creative agency is to further enhance the passion that Boulder citizens notably dedicate to community improvement, by promoting and enabling one sustainable lifestyle choice at a time. Our agency wants to ensure that TreeHouse will be known as the local, environmentally responsible hardware store fully committed to improving the city of Boulder. Creating this connotation will be accomplished through creating long lasting and personal relationships with the Boulder community, then introducing those relationships into the world of sustainable home improvement.While researching the Boulder demographic, the growing prominence of green consumers within the Boulder market quickly became evident. These consumers consistently maintain healthy lifestyle habits and express great concern about the wellbeing of their treasured Boulder community. The majority of individuals in the specified market are remarkably career driven, in addition to being socially and/or politically liberal. After intensive research of these green consumers, our agency decided to further divide the green market into two segments -- the established career person, and the recent college graduate. With regard to the former, the older market contains reputable figures in the community who are likely to serve on committee boards, and possess continuously active voices in the Boulder community. In comparison, the second, more youthful market is predominantly composed of recent college graduates looking to become established members of the Boulder community. As TreeHouse simultaneously pursues the same goal of establishing community presence, the created parallel between desires will naturally encourage the younger green consumers to resonate with our community-based messages. Conclusively, the objective is to establish TreeHouse as a continuously strong local presence, which will lead to reaching both target markets when they are already thinking about their beloved community. At Nueces Creative, we are intently focused on developing the Boulder TreeHouse market by creating brand awareness, driving storefront traffic and inspiring customer engagement, with specific concentration on sustaining a positive brand perception of TreeHouse. Our agency plans to achieve these goals through a pulsed media flight. First, in effort to create brand awareness, a combination of event sponsorship, guerilla marketing and radio underwriting, will be used to inform the Boulder community of their new, eco-friendly hardware store. These efforts will be centrally focused on the companys readiness and enthusiasm to improve the cherished Boulder community. Next, our agency will drive the specified target markets to the new store location by strategically placing an out-of-home advertisement, in addition to discount coupons offered in through direct mail. Both efforts will include a map of the store location to inform and incentivize consumers to visit the store. Finally, inspiring customer engagement will be accomplished through the sponsorship of local art and athletics events. These efforts will reinforce the focus of TreeHouse being extraordinarily eager to engage with every aspect of the Boulder community. Guerilla marketing tactics and a home makeover-inspired social media contest will be the dominant media used to promote the positive brand perception of TreeHouse. Nueces Creative understands and appreciates the loyalty that the Boulder community constantly exemplifies with respect to their undying commitment to community improvement and sustainability. TreeHouse will become a helpful neighbor, giving the community the tools, knowledge and guidance needed to continue their innovative efforts for a greener world. TreeHouse knows that the commitment is where the community is.




PRODUCTStriving to improve the sustainability and efficiency of building materials, Treehouse offers an extensive array of environmentally responsible products to assist customers when building, remodeling, and maintaining their home. Each of Treehouses products passes through their signature product filter based upon four pillars: health, sustainability, performance, and corporate responsibility. Not only does Treehouse focuses on selling these environmentally friendly products, but service installations and workshops are also offered to supplement customer purchases.

PLACEThe external faade of TreeHouse located in South Austin shouts efficiency as you approach the towering solar panels overhead. Filling the small, easily navigable store with friendly and approachable employees, the intimate atmosphere of Treehouse is very laid-back and stress-free.

PRICEBased on the various products offered at TreeHouse, ranging from light bulbs to water heaters, prices are tremendously skewed. TreeHouse pricing is typically higher than generic home improvement materials found at common hardware stores, due to the greater quality and green aspects of the products.

PRICETreeHouse participates in a plethora of social media resources such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and an interactive website that concentrates specifically on home design. The workshops and blog tutorials offered by TreeHouse invite prospective customers to join the niche market of green builders. 6




Recently graduated from undergraduate or graduate school

Recently acquired newly disposable income

Looking to become a part of the Boulder communityAge: 35-55

Income: $50K- $149.9K

Social and active member in the community

Established in the workplace

Home-owners in Hill District neighborhoods


Healthy lifestyle habits1

Socially and/or politically liberal

Altruistic1 Mintel. Marketing to Green Consumer. March. 2013. Mintel. University of Texas Library 5 Oct. 2013.2 The Chronicle of Higher Education Table Faculty Salaries 5 Oct. 2013.

Danny Arnold is a 28 year old outgoing business student and an active cyclist. He has recently received his masters degree from The University of Colorado Boulder. He loved the atmosphere of Boulder and is looking to settle into an established Boulder community. His masters degree has earned him a job as a consultant paying $60,000. With this new job he has a large amount of newly disposable income and wants to spend it improving his image in his new community. This includes shopping at the local health foods store, buying a new road bike for his next Triathlon. Christine Rosemond is a 49 year-old professor at the University of Colorado Boulder. She is the director of the Psychology Department and makes $120,000 annual salary2 . She sits on the board of The University Hill Neighborhood Association and actively promotes Hill District Businesses. She and her husband compost all of their food, recycle more than they throw away, ad enjoy gardening at the community garden. They are avid jazz fans and enjoy hiking together on the weekends.