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www.ttr- Identifying and securing European Funding Fiona McLean European Project Development Manager Transport & Travel Research Ltd 9 th December 2014 ACT TravelWise Conference

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Identifying and securing European Funding

Fiona McLeanEuropean Project Development ManagerTransport & Travel Research Ltd

9th December 2014ACT TravelWise Conference

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• European funding programmes• EU project participation• CIVINET UK & Ireland and CIVITAS Activity

Fund• Case study: ECOSTARS project

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TTR – What we do

• Freight Transport Policy

• Fleet efficiency• Transport

Accessibility & Equality

• Market & Social Research

• Air Quality & Climate Change Transport Research and Policy

• Travel Information Systems

• Smarter Travel

• European Funding & Project Support– Consortium formation– Bid coordination– Project management,

evaluation and dissemination

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TTR – 100+ European projects

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What is a European Project?

• Research• Demonstration and

pilot schemes• Standards & cross-

cutting issues

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Why are they funded?• To ensure organisations in member states work

together efficiently to solve joint challenges

• To ensure EU competitiveness on a global stage

• To ensure EU economies develop in an environmentally sustainable manner

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EC Transport Policy

2011 EC White Paper onRoadmap to a Single European Transport Area

Carbon reduction

Intermodal connectivity

Use of technology

Influencing travel behaviour

Transnational transport activities

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Transport Funding programmes 2014-2020

• HORIZON 2020– Initiated by DG MOVE– CIVITAS– Smart cities & communities– Other Transport actions– Other Energy actions– Other Research actions

• INTERREG – Regional based – Atlantic

Area; North Sea; North West Europe

– Part of ERDF Programme

• LIFE- Broader environment focus

• URBACT- Solutions for sustainable

urban development

• Others– CEF (TEN-T)– Ambient Assisted Living– External Cooperation


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General conditions for participation in EC Research & Demonstration Projects

• Minimum 3 partners from 3 member states

• Principle of co-financing– Grants for 35%–100% of total budget

• Eligible costs include staff salaries and an allowance for overheads

• Equipment and infrastructure may be eligible – subject to conditions

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Why participate in EC projects?

• Contribute to the development of sustainable mobility through your own experience and expertise

• Access to funding – H2020 calls € 2M-4M

• Build partnerships for R&D projects

• Help staff development

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Why participate in EC projects?

• A good discipline for efficient implementation and evaluation of projects – especially when cooperation between organisations is needed

• Knowledge exchange & policy transfer

• Added value– political profile– stimulates innovation– stimulates tourism and trade linkages

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Disadvantages of participating in EC Projects

• Cost of bidding• Need to commit staff resources for 2-4 years• Need to travel to meetings• EC bureaucracy • Success rates – typically only 12-20% of bids will

be funded – the two phase bid process now introduced helps reduce risk

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If you do decide to give it a try…

• Don’t wait for a Call for Proposals - start now

• Budget for time and money on bids

• Consider 3 stages:– Preparation– Partnership– Proposal

• Be prepared for bids to fail - adopt a long-term view

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If you do decide to give it a try…

• Be active and participate fully

• Understand why the project is being

supported by EU funds and how you can contribute

• For LAs - Don’t forget the political dimension

• Be prepared to spend time travelling to meetings and dealing with bureaucracy

• Raise organisation profile now!

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CIVINET UK & Ireland• Access funding - information about EC and

national research funding opportunities

• Regular workshops & site visits

• Expert personal contacts by transport measure

• Member website, newsletter etc

• Access to the CIVITAS Activity Fund (lower

value measures – open to anyone – up to £8k


• Local Authority and non-LA Associate

membership on website

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Funding: STEER – INTELLIGENT ENERGY EUROPE (IEE)Grant Agreement IEE/10/290/SI2.589420Full title: ECOSTARS EuropeAcronym: ECOSTARSProject start date: June 2011 End date: May 2014

Introduction to ECOSTARS

Promoting best practice in energy efficientfleet transport across Europe

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The Concept

Free local membership scheme: Targeted at operators of truck, van and bus fleets Recognises best practice in clean & energy efficient operations Guidance and advice provided to members on how further

environmental improvements can be achieved Member vehicles and their operating practices are

assessed using star rating criteria, to recognise different levels of environmental and energy saving performance

Page 18: Fiona McLean

Assessment Categories

Performance Monitoring & Management

Use of IT support systems

Vehicle specification / Preventative Maintenance

Driver skills development

Fuel Management

Fleet composition

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The Story

The first local “ECO Stars” scheme was established in South Yorkshire, UK in 2009

The scheme was originally developed as part of a larger programme of measures to improve local air quality

The ECOSTARS Europe project has established seven new schemes between June 2011 and May 2014

The initiative has also been promoted to other cities and regions across Europe

Page 20: Fiona McLean

Seven replica local schemes were launched in 2012-13:

Plus development funding for the South Yorkshire scheme

Local Schemes

- Parma, Italy- Rotterdam,

The Netherlands- Cantabria, Spain

- South East Sweden- Basque region, Spain- Edinburgh, UK- Ostrava, Czech Republic

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Transport & Travel Research (TTR), UK

Energikontor Sydost, Sweden

WSP, Sweden CTL Cantabria, Spain

ISIS, Italy CDV, Czech Republic

Polis, BelgiumCity of Edinburgh

Council, UK

Municipality of Rotterdam, NL Barnsley MBC, UK

InfoMobility, Italy IVL, Spain


Page 22: Fiona McLean

Target groups & key actors

Freight operators Passenger transport operators Public sector fleet operators Local and regional governments

National governments National transport associations

Page 23: Fiona McLean

Six key objectives

1. Further develop the ECOSTARS scheme in South Yorkshire and replicate in a further seven case study areas, in six EU countries, to promote more energy efficient and cleaner road freight movements

2. Increase the number of freight vehicles using clean fuel technologies

3. Improve the fuel management methods of commercial vehicle operators

Page 24: Fiona McLean

Six key objectives

4. Increase the number of transport operators promoting eco-driving skills among their workforce.

5. Train auditors for each local scheme in the evaluation of vehicle fleet operations and in the provision of advice on how to improve energy efficiency.

6. Transfer knowledge and exchange experience between experienced organisations and less experienced organisations.

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Case Study : START (2008-2012)


• Funded by Atlantic Area INTERREG programme

• 13 partners, coordinated by Merseytravel (with TTR)

• Enabling seamless travel between participating regions

Page 27: Fiona McLean

Three START themes

1. Improved information for travellers

• Development of a multilingual information portal

• Established interoperable journey planners

• Improved local multilingual information services

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Three START themes

2. Better public transport systems

• Implemented advanced ticketing systems (e.g. smart cards)

• Improved quality of bus services

• Used public transport to stimulate local economies

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Three START themes

3. Enhanced network of transport organisations• Improved transport accessibility• Exchanged best practice• Established the Integra brand for seamless travel


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START Achievements include:

• Smart card ticketing introduced in Merseyside, Glasgow subway, Cantabria, Lower-Normandy

• Real time information systems and new signs in La Rochelle, Oban, Argyll & Bute, Glasgow, Lower-Normandy and Cantabria

• Transport connection services improved across Highlands and Islands in Scotland.

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Thank you for your attention!

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