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Consumer preference and customer satisfaction SUMMER TRAINING PROJECT REPORT SUBMITTED TOWARDS PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN MANAGEMENT (approved by AICTE , govt. of India) ACADEMIC SESSION 2010 2011 AKGIM Ghaziabad submitted by shobhit pachauri roll no 1044 Batch Ist year External supervisor Parth sarthi Designation Marketing manager Name of company Address : gokhle marg , jobling road ,lucknow AJAY KUMAR GARG INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT 27km stone ,delhi hapur bypass road, P.O.adhyatmic nagar , Ghaziabad-201009

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is certify that the summer internship project of PGDM ,consumer preference and

satisfaction of parag milk and products is an original work and that this has not been submitted anywhere in any form . My indebtness to other works /publications has been duly acknowledged at the relevant places . The project work was carried during 15th june to 30th july in PARAG

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PREFACEAs a part course requirement of my MBA program we are asked to undergo two months summer training in any organization so give as us exposure to practical management and to get to us familiars with various activities taking place in the organization.

We got any opportunity to undergo our summer training PARAG, lucknow, where we related the project.

The project has been prepared to deliver, as much information from the very small but resourceful facts to mast known facts. Hence we have to do survey in the region of lucknow.

All organization face changes in their environment with resultant changes in their market and their resulted to satisfy their customers. Each organization faces new marketing problem and opportunity in their existing and potential market.

Decision-makers cope with these challenges in various ways. The marketers being required to forecast the risk and uncertainly of a situation in their own ways, supported by market research. However uncertainty cannot be completely dominated in market forecasting.

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AcknowledgementThis project work has not been the product of my own effort only but it bears the imprint of many people. Mr.Parth sarthi who is our marketing manager. I also thankful to Mr. Scott who helps in our field work. In completing this project work I want to be special acknowledge to Ms. Namita nath kumar,Faculty of Marketing who helped every steps where I feel any difficulty. Besides this also want to thanks my friends who have contributed their precious time and effort in completing this project.

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CONTENTSSL. No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Preface Declaration by student Acknowledgement Graphs Synopsis About the company Introduction Marketing structure Purchase Procurement of the product Marketing department Channel of distribution SUBJECT i-I ii-ii iii-iii vii-xix PAGE

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13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28.

Competitors of Parag Rate list Profitability appraisal Market research Sale promotion Quality control Objective of the study Methodology Source of data Analysis Problems Suggestion Conclusion Bibliography Questionnaire Member of co-operative dairies in U.P.

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Awareness about Parag Milk Product

Yes No

97% 3%

Yes No

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2~3 3~5 5~7 >~7

15% 35% 30% 20%

2~3 3~5 5~7 >~7

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Quality of Parag Milk

Purity Price Availability Packaging

60% 20% 15% 5%

Purity Price Availaibility Packaging


9|P ag e

10 | P a g e

Brand of Packet Milk

Parag Mamta Sudha Other

80% 7% 4% 9%

Parag Mamta Sudha Other

11 | P a g e

Market structure through to Area wise




Need Improvement

Parag Sudha Mamta Others

70% 40% 72% 48%

23% 35% 28% 41%

7% 25% 0% 11%

80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% PagragGoods




Need Imporvement

12 | P a g e

Improve the Parag Milk & other Products 30% Packaging Quality Any other 15% 50% 5%


Price Packaging Quality Any other

13 | P a g e

Daily Consumption of Milk

Litre one Packet 1 Litre Two Packet 1.5 Litre Three Packet More than 1.5 Litre More Than 3 Packet

25% 37% 28% 10%

1/2 Litre one Packet 1 Litre Two Packet 1.5 Litre Three Packet More than 1.5 Litre More than 3 Packet

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Rate of Parag Milk if Reduced with Other Competitors then Connection May Increase

Yes No

80% 20%

Yes No

15 | P a g e


65% 13% 12% 6% 4% Awareness

Friends Society News Paper Others Sources of

Advertisement Friends Society News Paper Others

16 | P a g e

Regular Users of Pasteurized Milk

Parag Others

80% 20%

Parag Other

17 | P a g e

Products of Parag Used Mostly Except Parag Milk

Curd/Mattha Butter Ghee Pancer

35% 45% 15% 5%

Curd/Mattha Butter Ghee Pancer

18 | P a g e

Market Structure Through Areawise

Name of Product Parag Mamta Sudha Others

Lucknow East 55% 30% 5% 10%

Lucknow West 60% 25% 4% 11%

Lucknow North 60% 35% 1% 4%

Lucknow South 75% 20% 1% 4%

100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0%





19 | P a g e


Production plant visitParag dairy has a huge production plant in lucknow,in which we visited for 5 days and gained Good knowledge about production .

y y

We saw heavy machinery there which is used to purify the milk. We saw there heavy containers in which milk are stored .

y y

We learn about the quality control. We learn about the process of production of different milk items there Such as flavored milk , curd , cheese. We saw the store room of packed milk from where the milk used to Dispatch daily.


20 | P a g e

Questionnaire filing


After getting handsome knowledge about the production plant we sent to the field work i.e. our next task is of questionnaire filling for which we went to the field.


We get the 50 questionnaire each which we has to fill up in three three days . 50 questionaire are divided into 2 parts i.e. 25 questionaire contains the questions Which is related to the consumer and remaining 25 are for the storekeepers or agents Of lucknow.


While at the time of questionnaire filling we interacted with the peoples face to face By which we had to communicate with them which ultimately increase our communication skills and we get the different views of the people about the dairy products.

21 | P a g e

Testing campaign


After the questionnaire filling we get the very interesting work i.e testing campaign. for which we went to the ATM of parag.


Testing campaign is a group task which contains 5 trainee in each group and sent to the different areas of lucknow.



Our group sent to the SRI A.K. OJHA , LDA COLONY,POWER HOUSE. At where ATM of parag is Situation. . We used to check the purity of milk with the help of testing machine .

y y

We went there with one supervisor which helped us in critical situation of testing. Now we had to go door to door to aware consumers about the test camp of milk is held in their colony for two Days ,so that they came and test the purity of their milk and then compare with the parag milk. Next day consumers came in good numbers to our campaign and tested their milk,where they find that their milk is not that much pure as much they thinks . then we told them about the quality of parag packed milk which gaves them very much satisfaction. At testing campaign we learn lots of things and enjoy as well,i.e. how to deal with the consumer when you are awaring the consumer about your product and challenging the consumers for the quality of their presently using product.



22 | P a g e

Make new agencies

Now in our fourth task we get pure marketing job i.e. we have to make new agencies Of parag milk and parag products, For which our group had sent to the southcity,telibag Which we can say that it is the outer part of lucknow, where the no. of parag agencies are Very less than any other area of lucknow . Now at this time we have to visit the local Shopkeeper of that area which does not have the agencies of parag ,and we has to told them the benefits of taking parag milk agencies . we visited to almost 5-10 shopkeepers in a day and then we have to submit the daily report to our trainer . In our this task we make almost 6-7 new agencies which makes the new customer of parag.

23 | P a g e


In this I get to know about the collection of milk i.e. how the parag collect surplus milk from farmers and provided that milk to production department . for this information I met to the Sir VIZENDRA PAL head of P&I department..

Procedure of collection of milk from farmers

the department used to visit to road side village farmer and know about the no. of animals they have and they used to form a society of farmer of minimum 30 members . for which they fixed some fees for that i.e. ENTRENCE FEES SHARE MAONEY 5 Rs 50 Rs

i..e. total 55 Rs to become a member of society in this farmer get the testing machine and stationary items for the purification of milk i.e. to measure the fat of milk and other formalities. The procurement and input