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Information to recruit successfully!


  • -Freshmen Orientation

    School is starting up again very soon and with every new school year, you have a new freshmen class...but in Key Club we like to refer to it as an opportunity to recruit more students to join Key Club! This should be at the top of your clubs list and the T-O District is here to encourage you to actively recruit members, and one great way to do this is to make sure your club is part of freshman orientation!

    There are many fish out in the make sure you try to recruit them all!

  • Freshman Orientation 101

    This will give your club an idea of what is necessary for orientation and what you will

    need to do to make it successful

    #1 Why is this important? Recruiting freshmen at orientation is very important for two reasons: you want to show them how great Key Club is before they have the chance to join other clubs and you want to make sure that your club remains strong. As the saying goes the children are the future, in this case the freshmen are the future.

    #2 What are the first steps my club can take? Make sure to contact the people organizing

    the event. Find out the date! Plan what you will say and what you will

    have. Food is a great idea! Try to arrange to have youre Lieutenant

    Governor come and help!

    #3 What should I tell them about Key Club? Tell them about how much fun you have! Share a story of one of your experiences, but make sure not to go on and on. Make it short and simple. Also, make sure to include these facts:

    Key Club is the worlds largest High School service organization.

    Key Club is led and run entirely by students. Tell them about our service sponsors (March

    of Dimes, Childrens Miracle Network and UNICEF) and our contributions

    Tell them that they can make a difference and that we need them!

  • Odds are you are an officer of your club if youre reading this

    and maybe even the President, but the point is that

    you are one of the leaders! Make sure to capitalize on this and lead your club in the right


    Extra to Keep in Mind: Make sure that you at least

    look like youre having fun at orientation!

    Be confident and make sure you know what youre talking about.

    Show them some of the service events your club has done, pictures would be great!

    And now to the big question...

    What if my school doesnt have freshman orientation?

    If your school doesnt have a freshman orientation or a club fair then maybe it is a good idea to talk to your principal and ask if you could set one up. When youre talking to him/her, bring up these points:

    The many reasons why Key Club is important.

    Even though freshmen dont know what Key Club is, they may also not know what the other clubs are and they need to find out!

    Be persuasive and list the advantages of the club fair

    You could also recruit members during:

    Lunch Study Hall After School Passing Periods (with flyers)