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An example of the success one of our Senior Housing Partners has had since joining with us.


<ul><li> 1. Case Study KEY HIGHLIGHTSIndustry Senior HousingBusiness Opportunities Extend reach and engage prospective residents through online marketing efforts Track the effectiveness of all marketing efforts to maximize spendSolution G5 Local Marketing Platform Developed an optimized website Provided insight into the effectiveness of marketing efforts through the G5 Media DashboardResults 4% increase in occupancy 150% increase in website trafc 46% increase in average monthly leads Client: Kaplan Development Group (www.kapdev.com) 19% decrease in average cost Founded in 2001, Woodbury, New York-based Kaplan Development Group owns and per lead operates a variety of senior communities throughout the eastern half of the U.S. The 67% conversion of online leadscompany has built a strong reputation by providing its residents with superior ameni- into ofine tours ties, a wide range of activities, and a comprehensive program of customized care. Optimized spending to those sources with the greatest return on investmentChallenge: Engaging Prospective Residents in a Tough Economy Faced with a recession and declining occupancy rates, Kaplan Development knew it had to do more to reach prospective residents. For Director of Development and Marketing Ben Wells, that meant turning to the Internet.Im on the Internet all the time, Wells said. And what I know is that the Internet and social media are revolutionizing the advertising and marketing space. Fueled by this knowledge, Wells set out to transform Kaplan Developments Web presence with two primary objectives: Optimize the site to ensure that prospective residents actually land there and begin a dialogue with the companywww.G5searchmarketing.com Track the effectiveness of its marketing efforts </li></ul> <p> 2. Case Study: Kaplan Development Group Solution: G5 Local Marketing PlatformG5 has also been vital in pinpointing the effectiveness of thecompanys marketing efforts. Before G5, we werent able Drives Trafc, Measures Resultsto track anything, said Wells. Now, we can track every- Kaplan Developments site now utilizes the G5 Local Market-thing. Hiring G5 revolutionized our business. In the past, 90 ing Platform to drive trafc through search engine optimiza- to 100% of our advertising was in print media, where the tion and paid advertising as well as measure the effectiveness response rate is low. Now, were seeing many leads come of its online marketing efforts by tracking trafc generated,in, and the amount of activity is tremendous. Better yet, leads created, and lead quality. The G5 Platform also includes not only has the number of leads dramatically increased, the a social media component, which allows Kaplan Developmentaverage cost per lead decreased by 19%. to reach prospective residents via social channels like Face- book and Twittera signicant market- ing tool considering Facebook users age 55+ increased ve-fold in the period fromBefore G5, we werent able to track any- January to July of 2009.For Kaplan Development, the transition tothing. Now we can track everything. Hiring the G5 Platform couldnt have been easier. G5 revolutionized our business. In the past, Everyone at Kaplan can use the G5 Client Center, said Wells. They can view status 90 to 100% of our advertising was in print and listen to calls. They can monitor their campaigns to see how effective they are.media, where the response rate is very low. We get nothing but positive comments Now, were seeing leads come in, and the from our employees at the properties. The G5 solution is so user friendly that evenamount of activity is tremendous. some of our less technology-savvy market- ers can easily use it.Ben Wells, Director of Development and Marketing, Kaplan Development Group Result: More Trafc, More Qualied Leads, Increased OccupancyAbout G5 Before G5 optimized our website, people werent ndingG5 Search Marketing, the leader in Local Marketing Solutions (LMS), gives us, said Wells. Now, in contrast, if a couple in Californiabusiness owners visibility into which advertising efforts produce their mostprotable customers. The G5 Local Marketing Platform is a proven single is moving to the Northeast to be closer to their children, source for managing the shift from ofine to online advertising. The Platform they are able to nd us. We wouldnt have heard of these drives trafc to a clients website, generates leads, measures marketing situations in the past. With the new website and online efforts including Yellow Pages, direct mail, print, Internet and optimizesto those sources with the best return on marketing investment. The com- marketing from G5, Kaplan has seen the number of average pany, which serves over 130 clients representing more than 1,800 locations monthly leads increase by 46%. throughout the U.S. and Canada, was recently named the 146th FastestGrowing Private Company in America by Inc. Magazine. Additionally, over 67% of the local leads generated by the website are taking the next step of touring one of the com-G5 Search Marketing panys propertiesan extraordinarily high rate. The explana- The Old Cigar Building tion: People are self-qualifying before they call, Wells said. 906 NW Harriman Street With print ads and direct mail, theres not much room toBend, OR 97701 provide information, so people end up calling about nursing or hospice service or other services we dont provide. With800.337.5534 the website, people are educated before they call.www.G5searchmarketing.com </p>