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GeocachingThe Hightech Treasure HuntIn The Third MilleniumSome Info on meGeocacher since 2006Blog on Caching since 2006Approx. 110 caches foundin six countries I am sorry GeoWhat ?One cacher hides a cache somewhereThen he posts the coordinates in the netOther cachers now can seek the cache with there GPS units(If) found the cache is logged in a notebookLogged in the net A Geocache SizesBig Container, crateStandard TupperwareSmall small container 5 x 5Micro film dose Nano extremly small GPS UnitsWhere ?EverywhereThe next cache is about 200m away 450.000 caches world wideHave a look for yourselfCaches near KlagenfurtSpecialitiesMulti-Stage CachesEvent CachesMega-Event CachesVirtual Caches And And And Travelbugs & GeocoinsIts all about the numbers BooksSome Links for your time !More Info ?Visit or contact me on my blogCachenFood http://eolruin.vox.comDrop a line: arno.pucher@gmail.comTwitter me:


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