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Geography for 3Back to the game board.Answer: Sea of Japan Climate for 1Check your answer.Question: What characterizes a tropical climate zone?Environmental Issues for 1Check your answer.Question: What causes most respiratory diseases in rural India? Culture for 1Check your answer.Question: The Vedas are the spiritual texts of which religion?Miscellaneous for 1Check your answer.

Explain the concept of karmaGeography for 2Check your answer.Question: Which physical feature is this?

Climate for 2Check your answer.Question: What is the weather generally like in India in the winter and why? Environmental Issues for 2Check your answer.Question: What are three solutions for cleaning up the Ganges?Culture for 2Check your answer.Question: Which religion originated in Japan and focuses on giving thanks to the Kami (spirits) and remembering and showing respect to ones ancestors?

Miscellaneous for 2Check your answer.

Which Asian country that has a low GDP paradoxically has a high literacy rate and why?Geography for 3Check your answer.Question: The Korean Peninsula is surrounded by the Yellow Sea and which other body of water?

Climate for 3Check your answer.Question: What part of Japan is most densely populated and why? List one economic reason and one physical geography reason.Environmental Issues for 3Check your answer.Question: Explain the three main ways the Ganges is polluted. Culture for 3Check your answer.Question: Name three characteristics of Confucianism.Miscellaneous for 3Check your answer.

Explain how increasing womens educational opportunities and equality leads to a lowered birth rate and can help control population.Climate for 4Check your answer.Question: What type of climate does most of eastern Asia have? Most of southern Asia?

Environmental Issues for 4Check your answer.Question: How are monsoons both helpful and harmful? Culture for 4Check your answer.Question: Life involves sufferingDesiring worldly things causes sufferingSuffering eventually ends with NirvanaThe way to Nirvana is through the eightfold path These statements are referred to as the ___Miscellaneous for 4Check your answer.

Why must Asian countries grow so much food and how do they take advantage of all possible land? Geography for 5Check your answer.Question: Compare and contrast the Yangtze and Huang He Rivers. Give three comparisons and three contrasts.

Climate for 5Check your answer.Question: Explain and diagram how a summer monsoon occurs. Environmental Issues for 5Check your answer.Question: How is the Asian Brown Cloud formed and why is it a problem?

Culture for 5Check your answer.Question: Both Hindus and Buddhists believe in reincarnation. How are their beliefs about reincarnation different? Miscellaneous for 5Check your answer.

Explain each caste in the caste system.

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