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LifeSmarts: Technology Slide 2 11111 22222 33333 44444 55555 Slide 3 What are icons? Slide 4 What is a virus? Slide 5 What is a firewall? Slide 6 What are RAM and hard drive? Slide 7 What is phishing? Slide 8 What is airtime? Slide 9 What is standby time? Slide 10 What is the phone book or the Internet? Slide 11 The acronym SMS, used for text messaging, stands for What is short message service? Slide 12 What is an activation fee? Slide 13 What is the V-Chip? Slide 14 What are ways that broadband access enters your home? Slide 15 What is High Definition? Slide 16 What is local? Slide 17 What is suggestive dialogue? What is strong suggestive dialogue? Slide 18 What is a privacy policy? Slide 19 What is spam? Slide 20 Who is a hacker? Slide 21 What is bootleg or pirated software? Slide 22 What is a strong password? Slide 23 What is a blog? Slide 24 What is a browser? Slide 25 What is a homepage? Slide 26 Triggered by a mouse click, these Internet advertisements are annoying What are pop-ups? Slide 27 What is spyware? Slide 28 As a team, decide how many of the points you already have you wish to wager. If you get the question correct, you will earn double the points you wagered. If you get the question incorrect, you will lose the points you wagered. Good luck! Slide 29


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