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Borrows heavily from Rand Fishkin / SEOMoz. I definitely recommend checking out SEOMoz as a resource.


  • 1. Get Found in Google: Intro toSEORyan BednarTutorspree Co-founder@ryanbed

2. Organic vs. Paid SearchOrganicPaid 3. Organic vs. Paid Search90% of Clicks10% of Clicks 4. Click-Through Rates 5. Local ResultsProbably doesnt get traffic likemost #1 resultsCompletely different rankingalgorithm than standard searchresults 6. Crawling & IndexingWithout links, theengines might neverfind this page 7. PageRank 8. The Flow of PageRank 9. Algorithmic Ranking Factors 10. Algorithmic Ranking Factors 11. BUILDING ACCESSIBLE SITES 12. Search Friendly domainShallow folder structurewith relevant wordsKeywords in page name,separated by hyphen 13. Search UN-Friendly Dynamic URLs dont perform as well asstatic and engines recommend againstmore than two parametersNo keywords in the URL string 14. Title Tags 15. Meta Descriptions 16. Page Copy 17. Image Alt Attributes + Image FilenamesGood keyword usagein the alt tag 18. Anchor Text 19. Duplicate Content & Canonicalization 20. Duplicate Titles & Meta Descriptions 21. Fixing Broken Links & 404s 22. Webmaster Tools (Google) 23. Doing some Keyword Research 24. Predict the Effort Required to Rank Well 25. The Long Tail of Keyword Demand 26. Google Keyword ToolBe Wary ofMatch Type 27. Google TrendsNot Very AccurateSign In for Y-Axis Numbers 28. Competitive Keyword ResearchRestrict queryto competitorsdomain 29. Link Building Strategies 30. #1 - Manual Link Submissions/Requests 31. #2 - Competitive Link Research/Acquisition 32. #3 - Links via Embedded Content 33. #4 - Linkbait & Viral Campaigns 34. #5 - Content, Technology & API Licensing 35. #6 - Partnerships, Exchanges & Trades 36. #7 - Paid Links 37. #8 - Link Reclamation 38. Algorithmic Ranking FactorsYou have to do theseright, before you can dothese right 39. 2013 Recent SEO Changes Panda: Duplicate content penalties are evenmore severe. Penguin: Severe penalties for having toomany exact anchor text links, or for havinglinks from shady sites, paid links Social signals are even more important!Facebook Likes, Tweets, Google Plus. 40. SEO Resources Rand Fishkin, SEOMoz (now Search Engine Land Matt Cutts Google Webmaster Videos SEOBook Search Engine Watch