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Get Grids Take out Planners & Homework Take out notebooks - create P15L Warm-Up: Political Cartoon ( 15L). Warm-Up: Analyze the political cartoon P15L. What do you see? What is it trying to saying? Who are the protesters? Why are the protesting? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



Get GridsTake out Planners & Homework

Take out notebooks-create P15L Warm-Up: Political Cartoon (15L)

Warm-Up: Analyze the political cartoon P15L

What do you see? What is it trying to saying? Who are the protesters? Why are the protesting? (think about Independence after WWII/Africa-look back at your notes)

Road to IndependenceINDIA

INDIALocated south of Asia7th largest country2nd most populous countryGained Independence in1947

ColonizationEuropeans became interested in India through exploration and trade (natural resources)

Great Britain colonized India

GB allowed local Indian princes to keep their throne only if they were loyal to Britain

While in control, Great Britain:gave more rights to the British in India than the IndiansForced Indians to pay taxes to BritainTook the profits from Indian crops and products

United They Stand(rise of Indian Nationalism)Indians founded in 1888Indian National Congress (INC)Members mostly Hindu Indians Goal: to gain equal rights

After WWII India began working toward becoming an independent nation.

INC united with Muslim League (ML) Formed to help fight for IndependenceRepresented Muslim minority in India

Mohandas Gandhithe most famous member of the INC

Best known for leading India toward independence

Used nonviolent resistance against British to grant independenceMarchesBoycotted British productsRefused to pay taxes

Civil Rights Activist

Born October 2, 1869 in India

Mohandas Gandhi1888 studied law in London1907 lived in South AfricaFought for civil rights of Muslim and Hindu Indians in South Africa1915 returned to India to joined INCAssassinated by Hindu Nationalist could not forgive Gandhi for his belief that Muslims were equal to HindusGandhi died January 30, 1948 (78 yrs old)

Gandhi's Salt March March 12, 1930Most famous marchNonviolent protest against Britain's salt taxAfter IndependenceThe INC and the ML split over major issue:Hindu Indians would control governmentML feared discrimination if Hindus took chargeDemanded India be split into two independent countriesone Hindu and one Muslim

India vs. Pakistan (After Independence)Great Britain divided territories between Hindus and Muslims

Land with Hindu majority became IndiaLand with Muslim majority became Pakistan

Muslims moved to PakistanHindus moved to India

10 million people displaced1 million killed during forced migration

Conflict Over KashmirSmall region in the northwest

At time of independence, prince of Kashmir was Hindu

Though most people in Kashmir were Muslim, prince declared Kashmir a part of India

Led to uprisings, revolts, and eventually war between India and Pakistan

Land was divided between both countries

Imperialism in India DBQPaste the questions on P 15N

With your group read Documents 1-8

Answer the questions on P 15N Continue P15N to next page if neededBrain PopMohandas Gandhi 4-24/4-25Warm-UpCOPY & ANSWER the question on P15Who was Mohandas Gandhi? Why was he an important leader of during Indian Independence movement? (5+ sentences) Use notes to remember what you just saw in the video & learned last class.

Mohandas Gandhi P15 Npassage Use the passage to fill in the blanks.Mohandas G__n__h__ helped I__d__a gain self-rule by using n__n -v__o__e__t protest. Gandhi was a l__w__e__ who initially practiced in S__u__h A__r__c__. He spoke to I__d__a__s living in South Africa about h__m__n rights and urged them to pr__t__s__ unjust l__w__. One he returned to I________, Gandhi championed the rights of the un__o__c__a__l__s. He said they had been b__e__s__d by their s__f__e__i__g. Gandhi renamed the untouchables the h__r__j__n, which means c__i__d__e__of g__d. Gandhi urged the I__d__a__ people to pr__t__s__ British rule through non-v__o__e__t civil d__s__b__d__e__c__. He began wearing Indian c__o__h__n__ that he s__w__d himself. The people of India began to call Gandhi the M____________, which means great s__u__. Gandhi was a H__n__u, but he was very d__s__p__o__n__e__ by p__r__i__i__n and the v__o__e__c__. He went on a f__s__, which stopped rioting in D__l__i and C__l__u__t__. A few d______ later, Gandhi was a__s__s__n__t__d by a H________ who did not want p__a__e.Modern India - Government

Worlds Largest DemocracyParliamentary governmentUnlike GB, does not have a king or queen (monarch)Parliament, or legislature, consists of many political partiesParty with most seats elects Prime Minister

Structure of ParliamentDivided into 2 HousesLok Sabha House of the PeopleElected by peopleServe 5-year termsRajya Sabha Council of the States12 membersElected by the presidentHeads of StatePresidentCeremonial positionSigns bills into lawsNames Prime MinisterAppoints Rajya SabhaPrime MinisterMost powerful positionLeads Council of MinistersOversees daily work of government5-year term

Solutions to ChallengesGovernment is working to solve many of the problems caused by overpopulationCampaigns to persuade people to have fewer childrenOffer women opportunities for education and jobsImprove education system, especially in rural areasEducation = better jobs = more money = better opportunities for healthcare, jobs, and housingModern India

Family LifeLive with extended familiesWomen move in with husbands familyMarriage is union of two familiesParents often choose spouses

Village vs. Urban LifeVaries across countryHouses built with:MudBrickBamboo stiltsNo electricity or running water is commonOften children learn job of the parentEnsures stability of villageSometimes children choose to move to cityCan earn money to send back homeCenters for creativity and technology developmentCities are overpopulated:Mumbai 18 mil.Kolkata 14 mil.Bangalore 5 mil.Shortage of housing, jobs, transportation, and servicesHigh poverty rateMany live in slums:ShacksNo running water/ electricityUncontrolled sewageDisease

Village LifeCity Life

Popular CultureBollywoodLargest movie industry in the world5 million industry workersProduced in 52 languagesBased on myths and folktalesFeature song-and-dance routinesSportsMost popular is cricket11 playersUses a wicket and a ballAlso play soccer and hockey

Indias Economy

-Agriculture-Industries-Global Trade-Technology

AgricultureLargest industry in India of land used for farmsAverage sizes 1-5 acresMost farms use plows and oxMajor crops:RiceWheatOilseedCottonTeaSugar caneJuteMany struggle to survive on what they produce

Solutions/Advancements:Dividing land more equallyGreen RevolutionSeeds that produce more cropsFertilizersPesticidesIrrigationIndustryIndustry = manufacturing of a goodMany natural resources in IndiaOther major Industries:Iron ore/Coal = steelCloth (cotton) major productChemicalsProcessed foodsTransportation equipmentCementPrecious gems and metals

Cottage IndustriesWorkers produce goods from homeMillions are a part of this industryGoods produced include:TextilesBrasswareJewelryLeather goodsMatchesIncense

TechnologyFastest growing industryDevelop computer softwareOver 1,000 companiesMany U.S. businesses base technical support out of IndiaHigh percentage of Indians available that speak EnglishHighly skilledWages/salaries lower than in U.S.


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