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GET MOVING AND STAY ACTIVE. 2009 Capstone Presentation Brad Polnasek. Info You need To know. Major: Physical Education Minor: Health Location: Harper Creek High School in Battle Creek, MI. 2 nd Block Team Sports Students: 49 Grades: 10, 11, 12. Classes. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • GET MOVING AND STAY ACTIVE2009 Capstone Presentation

    Brad Polnasek

  • Info You need To knowMajor: Physical EducationMinor: HealthLocation: Harper Creek High School in Battle Creek, MI

  • Classes2nd Block Team Sports

    Students: 49

    Grades: 10, 11, 12

  • Classes3rd Block Beginning Weight Training

    Students: 19

    Grade: 10

  • Action ResearchQuestion: How can students become involved and participate fully in a physical education class?

    Which strategies will allow this to occur?

  • Action ResearchGame of Lightning (Knockout)

    Problem: less skilled student gets out first and sits down

    Solution: continuous game by re-entry do 10 sit ups or 10 push ups then back in the game

  • Action ResearchGirls participation during games

    Problem: Will not participate for many social, personal, and physical issues

    Solution: 2 points if girl scores positive feedback from teacher and peers

  • Action ResearchEqual teams and fair rules

    Penalties for not dressing and participation points

  • Action ResearchDynamic StretchingHelps the students stretch and move at the same timeMinimizes opportunities to goof around and get off task

    Includes: high knees, seat kicks, carioca, forward lunges, and backward run

  • Strategies to improve running effortSecretly watch someone run their lapsRun for time

    Run for distance

    Run with partner

    Use an activity to make them feel responsible for amount of running

    One person set the pace

    Change locations

  • TechnologyTV - Tae Bo & AbsClock - RunningScoreboard

  • Technology

  • Fresh, New IdeasQuad stretch for balanceCircle ballJog in place, stopIndian RunWrestling Room Dodge ball

  • Lessons LearnedInjuries will happen!

    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

  • Lessons LearnedThey will be honest and tell you if they like or dislike something

    Team names Cowboys, Packers, Lions, etc.

    Students pick up on voice tones

  • Lessons LearnedMore complex games = higher risk for frustrationRules must be clearly stated and simplified

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