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Webinar with DiscoverOrg Co-Founder Henry Schuck and discover: • Tips to write an email that’ll get read • The 3 points your first email must hit to generate a response • How to create a follow-up strategy • Enticing subject lines and presumptive closings • Keeping your Emails CAN-SPAM Compliant The webinar will also show you how to use DiscoverOrg's powerful lead generation and marketing platform to create a targeted list of IT Decision Makers and then to do an email merge to that selected group. Register Here For Next Webinar -


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2. 60% report that a Cold Call or Email has bumped a new vendor into consideration 75% of IT Execs have taken an appointment from a cold call or email DiscoverOrg Study Jan. 2013 of 1,000 F5000 IT Mgrs, Dir, 3. Using the Power of Email Objectives of the presentation: Helpful tips on escaping filters and navigating gatekeepers Crafting the most effective Subject Line Compelling Email Body Being CAN-SPAM Compliant 4. Goals of a Lead Generation Piece Recipient makes a decision about deleting your email in 2.7 seconds, plan wisely! Start a dialogue Could be other interests, familiarity with product, etc. Thought provoking questions to generate responses Encourage a response Get acceptance for offer BIGGEST MISTAKE: Focusing on your product or service instead of the offer 5. Getting Stuck? Remove these items to stay out of the spam filter Graphically rich Complex HTML Message CAPITAL LETTERS Promotional word(s) such as free Symbols (!) Attachments Run your email through a SPAM Score Pro Tip: Run Your Email Through a SPAM Score 6. Image 7. CommonThemes in Deleted Emails Sending emails around long weekends Salesy sounding emails Generic firebomb content 8. NowsYour Chance! Key Readability Tips: Use Arial 10pt - most readable size and font across Outlook and mobile devices. This is important considering 36% of DiscoverOrg emails are opened on mobile devices. Best Times to send email Most emails are read between 8 and 9 am and 3 to 4 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Prospects will be most engaged during these hours as well. 9. 10. CraftingYour Subject Line This is the most important part of your email! People are busy but they are drawn by the subject line. You want to make sure to cover these areas: Create curiosity Provide Utility Subject Line Goals: Tell prospect why you chose them. Request for a specific action Relevant to prospects wants and needs How product can benefit them (mention pain-points) Never more than 50 characters, not words. Only 27 characters display on an iPhone Subject Line 11. Successful Subject Lines Can we talk March 12th? Connect with key IT Decision Makers Information Security Should we talk? or Can we set up a call? - Can I get 15 mins? Following Up For emails after the initial email Widget Corp. Good since Widget Corp. is a competitor or the recipient or a company that would otherwise be familiar to the person. John Smith If John Smith is a mutual contact or internal referral, or if it is someone at the organization youve spoken to previously. 12. The Body:The Meat of your Email Show youve done your homework. First Name (informal salutation) Bold relevant content Tell why you chose them Give them Value. Highlight Sphere of Influence Express gratitude A little thanks goes a long way. 13. What Not To Do 14. The Email Structure:The Bones Informal Salutation Short Sentences Multiple Breaks Bullet/key points 175 words or less. Keep it above the fold. 15. The Action:Next Course Encourage Action! Create Sense of Urgency Give Offer Concrete Response Request 16. Offer Examples Good Discount Demo request Trial Download Bad For more information To learn more. 17. Concrete Response Dont leave it up to the recipient to make the next step Sense of Urgency: I will call you tomorrow at 3pm, let me know if that works.. The Close: I look forward to your reply (name) Ill give you a call on(day) I will be in your area on Friday 18. Mail Merge Big Picture Linking Fields in Excel to Emails 19. TargetYour Audience, Tailor your Message with DiscoverOrg Pro Tip: Watch a full-length tutorial on creating a mail merge using Word 2007 and DiscoverOrg here 20. The Follow-Up What happens after sending? Wait it out? NO! Execute the dynamic duo of Email and Voicemail. Email again Track your responses Average of 300% increase on responses when sending follow up emails. Get an internal referral John Thanks for the response. Do you know who would be charge of Storage at XYZ Corp.? 21. Internal Referral Dont sell to the CIO or VP level? Send them an email asking for a referral Aaron Ross Predictable Revenue Subject: Can you point me in the right direction? Email Body: [First Name], I'm sorry to trouble you. I know youre the at and was hoping you would be so kind as to tell me who is responsible for [insert your biggest pain point here that resonates with your ideal customer; OR insert function such as Networking or Information Security] and how I might get in touch with them? Thank You, Henry 22. CAN-SPAM CAN-SPAM does not prohibit the sending of unsolicited email for commercial purposes what it does require is that companies stop sending emails to recipients who have indicated they want to Opt-out. Be compliant Dont use false or misleading header information Dont use deceptive subject lines Give your location to recipients Give clear instructions on how to OPT-out, and honor requests promptly. Pro Tip: Read the complete compliance standards CAN-SPAM 23. THANK YOU Questions?