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your future classroom 2016 GI-Bill Military Vetrans Benefits Catalog

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Epic Flight Academy's GI-Bill Military Veterans Program outlining all the benefits of using your GI-Bill for flight training and even obtain your flight instructor ratings. Let the government pay for you to achieve your dream of becoming a pilot! Epic also guarantees employment for U.S. military veterans at Epic as a flight instructor upon completion of flight instructor ratings.


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    2016 GI-Bill Military Vetrans Benefits Catalog

  • 2Our customers enroll into Epic because they trust our leadership and ability to prepare

    them and instill confidence for a career with the airline of their dreams.

    Worldwide PilotTraining Academy

  • 3You have taken the first step on the path to a new and greater world that is bound to change your life forever. Pilots worldwide can attest that taking control of an aircraft becomes a part of who you are. The challenges of flying will make you more confident, adventurous,

    and bring out the fun in this highly esteemed profession. Epic Flight Academy has a staff of highly qualified Flight Instructors and uses technologically advanced and innovative aircraft with the most up-to-date safety features.

    why chooseepic flight academy?

    Completing students quickly but with the highest proficiency

    We Create Professional Pilots Like YouFocusing on safety, quality, and efficiency to complete students quickly but with the highest proficiency.

    Training students from 6 continents and over 70 countries

    efficiencyworldwideFAA training is accepted


    New generation Fleet


  • [email protected] +1 386-409-5583 x306

    Epics Admissions Team members have the most experience in the industry. With a strong passion for aviation, our experts provide all the necessary information to start your successful

    career. Entering the field of aviation can be overwhelming, which is why proper guidance is essential. Our Admissions Team members guarantee to guide you in every step of the

    enrollment process and provide you with up-to-date advice concerning the aviation industry

    our admissions team

    It is our honor to have the opportunity to be a part of your career decision making process and have you as a customer. What flight school you choose to attend is the first and most important step in your career. The quality of your education is your number one priority. Our Admissions

    Specialists take the responsibility very seriously of guiding and assisting each and every student and listening to their needs and concerns. It is our job to give you options and solutions that set you in the right direction for success. Take some advice from our expert team of Admissions Specialists

    on important things to consider when choosing a flight school to learn to fly. We have met many students like yourself who understand that they have many options but theres so much information they dont know where to start. Dont worry, we will be available to you every step of the way.

    Speak 8 different languages combined!

    Average 1,836 phone calls per year

    Personally visited 12 countries to meet students

    Average 42,576 emails sent per year

    Chat online with students an average of 6 hours per day

    Assist over 900 students each year in determining the right path to become a pilot

    An entire team of flight training experts guiding you and answering all of your questions.

  • 5Free Introductory Flight Visit our campus at 600 Skyline Drive, New Smyrna Florida and let us give you the grand tour of our facilities and send you up for a free flight. Get a first hand look

    at our facilities, fleet, instructors in action, simulators, and an amazing

    view of our coastline.

    +1386-409-5583 x306

    Lets get started now and get you flying!

    Let us know youre ready to receive detailed information and what questions you have about flight training and Epic.

    We need detailed information to process necessary acceptance documentation into our flight academy.

    Domestic Application Fee covers your Gleim Private Pilot online access and Epic account setup. For International students the Student Visa Processing Fee covers your Gleim Private Pilot online access, visa, I-20 and I-901 processing, paperwork and government fee, student consultation and tips covering the visa interview process and required documentation to submit, Epic account set-up, contents of student package and the DHL shipping costs.

    Both domestic and international students will receive a student packet containing their Letter of Acceptance into our Academy, Student Agreement with outlined training plan and per hour pricing for review, login information to begin the Gleim Private Pilot Online course, and class schedule along with a list of materials to bring. Additionally, international students will receive their form I-20 with original signature from a Designated School Official for their visa interview, visa interview booking instructions, I-901 form receipt, and instructions to register with TSA.

    Fill out Contact Us webpage form, Chat, Email, or Call us!

    Online Application

    Submit International Student Visa Processing Fee / Domestic Application Fee

    Receive Student Packet and Government Documents

    Schedule Student Visa Interview




    Online Application Here


    Next our Admissions Team will assist you in scheduling a date and time for your M-1 student visa interview with the nearest U.S. Embassy in your country. Before you interview our team will go over what to expect, how to dress, what documentation to bring, and additional interview techniques for a successful issuance of your visa.

    Obtain Student Visa Students are informed immediately following their interview if they have been granted the student visa. Next you simply submit your passport and receive the visa stamp and it typically 5 to 7 business days later.

    Book Flight to Epic!Youre ready to get started! Book your flight to Epics location in New Smyrna Beach, Florida a few days before class begins and we look forward to seeing you very soon. Easy!

    Our Admissions experts take you step-by-step through all aspects of the enrollment process and requirements of our government to study and the States.


    admin[email protected]

  • All totals have been calculated as a courtesy for budgeting purposes only. The total amount spent on training could increase or decrease dependent on student progress and previous experience. **Students should refrain from budgeting based on the FAA minimums! Less than 5% of students complete within the minimums.


    goal achievement Student Progression Chart for Budgeting

    **FAA Minimums


    Aviation Skills Development 35

    Private Pilot Course

    Flight C172 G1000 Dual w/ Instructor 30

    Simulator Tru Flite C172 Dual w/ Instructor 0

    Pre & Post Briefing 6

    Flight Solo C172 (Includes Tax) 5

    Instrument Rating CourseInstrument Ground School 30

    Flight C172 G1000 Dual w/ Instructor

    Simulator Frasca Mentor C172 Dual w/ Instructor 14

    One on One Ground Instruction 5

    Pre & Post Briefing


    Commercial Multi Engine Course


    Save $4,000+



    Free Training 100 Hours Save $8,000+Total Hours 174.50

    224.50Total Hours

    One on One Ground Instruction 9

    Commercial Ground School 35

    Shared Time Building C172

    Flight C172 G1000 Dual w/ Instructor 3

    Flight PA-44 Dual Multi Engine w/ Instructor 30

    Simulator PA-44 Multi Engine Dual w/ Instructor


    One on One Ground Instruction 3

    Pre & Post Briefing 7

    $5k Training CreditTotal Hours

    Free Training 50 Hours










    Save $4,000+



    Save $8,000+


















    Save $4,000+



    Save $8,000+


















    Save $4,000+



    Save $8,000+











    40 45

    35 40

    Flight C172 G1000 Dual w/ Instructor 10Pre & Post Briefing 2One on One Ground Instruction 5







    Commercial Single Engine Add-on

    Flight PA-28 Dual w/ Instructor 10Pre & Post Briefing 2One on One Ground Instruction 28








    Maximizing Use of Benefits - Out of Pocket Estimate


    Flight C172 G1000 Dual w/ Instructor

    Simulator Frasca Mentor C172 Dual w/ Instructor 5

    One on One Ground Instruction 10

    Pre & Post Briefing












    FlightPA-44 Multi Engine Dual w/ Instructor

    Simulator PA-44 Multi Engine Dual w/ Instructor 0

    One on One Ground Instruction 8

    Pre & Post Briefing











    $8,779 $15,487 $19,941 $26,589 Fiscal Year 1 - Private Pilot & Instrument Rating$8,761 $11,023 $13,419 $17,055 Fiscal Year 2 - Commercial Course & Add-on

    $0 $260 $2,165 $5,611Fiscal Year 1 - CFI & CFII$0 $0 $0 $890Fiscal Year 2 - MEI

    Total Out of Pocket Cost Estimate $17,540 $26,770 $35,525 $50,145 $12,540 $21,770 $30,525 $45,145 $5k Training Credit Eligible

  • Our pricing is straightforward and clear. Each price you see to the right listed is the fixed per hour cost for the individual services provided by Epic Flight Academy. When a student signs their Student Agreement they are locked into these prices with a guarantee that they will not increase for the duration of the student's contracted training. Even if the student continues training into the next calendar year or requires a short unforeseen absence their pricing stays the same. There are no landing fees at our airport and all the pricing you see includes fuel!


    Solo Price per Hour

    Private Pilot Ground Class / Aviation Skills Development

    Item Description

    Commercial Ground Class

    Instrument Ground Class N/A

    One on One Instruction

    Pre/Post Briefing

    Tru Flite Simulator - C172 w/ G-1000 - 180' screen $78.81

    Tru Flite Simulator - PA-44 Seminole Multi Engine

    Frasca Mentor Simulator - C172 w/ G-1000 $51.12$91.59

    One on One Ground Instruction

    Cessna 172SP w/ G-1000

    Piper Seminole PA-44 w/ G-430

    Piper Arrow PA-28 $191.70

    Shared Time Building - C172 w/ G-1000 $79.88

    Diamond Twin Star DA-42 w/ G-1000


    Price Dual with Instructor





















    $159.75Cessna 172SP w/ G-1000

    Piper Seminole PA-44 w/ G-430

    Piper Arrow PA-28

    Diamond Twin Star DA-42 w/ G-1000

    Priceper Month

    Shared Occupancy Room

    Item Description

    Epic Van Transportation $65.00

    TSA Registration $130.00

    FAA Written Exam Fee

    FAA Checkride Examiner Fee $500.00$165.00

    Student Visa Processing Fee




    Housing & Transportation Expenses

    Non Tuition Expenses (mandatory and not included in tuition quote)





    Unit Price Total Item Description


    FAA Finger Printing $99.00

    Private, Instrument, and Commercial Ground School Books, Gleim & Materials

    Scheduling & FAA Records Tracking (per month) $45.00$250.00

    FAA Medical


    $95.00 $99.00


    Total Living & Non-Tuition Expenses Estimate

    Headset $120.00



    KEVB - Epics Airport

    No Landing Fees No Airport Fees Fuel Included No wait to taxi = Fuel & Time Savings!

    2016 Per Hour Pricing

    We have nothing to hide and want you to have the necessary information to properly budget and have as a comparison as you make your decision as to which flight school to attend. For the training resources we utilize, quality of education, and ideal location for flight training we are confident our pricing is not only competitive but clearly, for several reasons, Epic is the best choice. As we tell all of our future students, if you find something better please bring it to your Admissions Representatives attention so that we can explain the differences or have the opportunity to try and match the price. What more could you ask for?

  • 8Discounts! Deals!


    $5,000 Training Credit

    50 Hours FREE Time Building

    100 Hours FREE Time Building

    $5,000 Discount

    $4,000+ Savings



  • 9Affordable Flight Training

    At Epic we want to give our customers every opportunity to achieve their dream career as a pilot. Therefore we offer flexible payment options allowing students and

    their sponsors the opportunity to choose what is best for their financial situation. Additionally, we can provide eligible students and families with financing options to

    assist in covering majority of the costs of flight training tuition.

    $5000 Training Credit 50 Hours FREE Time Building

    100 Hours FREE Time Building

    Military Veterans Benefits

    Complete your issued Gleim Online Private Pilot Ground Course and present one of the following English Certificates prior to your class start date.

    ICAO Level 4 - AELTS List

    ICAO Level 4 - TEA Test

    Band 7 Overall - IELTS

    All it takes is your dedication and hard work to earn this training credit and show up prepared the first day! The training credit will be issued in full at the start of students Commercial Ground School.

    At any time during your training if Epic receives a $25,000 lump sum (paid all at once) for your training we will give you 50 hours FREE shared time building in the Cessna 172 with G1000. This offer is in addition to your contracted training in order for you to log additional hours to gain additional experience. The 50 hours of FREE shared time building will be issued once students successfully pass their Commercial checkride. Save over $4,000 simply by paying for your pilot training!

    Same offer as the 50 hours but even more for FREE! Save over $8,000 with this offer and apply for airlines with more logged hours than other aviation graduates without paying anything extra. At any time pay a $35,000 lump sum (paid all at once) for your training and we will give you 100 hours FREE shared time building in the Cessna 172 with G1000. This offer is in addition to your contracted training in order for you to log additional hours to gain additional experience. Hours will be issued once students successfully pass their Commercial checkride.

    Get maximum usage of your GI-Bill for your excellent service to our country. Our Admissions Team will strategically create a training timeline to utilize all savings your military benefits allow. Our flight academy has been approved for use of Chapter 30, 33, and 1606 GI-Bill benefits to not only cover your Instrument and Commercial courses but Flight Instructor courses as well. Epic provides a full circle solution for our Veterans with a job offer upon completion of their flight instructor training with competitive pay rates. Our partnerships with regional airlines will have you in a First Officer seat in no time!

    Flight school financing Financial Requirements for M-1 Visa

    International students are required to present current financial documentation during their interview for the M-1 student visa. Please provide our Admissions Team with answers to our

    The information from this form allows us to provide students and sponsors with guidance concerning what financial/bank documentation, including amounts, will be necessary for a successful interview.

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    We have one of the most technologically advanced fleet of aircraft in the world with state-of-the-art G-1000 glass cockpits that train you for the level of avionics equipment you will be using in your airline career. Epic recognizes that your pilot training needs to incorporate computer based training, simulation, and new generation aircraft as technology is such an important part of modern day aviation. These features are integrated into each stage of your flight training to enhance your education above that of a typical newly graduated pilot from other schools.

  • 11


    Classrooms & Briefing Rooms

    New generation Resources & Campus Facilities

    Watch Epic in ActionCampus Webcams


    Study Center

    Student Lounge

    Dispatch & Pilot Shop

    17Cessna172SPG1000 1PiperArrowPA-28

    Single Engine Aircraft


    Multi Engine Aircraft


    Dispatch & Pilot Shop

    FrascaTruFliteC-172 FrascaTruFlitePA-44 FrascaMentorC-172

    HomeofEpicFlightAcademy NewSmyrnaBeach,Florida USA

    cessna Service CenterOnsiteA&PMaintenance Crew FullServiceFBO

  • 12

    Local Area information & Fun activities

    Epic Flight Academy is located in sunny New Smyrna Beach, Florida. A safe and amazing little beach town with incredible restaurants, fun outdoor activities such as surfing, fishing, paddle boarding, kayaking, skydiving and much more! Our major neighboring city is the famous Daytona Beach where students can fly around the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse and be spectators of world famous events such as Bike Week and

    Formula 1 racing.

    During your stay Epic will periodically coordinate student events to local attractions because everyone needs a break from studying and to have a little fun! A student favorite is the Kennedy Space Center where they launch NASAs space shuttles and rockets including a full exploration center of space gadgets, astronaut life, and launch simulator. A must experience is the Daytona Speedway for any and all types

    of racing cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

    Of course, a short drive away are famous theme parks that no one should leave Florida without experiencing. There is Disney World, Universal Studios, Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, Sea World, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Typhoon Lagoon, Bush Gardens, Wet N Wild, and so much

    more. Excellent graduation celebration spots!

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    F.A.Q.How long does the training typically take from start to finish?1

    You can complete in as little as 6-8 months (FAA commercial), 12-14 months (dual EASA/FAA commercial), and 3 months (CFI,CFII,MEI).

    What certifications/licenses will I have when I complete? 3

    Depending on the course you choose, you will have either an FAA commercial multi engine license with instrument privileges, dual EASA/FAA commercial multi engine licenses with instrument privileges, FAA certified flight instructor (CFI,CFII,MEI), or any individual FAA license you choose to complete.

    How do I calculate the total cost? 2

    Allow our Admissions Team to assist you in this! We encourage students to use our Student Progression Chart for Budgeting as a guide for tuition, then add in your Housing and Non Tuition Fees for an accurate estimate. Students typically spend $300 per month in food and shopping for long as theyre not eating out at a restaurant for each meal. If students want their own vehicle they can purchase a scooter for around $400 and even a car for as little as $1,000. It wont be the nicest car but it will get them around town and to class.

    What are the requirements to join?4

    Be at least 17 years of age

    Have completed your high school education

    Have a valid international passport

    Speak English proficiently

    To read more FAQs visit our

    Study Hard celebrate accomplishments

    Live the dream

    Epic Graduate: Oleksandar Savchenko - Boeng 737

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