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1. GeoIT Consult NATIONAL GIS REPORTING SYSTEM & BEYONDEbenezer Odoi Frederick Kofi Ansah Francis OcanseyCEO Project ManagerProject Ghana: Box AT 2113 Achimota (0244231278/0245-346366) USA: 4770 Indianola Ave Ste 200 Columbus OH 43214 2011 2. OUR PHILOSOPHY At GeoIT Consult our mission is to provide clients with high quality, innovative and globally competitive solution modelsAREAS OF OPERATION *Geoinformatics (GIS/GPS/Remote Sensing) Software / Database Development Web and Graphic Designing Training Research * focus of this presentation 2011 3. NATIONAL *GIS MEDIA ELECTION MONITORING SYSTEMwhowhy where which whenhow what 2011 * Geographic Information System 4. NATIONAL GIS MEDIA ELECTION MONITORING SYSTEM Data:Votes : VotingWho won/lost ? By what margin ? Polling stations location Distribution of votes ? Number of registered Election incidentsvoters ? Voter turnout? Number of Rejected Location of field teamballots ? Re-elections? Re-appointments Location of resourcesAnalysis : Archived party data ? Pre/Post election (videos/pictures/reports)analysis ?Consolidatedvote analysis? Demographic data Disparities in Election Socio-economic results? Spatial /statistical /census dataPatterns ? Facility dataElection GISMaps : data / results / Finances:analysis /webmaps Media Investment? Logistics ?Key Field team allowance ?VotesData & archiving Finances Analysis 2011 5. Issues ..???? Rejected/valid Ballots Rigging Registered voters Non-voters Absent voters Voting patterns Population Density Local Govt elections 2011 6. 1. Desktop Interfaces 2011 7. Myths ..assumptions...National Level ?? 2011 8. Myths ..assumptions...Constituency Level ?? 2011 9. Myths ..assumptions...EA Level ?? 2011 10. 2. Web Interfaces 2011 11. Web Interfaces 2011 12. Web Interfaces 2011 13. Web Interfaces 2011 14. 3. Mobile Interfaces for media reporting 2011 15. MONITORING REPORTING MOBILE APPLICATION 2011 16. MONITORING REPORTING MOBILE APPLICATIONNana Akuffo Addo 2011 17. Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo 2011 18. Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo 2011 19. Procedure repeated for Parliamentary elections 2011 20. 2011 21. 2011 22. 2011 23. 2011 24. 2011 25. Further involvement of GIS applications in Mediaservice delivery 2011 26. Understanding size and effect maps transform data into useful knowledge about the areas in which we work or Resource propose to work inManagement Population StudiesPublic Information 2011 27. Comparing and publishing results Community Planning Monitoring Development Facility Mapping 2011 28. Analyzing trendsTrends based on existingdata 29. Analyzing Events 30. Presenting to the mediaGIS is becoming an integral way to convey the context and meaning ofthe news.GIS Provides: Unbiased reporting Display patterns and trends with clear infographics. Use geospatial analysis to investigate stories. Quickly explore demographic data to provide human context to other data. Localized news Make the news personal by reporting on information from a neighborhood level. 31. THANK YOU We are looking forward to a great partnershipwww.geoitconsult.cominfo@geoitconsult.comRegistration: Ghana (CA-65-478) USA (Ohio-201023600749)


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