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    Golden Nugget Newsletter (09) 533 7522 or 027 294 4909

    Golden Nugget Newsletter

    Goldline Construction Ltd

    Issue 11

    Winter 2015

    Welcome to our Winter Newsletter While the wet and cold weather pushes us to

    hibernate, I thought it would be good to focus on

    ways to keep your family warm and healthy.

    Enjoy reading about some exciting things in the

    building industry around the globe.

    Home Maintenance

    Here is a list of must do items that

    every homeowner should check off during winter

    1 Check and replace cracked and worn

    weather stripping around doors and windows

    and replace if caulking is looking worn and

    ragged. Remove it and re-caulk with a moisture

    resistant product to reduce your heating bill.

    2 Check basement windows for drafts, loose

    frames, or cracked panes. You definitely want to

    take care of this every year, and call a window

    professional if youve got loose frames or cracked

    panes that need replacing.

    3 Seal gaps. Take a close look around the

    exterior of your home and cover all the gaps you

    find. Use caulk to seal small gaps near the

    foundation of your home, or around windows. A

    heavy-duty screen or hardware cloth works well

    to cover exterior vents, allowing air to escape.

    4 Inspect exterior walls. If you have a painted

    exterior, check for any cracks or blisters in the

    paint surface. If left unchecked, that could open

    you up to much costlier repairs in the


    5 Inspect the roof. Problems like

    damaged shingles and worn-out seals around

    vent pipes and chimneys are much easier to

    remedy if you catch them early.

    6 Change batteries in your smoke alarm.

    A giant 3D printer builds a liveable house

    3D Concrete Printing. Since the Egyptians experimented with lime and gypsum

    mortar as a binding for stone, concrete has been a building material of choice for

    some of the greatest construction projects in the world. Now 3D-printing

    technology is being integrated to produce complex building forms. This union has

    the potential to reduce the time required to produce such components by several

    orders of magnitudefrom weeks to mere hours.

    BIM in the Cloud Computing. There is no doubt that 2014 was a landmark

    year in terms of new and growing technologies in the AEC industry. From smart

    roads to cloud computing, technology has helped every aspect of design and

    construction grow in the most amazing ways.

    Although 2013 raised the publics awareness of big data and cloud computing, it

    is in 2014 that this technology began to come into its own as a BIM tool. Now this

    technology is helping AEC professionals all over the globe collaborate together in

    a way never before possible. This collaboration is accelerating amazing

    designs, with reduced errors and costs.

    New Technology in the Building Construction Industry

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    Golden Nugget Newsletter (09) 533 7522 or 027 294 4909

    Whats New?

    Garden ponds enhance the beauty of any landscape. Certain steps need to be taken

    to winterize your garden pond to maintain its beauty and health .

    *Clean out the pond.

    Remove any dead plants, algae, and any other debris. Rotting foliage will produce

    gases in the water that can be fatal to fish. When removing dead vegetation, be

    careful not to inadvertently remove floating pond plants that will grow again next


    *Move Plants

    Move Hardy plants to deeper water, and tropical lilies out of the pond to a place

    where they won't freeze. If the lilies are in pots without drainage holes, keep them

    well-watered. If they are in pots with drainage holes, repot them in pots without

    draining holes. Check water levels to make sure that the lilies don't dry out.

    Remove other tender plants from the pond, wrapping each plant loosely with damp

    newspaper. Check the newspaper to be sure it is still moist, but not soaking wet.

    *Clean the pond filter.

    Move the filter close to the surface of the pond so that the air bubbles breaking the

    surface of the water may prevent the pond from freezing completely

    *Vacuum the pond.

    *Feed the fish

    Reduce the amount of food when the temperature gets colder. Stop feeding the fish

    completely when the temperature drops below 50F(10C). Since the fish will be in

    semi-hibernation, there should be enough nutrients in the pond for them to survive

    the winter.

    *Cover the pond.

    Caring for Garden Ponds in Winter

    We were recently working out in the country (Ararimu) building a lovely new home for a client we have done work for previously. This 275 home was sited over a lovely farm hillside with a great outlook. The work required extensive site works and landscaping. The home allows the client a great retreat from the Auckland suburban crush, and busyness, and to enjoy the beautiful, tranquil scenery.

    Q: What is it called when a cat wins a

    dog show?


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    Golden Nugget Newsletter (09) 533 7522 or 027 294 4909

    Amazing Tall Buildings in the World

    Tallest of the Supertall - Burj Khalifa, Dubai

    Burj Khalifa is not only the worlds tallest

    building, it has also broken two other

    impressive records: tallest structure, previously

    held by the KVLY-TV mast in Blanchard,

    North Dakota, and tallest free-standing

    structure, previously held by Torontos CN

    Tower. Burj Khalifa wins by far in all three


    World Records

    At over 828 metres (2,716.5 feet) and more

    than 160 stories, Burj Khalifa holds the

    following records:

    Tallest building in the world

    Tallest free-standing structure in the world

    Highest number of stories in the world

    Highest occupied floor in the world

    Highest outdoor observation deck in the


    Elevator with the longest travel distance in

    the world

    Tallest service elevator in the world

    Shanghai Tower, China

    On track to become the world's second-

    tallest building, Gensler's Shanghai

    Tower has already topped out at a height

    of 632 metres, surpassed only by the 828

    metre Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

    It is the tallest structure ever built in

    China and features a twisted form made

    after a series of wind-tunnel tests.

    The Marina 101 tower in Dubai is set to

    become the second-tallest building in

    Dubai, with a height of 426.5 metres.

    The lower portion of the tower will

    house the Middle East's first Hard Rock

    Hotel, the upper levels will have 420

    apartments and a restaurant with

    panoramic views of the city.

    The super-skinny 425-metre tall

    building completing this year in New

    York. Understood to be the tallest all-

    residential building in the world, 432

    Park Avenue will offer 104 luxury

    residences, alongside facilities that

    include a private swimming pool,

    library and cinema screening room.

    432 Park Avenue, USA Marina 101, UAE,

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    Golden Nugget Newsletter (09) 533 7522 or 027 294 4909

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    Directors note:

    Dennis Peat, Director of Goldline Construction

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    It is interesting watching the media deal with the Auckland market and how they are obsessed with fueling the high market house sales. This last week has now seen a spin-off effect to the Waikato and Tauranga region as Aucklanders either sell and move out, or invest elsewhere! This heated market is encouraging home owners to stay put, and invest in their own homes with doing alteration work, knowing their homes increased rising value covers the cost! Howev