gos and gos-e case 5

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GOS and GOS-E Case 5

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Page 1: GOS and GOS-E Case 5

GOS and GOS-E Case 5

Page 2: GOS and GOS-E Case 5

Before his injury, this patient was an unemployed, unskilled worker who loved to ride his bicycle for fun all the time.

He was married with one child, drove a car and did not suffer from any illness or medical condition.

He did not have many friends but did like to meet up with the few that he had in the local tavern.

Pre-injury Status

Page 3: GOS and GOS-E Case 5

After his injury, this patient is unable to do any activity alone. He is unable to work and has serious difficulties with communication.

He recognizes his wife, son and parents, but none of his friends. He is unable to participate in family activities or take care of his son.

Present Condition

Page 4: GOS and GOS-E Case 5

He has no leisure activities and does not go out much if at all. He is dependent at home in all routine activities and cannot be left alone for more than 15 minutes.

He has urinary and fecal incontinence. He does not seem to be suffering from headaches or dizziness, and does not complain of any symptoms. His memory is impaired.

Present Condition

Page 5: GOS and GOS-E Case 5

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