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GW K92CH Guillotine cutter-36"


  • 1. GW CutterGW Cutter Model K92Model K92

2. MODEL K-92CH Through Optimization Cutting function and high speed servo driven back guide your operation can see throughput gains of + 25% in productivity 3. GW K92CH Guillotine cutterGW K92CH Guillotine cutter Technical Details:Technical Details: Cutting width:Cutting width: 36.2536.25 Cutting height without false clamp plate:Cutting height without false clamp plate: 4.754.75 Cutting length:Cutting length: 30 11/1630 11/16 Main motor power:Main motor power: 4 KW4 KW Net weight:Net weight: 5500 lbs5500 lbs Width with sideway:Width with sideway: 83.583.5 Width without sideway:Width without sideway: 77 15/1677 15/16 Length:Length: 80 1/1680 1/16 Height:Height: 61 2/561 2/5 Front table length:Front table length: 27 3/1627 3/16 Table height:Table height: 90 cm (35 7/16)90 cm (35 7/16) Clamp pressure min:Clamp pressure min: 150 dan (330 lbs)150 dan (330 lbs) Clamp pressure max:Clamp pressure max: 3500 dan (7700 lbs)3500 dan (7700 lbs) Grinding reserve:Grinding reserve: 11 3/163/16 Smallest cutSmallest cut Without false clamp:Without false clamp: 2.5 cm (1)2.5 cm (1) With false clamp:With false clamp: 9.5 cm (3 1/2)9.5 cm (3 1/2) Cutting speed:Cutting speed: 45 cuts/min45 cuts/min Voltage:Voltage: 220,V3 phase220,V3 phase Wire sizeWire size 2.5 mm22.5 mm2 4. Back Guard In Place 5. GW ManufacturingGW Manufacturing State of the art plant manufactures 2,500State of the art plant manufactures 2,500 Cutters AnnuallyCutters Annually 6. Guowang has become one of the largestGuowang has become one of the largest high quality guillotine cutter manufacturershigh quality guillotine cutter manufacturers in the the world. Constant growth has placed GWConstant growth has placed GW manufacturing facility in a leading position.manufacturing facility in a leading position. The state of the art factory produces overThe state of the art factory produces over 200 guillotine cutters per month with the200 guillotine cutters per month with the highest standards of manufacturinghighest standards of manufacturing processes and quality and using the mostprocesses and quality and using the most advanced CNC workshop available in theadvanced CNC workshop available in the GUOWANGGUOWANG END