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    ue 2009

    Haag-Streit UK Ltd, Edinburgh Way, Harlow, Essex, CM20 2TTwww.haagstreituk.com info@haag-streit-uk.comtel: 01279 456261 fax: 01279 456305

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  • p3to order call customer services: 01279 456261 or visit us at www.haag-streit-uk.com

    Haag-Streit UKHaag-Streit UK Ltd promotes prevention, early detection, careful monitoring and effective treatment of retinal disease, glaucoma, corneal disorders, ocular motility and visual defects.

    A former division of Clement Clarke International Ltd and part of the Swiss-based Haag-Streit Group of companies since 1989, Haag-Streit UK has grown markedly by accessing new markets and benefiting from long term investment.

    Building on the research, innovation and success of Clement Clarke since its formation in 1917 as a dispensing optician in Wigmore Street, London, Haag-Streit UK listens carefully to the needs of the market and pioneers solutions by sourcing instruments and software which are at the forefront of technology.

    For the last 150 years Haag-Streit Ag has set the gold-standard in both quality and longevity for slit lamps and tonometers, a standard which is yet to be challenged.

    By bringing together trusted brands, such as Canon and EyeCap, Octopus and Goldmann, Heidelberg and Ellex, as well as Clement Clarke and Fresnel, Mller-Wedel and Reliance, Haag-Streit UK can offer infinite solutions which exceed the high standards set by each individual manufacturer.

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    Maintenance ContractsOur proven maintenance programme and strong engineering experience, ensure that Haag-Streit UK can guarantee dependable technical support and the highest levels of customer service.

    Authorised, Qualified and TrainedHaag-Streit UK acts as the sole authorised service agents for all Haag-Streit companies as well as leading partner brands. Our engineers receive ongoing training direct from product manufacturers and use only genuine, manufacturer approved parts.

    Installation and TrainingAll equipment is unpacked, calibrated and fully commissioned. Our trained engineer will show key users how to operate the instruments in a friendly and practical manner.

    WarrantyAll instruments supplied by Haag-Streit UK are covered by a one-year warranty from the date of installation. Warranties can be extended using one of our range of extended service contracts (Gold, Silver or Bronze). Our Laserex range of lasers include extended warranties.

    Responding to your needsHaag-Streit UK realises the importance of responding quickly to instrument breakdowns. We strive to respond to all diagnostic contract call-outs with 72 hours, surgical contracts within 24 hours.

    For computer software driven instruments, our software engineers can remotely access your computer via a modem.

    Benefits of Haag-Streit UK Service Peace of mind Reduce overall cost of ownership Minimise downtime and related costs Extend the working time of your equipment Predict financial outlay Maintain your equipments optimum performance level Maximise the return on your investment Make a bigger contribution to the success of your organisation

    We offer three levels of service; Gold, Silver and Bronze. Please telephone 01279 456315 for further information or a written quotation.

  • p5to order call customer services: 01279 456261 or visit us at www.haag-streit-uk.com Opthalmic Catalogue 2009

    Sight Testing and RefractionTest Types & Accessories 6

    Chart Projector 8

    Refraction & Sight Testing Equipment 8 Distance Vision Tests 8 Near Vision Tests 10 Kay Pictures 12 Occluders and Rules 14 Exophthalmometers 15 Retinoscopy Racks 16Autorefractors and Ophthalmometers 17

    Trial Cases and Frames 18 Trial Cases 18 Trial Frames 19Colour Tests 20

    Lensmeters 22

    Contrast Sensitivity 23

    Stereotests 24

    Ophthalmoscopes and RetinoscopesWelch Allyn Ophthalmoscopes 26

    Welch Allyn Retinoscopes 27

    Diagnostic Sets 27

    Power Supplies and Handles 28

    Welch Allyn Miscellaneous 29

    Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope (BIO) 29

    Visual Field EquipmentPerimeters 30

    Visual Field Equipment 31

    Slit Lamps, Tonometers, Lenses and accessoriesPortable Slit Lamp 32

    Slit Lamps 32 Slit Lamp Accessories 35Tonometers 36 Applanation Tonometers 36 Non-Contact Tonometer 37Tonosafe Disposable Applanation Prisms 37

    Contact, Aspheric, Laser and Indirect Lenses 38 Contact Lenses from Haag-Streit 38 Laser Lenses from Haag-Streit 39 Cleaning and Disinfecting 40 Ellex Laser Lenses 41

    LasersEllex Ophthalmic Lasers 42

    Ellex Ophthalmic SLT Lasers 43

    ImagingCanon Retinal Cameras 44

    Heidelberg Scanning Laser Systems 45

    Slit Lamp OCT 46

    EyeCap Digital Imaging Systems 47

    Imaging Systems for Slit Lamps 48

    Endothelium Microscope 48

    BiometryEyeCubed AScan/BScan 49

    LENSTAR Biometer 49

    Orthoptic EquipmentSynoptophores 50

    Hess Screens 51

    General Orthoptic 51

    Prisms 53

    PupillometerProcyon P3000 Pupillometer 55

    General Equipment Torches 56

    Loupes 57

    Contact Lens Accessories 57

    FurnitureRefraction Units 58

    Tables 58

    Chairs and Stools 60

    Mller-Wedel MicroscopesOperating Microscopes 63

    IndexIndex 64


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    Test Types & AccessoriesLuneau L40 LCD Chart displayA new, ergonomic LCD optotype chart display. Includes ETDRS scale, Childrenstest, Illiterate Es, Astigmatic screen, Worths test, Shoebers test & Landolts ringsWorking distance is fully variable between 66 & 197. Other features include: Comprehensive range of application from low vision to hyper acuity. Compact design. Highly luminous screen with variable contrast control. Precise calibration of screen in colour & geometry. Remote control. Easy to upgrade for new optotypes.1560050

    Rotating Drum Test TypesAn internally illuminated, motorised, four-sided drum test type in a brown/beige colour which comes as standard with four upper Snellen panels and four lower panels, consisting of spotlight, duochrome, friend and worth 4 dot tests. H:80cm W:24cm D:24cm

    The test types are available in three styles:

    Manual: Drum rotated manually. Illumination operated from switch panel on test type body.4101600 Free standing, direct4101610 Free standing, indirect/reverse

    Remote Control: Rotation and illumination operated by cabled remote control.4101500 Free standing, direct4101510 Free standing, indirect/reverse

    Infrared Remote Control: Rotation and illumination operated by infrared remote control.4101490 Free standing, direct4101491 Free standing, indirect/reverse4101580 Floorstand for rotating drum test type4101590 Wall bracket for rotating drum test type

    Single Sided Test TypesA simple test type with an illuminated upper panel, which is interchangeable, with a spotlight in the lower panel. Available in direct or indirect format, with or without wall bracket. H:60cm W:21cm D:12cm4107200 Free standing, direct4107210 Free standing, indirect/reverse4107250 With wall bracket, indirect/reverse4107260 With wall bracket, direct

    Distance and Near Vision (DNV) Domiciliary Test TypeThe distance test is designed for 3 metre testing. On the reverse of the unit is the near vision tests (35cm). Controlled by an infrared hand piece and light to carry, the DNV test type will fit into a standard briefcase.

    Distance tests: duochrome, concentric circles, Snellen 3/60 to 3/5.

    Near vision tests: Near fixation disparity, stereopsis test, suppression test, oblique tangent scale, bichromatic test, cross cyl and balance chart.

    A comprehensive manual is provided. 4107201

  • p7to order call customer services: 01279 456261 or visit us at www.haag-streit-uk.com Opthalmic Catalogue 2009

    Premier Domiciliary KitIncorporating DNV domiciliary test with infrared remote control, trial lens set (with 128 metal rimmed lenses), polarised visor, Maddox twirl and Maddox phoria test.4107230

    Elite Test Type6 metre chart with fan and block, motorised drum (featuring 8 panels including motorists test and Landholt rings), concentric circles, pairs of concentric circles, fixation spot, fixation disparity test. Wall mounted.4101555 with infra red control (indirect)4101556 with hand control on 3m cable (indirect)

    Standard Test TypeAs Elite, but no fan and block with infrared control (also available with hand control on 3m cable)4101557

    Slimline Plus Test Type50mm thick, wall mounted, cordless remote control, dual purpose Snellen, duochrome, distance Fixation disparity red/green, separate spot. Weighs 4.5kg.

    Dimensions: 50 x 600 x 400mm Cream/dove grey.4101559

    Ophthalmic MirrorMirrors with optical glass qualities and distortion free.4201001 Wall mirror screws to wall. 54cm x 36cm4202001 Wall bracket mirror suitable for awkward shaped rooms. 54cm x 36cm4203001 Floor standing mirror Mounted on a strong, four legged floorstand.

    Column is adjustable for both height and angle. 54cm x 36cm

    Test Types and PanelsUpper panels are available for use in the rotating drum test types and single-sided test types. The charts with dual purpose letters are for use at both 6 metres and 3 metres with a mirror.

    A wide selection of test types is available in either plastic or cardboard. The cardboard


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