happy new year!!! happy mother’s day summer!!!!!! back to school! happy halloween! happy...

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  • HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!Happy Mothers DaySUMMER!!!!!!Back to School!Happy Halloween!Happy Holidays!!!!

  • What are the months of the year??? What holidays are in each month? Are our holidays for each month the same in other countries? Do all the months have the same amount of days?

  • 113.2. Social Studies, Kindergarten.(a)Introduction.(1)In Kindergarten, the focus is on the self, home, family, and classroom. The study of our state and national heritage begins with an examination of the celebration of patriotic holidays and the contributions of historical people. The concept of chronology is introduced. Students discuss geographic concepts of location and physical and human characteristics of places. Students are introduced to the basic human needs of food, clothing, and shelter and to ways that people meet these needs. Students learn the purpose of rules and the role of authority figures in the home and school. Students learn customs, symbols, and celebrations that represent American beliefs and principles and contribute to our national identity. Students compare family customs and traditions and describe examples of technology in the home and school. Students acquire information from a variety of oral and visual sources.(b) Knowledge and skills.History. The students should understand that holidays are celebrations of special events. The student is expected to: Explain the reason for national Patriotic Holidays such as Presidents Day and Independence DayIdentify customs associated with nation Patriotic Holidays such as Presidents Day and Independence Day

  • January : Students will be learning about Martin Luther King, Jr. and will make a cut and paste portrait of him. January : Students will also be coming back from the holiday break and right after New Years so we will make New Year Resolutions as a class. February : On Groundhog Day the students will be able to play Groundhog Bingo with homemade bingo cards. February : Valentines Day also being in February will bring about making their own Valentines and making doing some coloring pages. March : Brings in St. Patricks Day, the students will have a printed out Teddy Bear that they will color like a leprechaun. April : Easter is in April and they will make their own Easter Baskets from milk jugs. May : The students will make their own Mothers Day cards and gifts to take home to moms. June and July : Summer so students are out of school. August : The students will make an All About Me Book after the class reads All About You by Catherine and Laurence Anholt. September : Students will make their own scarecrows on a paper print out. September : Students will also make pictures using leaf rubbings. October : The kids will decortate and make their own black cats and jack-o-lanterns with cut outs and paste. November : The kids will make their own turkeys with contruction paper and a coke can. December : Students will make their own snow flakes out of paper.

  • http://123child.com/act/jan.htmlhttp://www.atozteacherstuff.com/Themes/_Months_of_the_Year/_1__January/index.shtmlhttp://www.tea.state.tx.us/rules/tac/chapter113/ch113a.html