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Matthew Holt's slides from his talk at the CaBIG annual conference Sept 12, 2010


  • 1.Health 2.0, the Universe & EverythingMatthew HoltCo-founder, Health 2.0 &Founder/Author, The Health Care Blog

2. Source: Globescan/BBC/Reuters 2006 3. Whats he going to talk about?* Web 2.0 Health 2.0The Present Search, Communities & Tools Health 2.0Whats Next*A relatively good faith effort will be made to stick to this agenda but no Data utility layers & unplatforms guarantees will be given that Ill actually stick to it, especially if I can find a marketing guru in the Health Care audience who can make me as famous or as rich as the guy who lives 4 doors The Universe, Everythingdown from me and started YouTube 4. What the hell is Web 2.0? 5. Web 2.0 Ecosystem 6. Services, not packaged software 7. Data sources that get richer as more people use them 8. Trusting users as co-developers 9. Harnessing collective intelligence 10. The Long Tail Picture by Hay Kranen 11. Leveraging the long tail throughcustomer self-service 12. Software above the level of asingle device 13. Lightweight user interfaces 14. Easy Development Platforms 15. What is? 16. Americans on the Internet for HealthPew: Percentage of Internet Users and Adults Who Have Looked Online forInformation About a Specific Disease or Medical Problem, 2002-2008 Source: Social Life of Health Information, Pew 19 Internet & American Life Project, June 2009; 17. ...Social software and lightweight tools that promote collaboration between... stakeholders - Matthew Holt and Jane Sarasohn-Kahn... all the constituents focus on health valueimproving safety, efficiency and quality of healthcare - Scott Shreeve"health 2.0 is participatory healthcare... we the patients can be effective partners in healthcare. - Ted Eytan 18. What is Health 2.0Matthew Holts best guess at the constituent parts Personalized search that looks into the long tail, and cares about the user experience Communities that capture the accumulated knowledge of patients and caregivers and explain it to the world Intelligent tools for content delivery -- and transactions Better integration of data with content And not just a maybe. Technologies fusing as patients increasingly guide their own care 19. Health 2.0: User-Generated HealthcareContentSocialNetworks SearchTools Transaction Data 20. SEARCH: Gets deeper and more personalized Presentation Deep Search Real Time Answers 21. SEARCH: Presentation 22. SEARCH: Deep Search 23. SEARCH: RealTime 24. SEARCH: example is Matching, Rating & RecommendationDoctors Hospitals, Procedures Clinical Trials 25. COMMUNITIES: Providing support, answering questions,aggregating data & tracking outcomes 26. Search & Online Communities + 27. TOOLS:Unlocking databases with new interfaces and analytics 28. Emergence of Consumer-Focused Tools1. Personalized 2. Analytical 3. SupportingDecisions 4. EnablingTransactions 29. A Continuum of Health 2.0? User-generated Users connect to Partnerships to Data drives health careprovidersreform delivery decisions and discovery 30. Health 2.0: Whats coming next? Integration of the three constituent parts (search, communities, toolsall mash up) The data utility layer allows easy inclusion of same data between different services (liquidity) (You may have heard of HealthVault, Google Health) Greater diversity in data types The emergence of new unplatforms 31. On top of the data utility layer 32. Unplatforms For Applications Over Channels Intermingling of Applications Integration of Data 33. Unplatforms for applications 34. Unplatforms over channels 35. Intermingling of applications sharing Unplatforms 36. Integration of data across Unplatforms 37. A Continuum of Health 2.0? User-generated Users connect to Partnerships to Data drives health careprovidersreform delivery decisions and discovery 38. Health 2.0: User-Generated HealthcareContent Social SearchNetworksData Utility LayerTools Transaction Data