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  • History of Landscape Photography Timeline By Isabelle Orman
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  • To 1850 Photography 1807 - Camera Lucida invented by William Hyde Wollaston 1822 Louis Daguerre develops the Diorama 1826 - Joseph Niepce creates first photograph View from a window at Gras 1837 - Daguerre produces the first Daguerrotype 1839 - Hippolyte Bayard makes positive image on paper 1840s Talbot develops the calotype and publishes The Pencil of Nature 1846 Zeiss establishes lens factory Photographers Daguerre, Joseph Niepce, Hippolyte Bayard, William Fox Talbot Boulevard du Temple, 1838 by Louis Daguerre View from the Window at Le Gras, 1826 by Joseph Niepce Study of Tree, 1840 by William Fox Talbot
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  • 1851 - 1900 Photography 1850 Albumen paper introduced by Blanquart Everard 1852 Society of Arts, London exhibits 779 photographs 1861 Maxwell demonstrates 3-colour theory 1864 J.W. Swann develops carbon transfer process 1877 First electric light studio 1884 Amateur Photographer magazine established 1880s - Eastman produces flexible film; also develops the first Kodak with a film of 100 pictures 1885 Half-tone developed 1891 First Telephoto lens 1900 Kodak sells Brownie camera for $1 Landscape Photographers Oscar Rejlander, Roger Fenton, Timothy OSullivan, Carleton Watkins, Alfred Stieglitz Two Ways of Life (1857) photomontage by Oscar Rejlander Bobbin Mill at Hurst Green, 1858 by Roger Fenton Distant View of the Domes, Yosemite Valley, California 1861 by Carleton Watkins
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  • 1901 - 1925 Photography 1902 First issue of Camera Work magazine (USA) 1904 First colour process (Autochrome) 1905 291 Photographic gallery opened in New York by Alfred Steiglitz 1907 Daily Mail was first paper to have all photographic images 1924 Leitz manufacture first Leica camera (Germany) 1922 Renger-Patsch begins realism photograph of everyday objects Landscape Photographers William Henry Jackson, Paul Strand, Edward Weston, Edward Steichen High Bridge in Loop, 1925 by William Henry Jackson The Oregon Coast, 1909 by Edward Weston Wall Street, New York, 1915 by Paul Strand
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  • 1926 - 1950 Photography 1927 - BBC founded 1932 f64 Group founded (USA) 1935 Farm Security Administration begins photographing rural conditions in America; over 270,000 images produced New magazines issued in USA Life (1936) and Picture Post (1938) 1936 Kodachrome film first available 1947 Magnum Photographic Agency founded; Polaroid camera first marketed Landscape Photographers Albert Renger-Patzsch, Walker Evans, Ansel Adams, Willard Van Dyke Schubert & Salzer factory, Ingolstadt, 1950 by Albert Renger- Patzsch Fish Market Near Birmingham, Alabama, 1936 by Walker Evans The Hoover Dam from Across the Colorado River, 1941 by Ansel Adams
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  • 1951 - 1975 Photography 1952 Cartier-Bresson publishes The Decisive Moment; First issue of Aperture magazine 1958 Robert Frank publishes The Americans 1963 Polaroid launches instant colour version; Kodak launch colour Instamatic 1966 International Centre of Photography set up in New York 1971 Photographers Gallery opened in London Landscape Photographers Fay Godwin, Robert Adams, Bill Brandt, Robert Frank Gas save, Santa Fe, 1956 by Robert Frank Ear on the Beach,1957 by Bill Brandt Rotting Car, Cliffe Lagoon, 1982 by Fay Godwin
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  • 1975 - Photography 1975 New Topographics Exhibition, New York 1976 First SLR camera with TTL flash metering 1983 Opening of National Museum Film, Photography & Television, Bradford By 1980 most photographers use colour rather than B&W 1990s widespread availability of digital cameras Landscape Photographers John Davies, Jem Southam, Edward Burtynsky, Martin Parr Jubilee Street Party, Elland Yorkshire, 1977 by Martin Parr Newton Moore Farm, 1985 by Jem Southam OCAR Oil Fields #3, Baku, Azerbaijan, 2006 by Eward Burtynsky