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  • 1. Hive Next A vision and strategy for the Hive Global Learning Network Draft - February 2014
  • 2. section 1 big picture
  • 3. What is a Hive? A local network of educators advancing connected learning, web literacy and digital skills.
  • 4. What is Global Hive? A global constellation of citybased Hives that share ideas, tools and a common vision.Global Hive is a key part of Mozillas Webmaker initiative.
  • 5. What is Hives goal? We aim to build connected learning and web literacy into society in a manner that is both deeply local and massively global.
  • 6. Why connected learning? The way we think about learning needs to reect the reality and the opportunities of the internet era young people need to be positioned for success in our everchanging world.
  • 7. Why web literacy? Understanding the mechanics, culture and citizenship of the web is critical to learning in a connected world. Helping young people become citizens of the web is about equity and justice.
  • 8. section 2 local hives
  • 9. What does local success look like? Short term: new curriculum, content and software made by educators. Long term: connected learning and web literacy deeply integrated into schools and youth programs.
  • 10. section 4 a global hive
  • 11. Why a Global Hive? Interest is building and we need a Global Hive to help people start Hives in new cities and to spread innovation from existing Hives.
  • 12. How can we meet this need? Establish a Global Hive program within Mozilla that will create materials, offer badges, run events, provide a web platform and collect metrics that support the work of local Hive leaders.
  • 13. What is Mozillas role? Mozilla will house, operate and co-fund Global Hive as a part of its Webmaker initiative. Primary role: support Hive action teams and the stewardship group.
  • 14. What is MacArthurs role? As the catalyst behind Hive, MacArthur continues to support local Hives as part of its connected learning strategy . MacArthur remains a partner and will co-fund and steward the Global Hive as it grows.
  • 15. What about other stewards? Orgs like Sprout Fund and National Writing Project house local Hives. Also, local Hives include dozens of orgs as members -- the members are the heart of Hive.
  • 16. section 5 hive next strategy
  • 17. In 2014 we want to ... ... establish Global Hive within Mozilla. Concretely, we want to create core materials and systems and expand the pipeline of new cities.
  • 18. Growth model (2014+) Hive Events Hive Community Local events run by educators testing out the Hive concept. A proto network where educators run events and work together regularly. Limited / no funding. 20 cities in 2014. 10 cities in 2014. Hive Network A full edged local Hive with staff, funding and ongoing programs for educators. Offers badges and tracks metrics. 7 cities in 2014.
  • 19. Hive networks right now NYC Chicago Pittsburgh Toronto
  • 20. Hive networks plus emerging communities Bay Area Chattanooga Kansas City Denver Philadelphia London Athens Berlin Brazil India Indonesia
  • 21. Key 2014 milestones (aligns w/ Webmaker workplan) Q1: Hive Cookbook released as beta Q2: Launch rst Hive badges (educator or learner or both?) Q2: 20+ Hive events as part of Maker Party Q3: Cookbook and website launch Q4: Global Hive gathering
  • 22. Core Global Hive services (by end of 2014) Simple Global Hive web presence Hive educator badges for members Hive web literacy badges for learners Shared curriculum repository on Webmaker Initial version of shared metrics service
  • 23. Investing in Hive globally MacArthur ($1.5M in 2014) and Mozilla ($3.5M in 2014) have built a foundation for Hive. To fully realize our vision, we need to invest more in Global Hive and bring in new local funders.