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HMI & SCADA Solutions Amelia Faraci Field Applications Engineer Washington, DC Presented by:

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Page 1: HMI Scada Solutions

HMI & SCADA Solutions

Amelia FaraciField Applications Engineer

Washington, DC

Presented by:

Page 2: HMI Scada Solutions

Part 1: Introduction - SCADA Offer

Part 7: Vijeo Historian

Part 6: Switch2Viejo Citect

Part 5: SCADA Software - Vijeo Citect

Part 2: Magelis HMI – Low End Offer

Part 3: Magelis HMI – High End Offer

Part 4: HMI Software – Vijeo Designer

Page 3: HMI Scada Solutions


Magelis XBT-N/R/RT


Magelis Modular


Desktop PC

Unity Pro™ softwareTwido™ Suite

Vijeo Designer Vijeo Citect

Import/Export objectsImport symbols

MagelisSmart & Compact



Common Look & FeelCommon Behavior

Shared objects librariesWeb Gate

Graphic portability

HMI/SCADA Software Consistency from Terminals to SCADA

Page 4: HMI Scada Solutions

Visualisation Control


Twido suite

System Level

Global HMI Windows software

PC Hardware : Networks, PCI,PCMCIA Extensions, Database

MiniSCADA(St Alone)

WEB Client


Local HMIDedicated Software

Dedicated Hardware : Harsh Environnement, Real time

Open HMI



Semi Graphic


FunctionalUnit HMI



A Scalable HMI & SCADA OfferAn Offer Adapted to Each System Level Needs

Page 5: HMI Scada Solutions

Part 7: Vijeo Historian

Part 6: Switch2Viejo Citect

Part 5: SCADA Software - Vijeo Citect

Part 1: Introduction - SCADA Offer

Part 3: Magelis HMI – High End Offer

Part 2: Magelis HMI – Low End Offer

Part 4: HMI Software – Vijeo Designer

Page 6: HMI Scada Solutions

Magelis HMI – Low End Offer

Text display

Text operator



Semi-graphical Screen panel




Operator Interface TerminalsSemi-graphic, touch screen/keypad or keypad only

terminalsDisplay text messages, perform diagnostics, control and

adjust your control system devicesEasy to use, install and configure

ApplicationsSmall and repetitive machinesComplex machinesMachine builders for industrial, building and infrastructure


Page 7: HMI Scada Solutions

Very flexible User-interfaceInnovative user-interface with touchpad and keypad configurable Customization of keys via insert labelsOptimized screen with semi-graphic and numerous font display capabilities

Compact & OptimumTerminalMatrix screen 3”9, in the small body of current XBT RA single cable for power-supply and communication ,A TE low-cost winning association with Nano & Micro PLC.

CommunicationRJ45 (RS485-RS232 signals) - powered by PLC (5VDC)Modbus-Unitelway

A new configuration software for Low-end range ,Vijeo Designer Lite V1

Available for XBT N – R – RT Easy and same look & feel than Vijeo DesignerSoftware available in 6 languages including Chinese.

Magelis XBT RT Combination Touch Screen and Keyboard

Well suitedfor dirty


Page 8: HMI Scada Solutions

Part 7: Vijeo Historian

Part 6: Switch2Viejo Citect

Part 5: SCADA Software - Vijeo Citect

Part 1: Introduction - SCADA Offer

Part 2: Magelis HMI – Low End Offer

Part 3: Magelis HMI – High End Offer

Part 4: HMI Software – Vijeo Designer

Page 9: HMI Scada Solutions

Magelis XBTGT complete range– from 3.8” to 15” screens

Including multimedia featuresAnalog video channel supportDisplay real-time videoRecord and replay video sequence coded in MPEG-4


Magelis XBTGTTargeted Hardware

Page 10: HMI Scada Solutions

Configurable touchscreen by software to mix or not keys and touchpad.Industrial Pointer for quick and accurate selection on screen and a clear access to the selectable area thanks to a mouse shape change. Keyboard inspired of XBT F to an easy substitution and with addition of new Dynamic Function Keys below the screen.

Static Functions Keys always independent of pages and Dynamic Functions Keys pages dependant. Portable applications between XBT GT and XBT GK.Complete consistent physical and virtual keypads.Ability to lock/unlock the keyboard.Ability to press simultaneously at least 2 function keys for safety usage.Alphabetic characters are provided by numeric keys, as multiple presses, as what is used on cell phones .The automatism have the ability to control each led individually with 3 colors (green, orange, red) and 2 blinking speeds 10 status.The right graphic HMI solution for rough environmentXBT GK 5”7

XBT GK 10”4

Magelis XBT GK New Graphic Panels with Innovative


Page 11: HMI Scada Solutions

Open TerminalDisplay

– Graphical touch screen with high resolution and maximum colors: – XBTGTW450, TFT SVGA 800x600, 256K colors, 8.4” screen– XBTGTW750, TFT XGA 1024x768, 16 Million colors, 15” screen

Communication interfaces– Standard: 2 Ethernet ports, 2 serial ports RS23C, 4 USB ports, 1 CF slot, 1 sound

output (mini-jack)– In addition: XBTGTW450 - 2nd CF slot, XBTGTW750 - 1 more USB port on front face,

1 keyboard PS/2 port, 2 PCMCIA slots and 1 parallel portSoftware environment

– Windows XP embedded installed with Vijeo Designer Runtime, Media player, Internet Explorer, Office Viewer and Acrobat Reader

Miscellaneous– Removable power supply 24VDC plug, Certifications = CE , UL508 and CSA.



Adobe AcrobatOffice Viewers

IEMultimedia Web functions Connectivity

Magelis XBTGTW

Page 12: HMI Scada Solutions

Smart iPCWindows HMI for harsh / limited space environments

Vijeo Designer Run TimeTo run Windows Client applications for general users

No CD drive, No OS/Data modificationsAvailable in 8.4, 12 & 15 inch sizes

Compact iPCGeneral purpose iPC for machine builders

Vijeo Designer RT or third party softwareAvailable in 8.4, 12 & 15 inch sizes

Modular iPCExpandable & Powerful iPC for End Users

PC based control,SCADAthird party software

Magelis iDisplayTo be connected on Magelis Modular iPCOr to any 3rd party PC including office PCAvailable in 15 & 19 inch sizes

Industrial PCs Magelis iPC

Page 13: HMI Scada Solutions

Smart 8.4" Compact iPC 8.4"

They got everything from Smart …Fanless operation Low power Intel Celeron M @ 600 Mhz, SVGA bright color LCD with touch screen.230 x 177 x 65Dual Ethernet with Gigabit supportImproved Vijeo Designer support with Embedded 512 kb SRAM

and Compact iPC …Intel Celeron M @ 1Ghz, SVGA bright color LCD

with touch screen, 1 PCI expansion slot.230 x 177 x 120Dual Ethernet with Gigabit supportImproved Vijeo Designer support with Embedded

512 kb SRAM

Magelis iPCs

Page 14: HMI Scada Solutions

Smart 15" Compact iPC15"

Updated from legacy Smart …Low power Intel Celeron M @ 600 Mhz, XGA bright color LCD with touch screen, …Dual Ethernet with Gigabit supportEmbedded 512 kb SRAM for Vijeo DesignerFanless operationFront USB portVGA port

and Compact iPC …Intel Pentium M @ 1.6Ghz, XGA bright color LCD with touch screen, 1 PCI expansion slot.Dual Ethernet with Gigabit supportEmbedded 512 kb SRAM for Vijeo DesignerSystem Monitoring for improved reliability and availability

Magelis iPCs

Page 15: HMI Scada Solutions

iDisplay 15" iDisplay 19"

XGA – 1024x768 bright color LCD with touch screenDual ports for video : DVI and VGADual ports for Touch screen : USB and RS232Front USB portSame sizes than Smart and Compact iPC 15"

SXGA – 1280x1024 bright color LCD with touch screenDual ports for video : DVI and VGADual ports for Touch screen : USB and RS232Front USB port


Page 16: HMI Scada Solutions

USB memory stickDownload an application from a memory stick

The easiest way to upgrade user application without removing any part of the panel (incl. CF Card)

Upload data logging from memory stickThe easiest way to recover data file located on non Ethernet panel without removing

any part of the panel (incl CF Card)

The right solution for • Large OEM that have to update a world-wide install base• Large installation wanted to collect regularly data

(Water / Waste Water business…)

USB keyboard & mouseSupport of external mouse and keyboard on XBT GT & XBTGK

On XBTGK, external device have priority on the embedded one

Same behaviour on the whole range of Vijeo Designer products (XBTGT , XBTGK, XBTGTW, Smart & Compact iPC

New Peripheral Support

Page 17: HMI Scada Solutions

Part 7: Vijeo Historian

Part 6: Switch2Viejo Citect

Part 5: SCADA Software - Vijeo Citect

Part 4: HMI Software - Vijeo Designer

Part 1: Introduction - SCADA OfferPart 2: Magelis HMI – Low End Offer

Part 3: Magelis HMI – High End Offer

Page 18: HMI Scada Solutions

Vijeo-Designer(Graphic Range)

Vijeo-Designer WEB(WEB servers)

Vijeo-Designer Lite(Low End Range)

Vijeo-Designer Suite(For the whole Schneider HMI)

Replaces XBTL1000 for XBTN/RConfigures XBT RTSame look & feel as Vijeo DesignerEnhance the easy to use compared to XBTL1000Available in 6 languages including Chinese

Vijeo Designer LiteNew Software for Low End HMI

Page 19: HMI Scada Solutions

Build step by step the HMI cockpit, providing same look & feel betweenthe different tools

Vijeo Designer & Vijeo Designer Lite consistency

Enhance consistency between low end & high end configuration tool panel offer

Spreadsheet view for variable configurationGraphic Panel Folder supportGraphic Panel Thumbnail View supportReduce navigation tab, add variable node within projects

−Variable Tab -> Variable Node in Navigator−Toolchest Tab -> Integrated with Toolchest window

Being able to open more than one project at a time−Cut & Paste between projects

Consistency Enhancement in Vijeo Designer Family

Page 20: HMI Scada Solutions

ConfigurationConfigurationOptimized for text & semi-graphical terminals(XBTN/R/RT)

Graphics mngt. (bitmap, preconfigured buttons & lamps, bar graphs, simple trends, pictograms library)

Multi-language (6 Build Time, unlimited Run Time, several fonts incl. ASCII, Chinese, Cyrilic, Greek, Japanese Katakana…)

Simulator (off-line)

Static PLC variable links(Unity, Twido, PL7, Concept)

Advanced HMIAdvanced HMIImport of XBTL1000 text & semi-graphicalapplications(specific tool for XBTH/P)

CommunicationCommunicationSerial lines connectionDrivers supported:

• Schneider & Siemens (on all terminals)

• Rockwell, Mitsubishi, etc Omron (XBTN/R)

Vijeo Designer LiteMain features of Vijeo Designer Lite V1.1

Page 21: HMI Scada Solutions

A MS-Windows based Build Time

A multi-platform Run Time available on XBTGT / Magelis iPC

Drivers for Schneider, Siemens, Omron, Rockwell and Mitsubishi included

Vijeo DesignerHMI Configuration Tool

Page 22: HMI Scada Solutions

Multi-platform– From optimum 3.8” monochrome to 15” iPC

Multi-languages– Up to 10, with dynamic switch

Multi-protocol– Simultaneous communication over multiple ports

Multi-access– Local or remote visualization (WEB Gate)

Vijeo DesignerLevel of Adaptability

Page 23: HMI Scada Solutions

Turnkey solution for standard HMI needs– Native & Smart part for HMI common needs– Alarm (Turnkey solution for Alarm Viewer w/o script)– Security (Built-in password management)– Recipes

Support latest available PC technology– Application download using Ethernet, USB & RS232


Simulation– WYSIWYG panel simulator (incl. Fonts)– PLC variables simulator

Adaptation to target capabilities– Download permit only if the application can run

Vijeo DesignerEasy Application Design

Page 24: HMI Scada Solutions

Display Vijeo Designer pages from an Internet Browser running on PC

– Flexible page design– Panels accessible through Internet Browser can be same

as those running on Run Time or different– Includes Safety mode to prevent variable overwrites– Secure access

– Filter using WEB client IP address or passwords

WEB (server) access included with license– Only one connection to a WEB browser (client) allowed

at a timeSupported by all targets that have an ethernet port

Vijeo DesignerWEB Gate - Remote Visualization and


Page 25: HMI Scada Solutions

Variables can be shared between targets

Vijeo DesignerData Sharing

Page 26: HMI Scada Solutions

Unity’s DDT support (new in v4.6.1)

Support of Unity’s structures and complex type data format within Vijeo Designer

3rd party symbolic file support

Rockwell RS-Logix symbolic file supportL5K file format (incl. unallocated and DDT)

Siemens Step 7

PLC Programming Tool SupportPLC Programming Tool Support

Page 27: HMI Scada Solutions

ConfigurationConfigurationGraphics & Panels mngt.(tools, library, animation, master panels, Pop-up windows, …)

ScriptsSimulator (WYSIWYG)

Enhanced PLC variable links (Unity, Twido, PL7, Concept, Siemens, …)

Multi-language (6 Build Time, 15 dynamic Run Time, 38 fonts incl. Asia & Middle east)

Multi-platform mngt. (all size of GT, GK, GTW & iPC)

User security levels

Advanced HMIAdvanced HMIRecipesData logging (memory, CF card, USB stick)

Data manager toolTrends (Real-time & historical with zoom)

Diag buffer (TE PLCs)

Alarm managementData sharing (8 panels)

WEB Gate & WEB diagnostics (web server)

Web browser (XBT=HTML pages only, iPC=full incl. ActiveX)

Video multimediaSnapshot & JPEG Viewer

CommunicationCommunicationMultiple connections at the same time: Serial lines, USB , Ethernet & Field buses.

Drivers supported:• Schneider incl. FIPWay &

Modbus+,• Siemens incl. Profibus DP,• Rockwell incl. DeviceNet &

Ethernet/IP,• GE Fanuc, Mitsubishi,

Omron & Panasonic

USB Keyboards & mouseBar code readersPrinters

Main features of Vijeo Designer 4.6

Page 28: HMI Scada Solutions

Part 7: Vijeo Historian

Part 6: Switch2Viejo Citect

Part 1: Introduction - SCADA OfferPart 2: Magelis HMI – Low End Offer

Part 3: Magelis HMI – High End Offer

Part 5: SCADA Software – Vijeo Citect

Part 4: HMI Software – Vijeo Designer

Page 29: HMI Scada Solutions

First system installed in 1973Developed by the site since nothing existed to handle such a large applicationDesigned with an infinite architecture – no roadblocks to expandability

Bought by Schneider Electric in 2006Fills a very large product gapReplaces former non-integrated offering

Vijeo Citect vs. Citect SCADACurrently identical except for a few drivers (Mitsubishi)Vijeo Citect has FastLinx for common tag database with Schneider Unity PLCs.Schneider Electric is developing Water/Wastewater specific DFBs along with companion Vijeo Designer and Vijeo Citect Screens

Support for Vijeo CitectPrimary support is in North Andover, MAEngineering (higher level) support comes from Australia

Vijeo Citect General Information

Page 30: HMI Scada Solutions

ScalableResize your system to suit your needs

FlexibleTrue client-server architecture to ensure high performance

Reliable / RedundancyRenowned built-in redundancy provides fail-proof solution

ConnectivityOpen Access using standard protocols and 140+ native drivers

Ease of UseEasy to configure and easy to upgrade

LicensingFree build-time release

Vijeo CitectWorld-Class HMI/SCADA Solution

Page 31: HMI Scada Solutions

RedundantBatch Control or

Scheduler RedundantAlarm, Trend,

Report and IO Servers

Web Clients(Display or Manager)

Display Clients

Vijeo CitectSystem

RedundantVijeo Citect


Table PCs

Vijeo Pocket

Machine OEM(incl XP Embedded)

LocalControl Room

Scenario: Stand-alone Control SystemRedundant SystemsClient/Server ServersMedium Size SystemLarge SystemAdvanced ControlManagement AccessAccess Anywhere, Anytime

Vijeo CitectScalability

Page 32: HMI Scada Solutions

Mining & Minerals ProcessingOlympic Dam – BHP Billiton

Largest Copper and Uranium Mining and Processing Plant in AustraliaOver 500,000 real world controller data points> 2000 Vijeo Citect pages> 300 PLCs & drives70 Vijeo Citect Clients

The world’s largest windows based SCADA installation

Example of Scalability Fully Scalable – Unlimited Size Systems

Page 33: HMI Scada Solutions

Argyle Diamond Mine Largest Diamond Mine in the World (32% of world’s diamonds)

Installed 1992 on Windows 3.133 PLCs33,000 digital I/O points16,000 analog I/O11,500 alarms50 operator interfacesUpgraded over time to latest CitectSCADA and MS Windows versions.

24/7/365 Operations No Downtime - EVER

Vijeo Citect Reliability Example

Page 34: HMI Scada Solutions

12,000 tags>300 Citect pages> 100 PLCs & drives25 Vijeo Citect Clients

Water/ Wastewater Example Brunswick County, North Carolina

Page 35: HMI Scada Solutions

Redundant CommunicationsRedundant NetworksRedundant ServersRedundant AlarmingRedundant TrendingFull synchronization of data on restoration of a failed server

Result:• No single point of failure• Out of the box configuration

Vijeo Citect Fully Redundant Architecture

Page 36: HMI Scada Solutions

All out of the BOX

No coding required

Simple Wizard Configuration

Vijeo Citect Redundancy

Page 37: HMI Scada Solutions

140 + Hardware drivers included to all major hardware platformsSingle company for support and enhancementsOpen connectivity in and out of SCADA

OPC Client & ServerDDE Client & ServerODBC Client & ServerOLE-DBAPI ConnectivityActive X


Triconex Corporation


Universal Instruments Corporation

UTICOR Technology








ABB Instrumentation


Action Controls


Alfa Laval Automation

Allen Bradley



B & R

Baker Hughes

Barber Coleman




Bristol Babcock

Campbell Scientific Inc



Colby Demag

Contemporary Control Systems

Contec Systems

Control Microsystems Inc

Control Techniques


Data Electronics

Delta Tau

Detroit Diesel Corporation

Deutsche Bergbau Technik GmbH



Elpro Technologies

Elsag Bailey


Engage Networks


Eurotherm International

Fischer & Porter

Fisher and Paykel

Fisher Controls



Fuji Electric



GE Fanuc


GEC Alsthom

Giddings Lewis

Harris Controls

Hewlett Packard




Hyundai heavy industries

ICON Control Systems

Idec Izumi



Intelligent Instrumentation

Intuitive Technologies


Moore Industries

Moore Products


MOX Products

MTL Industries

National Instruments


NJ International



Johnson Controls

Kaye Instruments


Leeds & Northrup

LG Industrial Solutions





Microwave Networks


Schneider Automation (Modicon)

Schneider Automation (Square D)

Schneider Automation (Telemecanique)



Softing AG

Sprecher & Schuh


TANO Automation



Opto 22


Phoenix Contact

PLC Direct (Koyo)

Reliance Electric






Schlage Electronics

Vijeo Citect Open Access / Connectivity

Page 38: HMI Scada Solutions

A common database between controllers and Vijeo Citect (dynamic tag linking)

Reduction in development costs and improved productivity thanks to

– Reduced development time– Elimination of data entry errors– Easy to use

Vijeo Citect Unity FastLinx™

Page 39: HMI Scada Solutions

Speedlink – Provides the ability to generate and link Vijeo Citect alarm, trend, memory mode tags, accumulator and associated tags from Unity ProWeb Gate ActiveX Control – The Vijeo Web Gate Control object provides a remote viewer for an HMI target that can be embedded within a Vijeo Citect graphics pageAdditional Schneider Symbol Libraries – The symbol libraries have been expanded to provide a new types of symbols and to provide a greater range of existing symbol typesNew version OFS – The version of OPC Factory Server installed with Vijeo Citect has been upgraded to V3.31.Multilingual Installation – English, French, German, Spanish

Vijeo Citect V7.0 Features

Page 40: HMI Scada Solutions

Vijeo Citect Express Wizard for communication

Program your PLC with Unity

Connect & Synchronization with Vijeo Citect

Vijeo Citect Unity FastLinx™

Page 41: HMI Scada Solutions

Symbol Library included32 bit color (everywhere)

Easy pick palette Improved swap colors (adjust color)

Flashing colorsUnlimited numbers of flashing colorsFlashing Symbols

Vijeo Citect Easy to Use Graphic Builder

Page 42: HMI Scada Solutions

Vijeo Citect Realistic Graph

Page 43: HMI Scada Solutions

Trends and Alarms on One Page

Disturbance Analysis– Display all the data in one visual tool

Data Comparison– Compare the same trend at multiple time intervals

Sequence of Events– See exactly how any number of alarms or trends interacted

Vijeo Citect Process Analyst

Page 44: HMI Scada Solutions

Vijeo Citect Process Analyst

Page 45: HMI Scada Solutions

WEB CLIENTWEB CLIENTWill display a live Vijeo Citect project in an Internet browser. This will be

achieved using standard Web-based communication protocols

Page 46: HMI Scada Solutions

Vijeo Citect - fully integrated HMI/SCADA solutionScalable: from 150 I/Os points to unlimitedFlexible: True client / server architectureReliable: DCS style redundancy for continuous operations1st year service is automatically included (updates, patches, phone support …)

Vijeo Citect Lite - HMI/SCADA software w/o networking + one I/O Driver for the OEM marketplace

Cost effective From 150 I/O points to 1200 I/O pointsStand-alone systemCan be updated to Vijeo Citect

Vijeo HistorianConvert the data to the language of businessTransfer specific information between external applications and the control system

Vijeo Citect Offerings

Page 47: HMI Scada Solutions

Vijeo Citect Lite300 pts – 600 pts – 1200 pts

Vijeo Citect Full Server75 pts – 150 pts – 500 pts – 1500 pts – 5000 pts-15000 pts – Unlimited

Vijeo Citect ClientsDisplay Clients – Manager Clients – Web Clients –Manager Web Clients

Floating LicensesDisplay Clients – Manager Clients – Web Clients –Manager Web Clients

Vijeo Citect Runtime Product Offering

Page 48: HMI Scada Solutions

No charge if your customer requires development license be supplied

Can leave development license on the runtime machine for ease of maintenance

Multiple developers can work simultaneously without extra charge

Vijeo Citect Ease of Maintainability – No Development

License Cost

Page 49: HMI Scada Solutions

ScalableResize your system to suit your needs

FlexibleTrue client-server architecture to ensure high performance

Reliable / RedundancyRenowned built-in redundancy provides fail-proof solution

ConnectivityOpen Access using standard protocols and 140+ native drivers

LicensingFree build-time software

5 Main messages5 Main messages

Vijeo Citect World-Class HMI/SCADA Solution

Page 50: HMI Scada Solutions

Part 7: Vijeo Historian

Part 5: SCADA Software – Viejo Citect

Part 1: Introduction - SCADA OfferPart 2: Magelis HMI – Low End Offer

Part 3: Magelis HMI – High End Offer

Part 6: Switch2Vijeo Citect

Part 4: HMI Software – Vijeo Designer

Page 51: HMI Scada Solutions

A useful tool for upgradingGet benefits of the Vijeo Citect PlatformReduce risk to migrationCustomizable style sheet to improve conversionTurnkey displays and database

What to do?Customer sends source file for conversionCustomer receives a quotation

Switch2Citect makes switching to Vijeo Citect a simple, reliable alternative for upgrading legacy HMI/SCADA systems.

Vijeo Citect Switch2Vijeo Citect

Page 52: HMI Scada Solutions

Make Generic(3 free displays)

Email to Schneider(with the Order)

Switch2Vijeo Citect Files Switch


Vijeo CitectProject

Legacy System



Vijeo Citect Switch2Vijeo Citect - How it Works

Page 53: HMI Scada Solutions


Fix32: V7.0iFix: V3.5

WonderwareInTouch: V5.x – 9.x

UGSFactoryLink: V6

RockwellRSView32: V6.4

Schneider ElectricVijeo LookMonitor Pro: 7.2, 7.6


Genesis32 V3.x – 8.xSiemens

WinCC V6.xAxeda


Cimplicity V4.x – 6.x

If the your version is not listed, don’t despair, take advantage of our free sample conversions to see if we can do it anyway!


Page 54: HMI Scada Solutions

Part 6: Switch2Vijeo Citect

Part 5: SCADA Software – Viejo Citect

Part 1: Introduction - SCADA OfferPart 2: Magelis HMI – Low End Offer

Part 3: Magelis HMI – High End Offer

Part 7: Vijeo Historian

Part 4: HMI Software – Vijeo Designer

Page 55: HMI Scada Solutions

Vijeo HistorianFor Optimum Decision Making

Page 56: HMI Scada Solutions

Gateway between the factory and production management,

Vijeo Historian takes you into a familiar universe :

> Microsoft SQL Server ergonomics

> Application view

Reports and recordings on your databases

Vijeo HistorianIntroduction

Page 57: HMI Scada Solutions

• Server based architecture to collect and distribute data.

• Data logged can be published or accessed directly from the host SQL Server Databaseexposing the information to a vast array of reporting tools.

• Data sources include: Citect Scada, Intellution, Wonderware, Microsoft SQL servers, Oracle databases.

Vijeo HistorianSystem Architecture

Page 58: HMI Scada Solutions

Data AccessDirect access to tag, alarm and trend from multiple SCADA systemsConverted to Business Language (not tag names)

Data TransferInsert tag, alarm or trend data within your database applicationsSet control values within the SCADA system from entries in your databaseTriggered by either time or events within your control system.

Vijeo HistorianReports Server

Page 59: HMI Scada Solutions

Web Client

Microsoft Excel

Vijeo HistorianReports Client

Page 60: HMI Scada Solutions

Data CollectionUnifies data from SCADA systemsBackfills data from SCADA for reliability

Data CompressionThe acquisition rate must be set with respect of the communications to the PLC.Our Historian only stores changes

– Dead-bands are selectable on a per tag basis

Vijeo HistorianHistorian Data Collection

Page 61: HMI Scada Solutions


Microsoft Reporting Services

Vijeo HistorianReporting Clients

Page 62: HMI Scada Solutions

FormatsPDFWeb PageMicrosoft ExcelXMLCSV

DeliveryManaged File ShareeMail (subscription)

ScheduleHour, Day, Week, Month, OnceJust like Outlook

Vijeo HistorianScheduled Reporting

Page 63: HMI Scada Solutions

GraphicalTables, Matrix, ChartsDrag & Drop from data queries

Vijeo HistorianReporting Design

Page 64: HMI Scada Solutions

StatisticsFirst, Last, Max, Min, Avg, Total, On/Off Count, On/Off Time, Confidence

GraphSampled data to display is a graph

SamplesRaw Data – per intervalFor more complex calculations

Vijeo HistorianQuerying Tags

Page 65: HMI Scada Solutions

Location/Tag ListHistorian Location (with wildcard)Historian Tag (with wildcard)

Period ListStart and End time

IntervalsTime Period

– Each Day, Hour, 5 minTag Period

– Each Batch, Shift, Operator, Product, Pump Run

Vijeo HistorianQuerying Parameters

Page 66: HMI Scada Solutions

User ControlledIndividuals subscribe to the reports the want.Reports contain only one level of data and drill enables drill down when data is worth a closer look

Vijeo HistorianJust the Right Data

Page 67: HMI Scada Solutions

Historian & Data Transfers (VJH2110xx)Based on the amount of data that is being storedNumber of points is the maximum number of tags being stored within the systemNumber of alarms is not limitedAvailable in 150, 500, 1500, 5000, 15000, 50000, and 100000 points

Client Access License (VJH212x00) Enables the user to view data from the connectors within the Web Browser and Microsoft Excel clientsBased on the number of people accessing the data (n CALs allow n simultaneous logins

Control System Connector (VJH20432x) Enables the user to access data from a data source (Vijeo Citect 6.1 or SQL Server)Vijeo Historian 4.0 includes unlimited Vijeo Citect 6.1 connectors and one SQL Server connectorAdditional SQL Server connectors can be ordered separately

Historian & Data Transfer Upgrade (VJ21101x-yy) Upgrade allows the customers to increase the amount of data that is being stored

Vijeo HistorianThe Offer

Page 68: HMI Scada Solutions

The Complete PictureReliable collectors to a number of systems through OPCTags, Alarms and Actions Industry Standard data storePerfect technology to cross two networksWell understood securityLower training and maintenance costs

Integrated into your businessOpen StandardsPush & Pull for production dataOffice integration

Vijeo HistorianKey Benefits