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Hotel Property Management System. What is HOPE ?. HOPE is a Fully web based and centralize system ( Access from anywhere with any device ). How HOPE operates?. HOTEL OWNER. Sales Office. Hotel B. Hotel A. HOPE. Hotel C. Hotel D. Agents. Hotel A. Sales Office. Restaurant. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Hotel Property Management System

  • HOPE is a Fully web based and centralize system ( Access from anywhere with any device )

  • Hotel AHotel BHotel CHotel DHOPESales OfficeAgents

  • Front office RestaurantWeb Site HOPESales OfficeAgentsSelf ServiceStores KitchenBarStores Revenue Manager Laundry

  • Manage Multiple HotelsManage Allocations / Booking / Rooms Rates / Agent Rates / Manage Multiple Restaurant ( KOT / Inventory / Suppler Payments / Product cost calculation )Manage Guest HistoryManage Multiple Laundry Revenue Manager ( Intelligent software to understand sales patterns )Produce Marketing Report ( Various intelligent reports ) Direct online booking Facility ( Web site booking engine )Direct online booking Facility ( Travel Agent)

  • Hope is based on modules structure. Different modules designed for different tasks. Modules can be enabled / disable based on user permissions.

  • Front OfficeBack officeAdminRestaurantSelf Service module Laundry PropertyWeb Booking Agent Booking Revenue Manager

  • According to the user privileges relevant modules will be shown as below

  • This module is mainly designed for the hotel management.Users, User categories, Agents and permissions can be managed in the Admin area.

  • Back office is mainly designed for the hotel back office operationsRoom types, rates, allocations and other room details can be setup in the section

  • Front office is designed for the reservation staff. They can do bookings through search panel or availability grid.

    Travel agents can login to front office directly and make bookings through search panel. Agent rates will be applied If user logged in as agents .

  • Reservation staff can see the check-in, check-out and stay over guest details easily.Reservation staff could do a search for past bookings and guest informationSales staff can view the room availability and make bookings directly from the availability gird.Navigate to booking details from the availability grid Availability can be seen as a graphical chart

  • Stores, Kitchen, Sales counter and Self services can be managed here.Guests can directly log in to self service section and place their orders

  • Reporting is given as a separate moduleVarious types of reports required for restaurant and room reservations will be available here ( over 100 reports types )Eclipse Birt has been used as the reporting frame work

  • This module is mainly based on data mining.It will analyze and present data in various ways so Hotel management can take business decisions based on this.

  • What are the advantages? ( Technical / Operational / Commercial )Easier installation and maintenanceAdaptable to increased workloadSecurityCost Effective

  • What are the advantages for property owners

    Manage your all hotels from home ( Access from any ware )No Need to wait until reservation staff or account section prepare report for youManage Room rates, Discount, Agent rates, Allocation by your self. You can hide confidential data even from you Senior Managers.Senior staff could manage their task even if they are on holiday ( They can access the system from any internet cafe )

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