how much can you make on etoro- the definite guide

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How Much Can You Make On Etoro? The Definite Guide

A Short Review on EtoroThe ProsThe ConsGreat customer service for your accountLimited trading products

Regulated in Cyprus and United KingdomHuge spread for frequent trading

Always evolving and maintaining the position as market leaderEtoro charts are not very nice to trade on

Good reputation and remuneration package to attract the best trading talents

How to select the best traders on etoro for your Portfolio?

So, what is the main indicator of ensuring good returns moving forward? It is how well a trader can preserve his/her trading capital through effective risk management, instead of one time wonders. Warren Buffet once stated that the first rule in investment is to never lose money, while the second step is to not forget Rule No.1.

Follow my 5-step checklist to select the right traders

Do not select popular investors etoro, but instead filter for traders with risk level 1 to 6Filter for traders with maximum weekly drawdown of 10%Make sure there are no big return suddenly in one month, over the past 12 to 24 monthsEnsure that the traders do not have 100% profitable tradesEnsure a maximum stop loss of 25% when copying any trader

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Read more about it right here! Heres what you will get, 3 trader selected based on the checklist on the previous slide to test your understanding.