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Reasons to visit Cornwall

European visitors to CornwallWHO exactly are they?WHY do they come here?WHERE do they stay?HOW do they find out about Cornwall, accommodation, places to go etc WHAT can we do to attract them to our town and hospitality offerings?

Type of visitors

Top 10 overseas markets to UK Germany is the most popular country outside the UK where visitors to Cornwall originate (31%) .

European VisitorsMainly comprised of:

Elderly independent travellersRise of younger groups of friends visiting the regionStronger proportion of families represented nearly a quarter of European visitors

Reasons to visit Cornwall

Type of holiday & number of nights in Cornwall

Type of accommodation

Towns visited

Methods of information gathering


Methods of information gathering


Defining a content strategy that matches the European travellers journey

Before the tripLocalised online presence to make sure people FIND you when searching in THEIR language

WebsiteSocial mediaTargeted Google AdsIn-country advertising/promotionBoost German traffic with localised directory sites like UrlaubCornwall

At the destinationHelp visitors feel welcome and make the most out of their stay focus on print materials

MapsTranslated welcome pack with information on local transport, places to go, things to to, etcLocalised area on your website about places to go, attractions etc (great way to get them back on your site once theyre here and upsell your other products like spa, golf, etc)Organised transfers to/from airport to hotel?Offer special car rental deals so visitors can get around easier? Or even upsell day tours or concierge service?

Is it worth investing in translation?Think about what you want to achieve (attract new visitors or upsell to existing visitors? Attract more new direct visitors rather than through commission sites?)Think about your ROI weigh up cost against realistic and potential returnTranslation cost is measurable (price per word for translation, hourly rate for services like social media management and SEO), also include web dev + print cost in your calculations

Is it worth investing in translation?Keep cost down by focusing on static content first (room info, places to go info, etc) that doesnt change often and can be re-used for print and webThink about long-term costs (updating translations, website updates, printing updated brochures etc)

Is it worth investing in translation?Long-term, develop an English-first content strategy but keep localisation in mind from the startThink about engagement in social media do you currently create engaging visual content that could be easily adapted for overseas segment and shared on social? (subtitling on videos etc)

Translation is not a one-off project.

It shouldnt be an after-thought.

You are better off not doing it than doing it half-heartedly.

Bad translations will damage your brand.

Translation is a long-term marketing strategy.

But done right, it can be fantastic contributor to overall business growth.