how to be happy. try some new interests but dont force yourself

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How To Be Happy Slide 2 Try some new interests but dont force yourself. Slide 3 Be healthy. A healthy body brings you happy feelings Slide 4 Have enough rest when you need it. Dont over- exert your body. Slide 5 Moderate sports make you relaxed. Slide 6 Love those around you and bring happiness to them. Slide 7 Greet people with a nice smile and the same will return... Slide 8 Forget those things that make you unhappy and forgive those people who bring you unhappiness. Slide 9 Care for your family, your friends, your job and everything around you with your heart... Slide 10 Dont be so fastidious about your life. Be always full of gratitude... Slide 11 Enjoy your life and dont waste time on unnecessary worries. Slide 12 Be satisfied with the happiness you have and be able to endure hardship as well. Never forget to forgive... Slide 13 Devote yourself to your career but never become its slave. Slide 14 Create something for yourself which is easily realised. Slide 15 Spend one day at a time in different ways. Slide 16 Spend a little bit of time everyday reflecting on yourself... Slide 17 Look back at those things which have made you happy... Slide 18 Always think positively... Slide 19 Refresh yourself by creating some interesting moments. Slide 20 Seize instant inspirations and make the best use of it... Slide 21 Schedule your job approriately so that you can free your time and energy... Slide 22 Gather some anecdotes and jokes and share them with your friends... Slide 23 Arrange a holiday which you can spend with people you like. Slide 24 Watch a comedy. Slide 25 Spend time with your good friends. Slide 26 Give a pleasant surprise to people you love... Slide 27 May I Wish you happiness everyday