how to convince a boardroom?

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Presentation as given during JongVMA Fast Track session in Mechelen on 21/02/2013


  • 1. Bruno SegersManaging PartnerAll Together

2. LETS MAKE A DEAL BEFORE WE START NO TRACEVMA FAST TRACK 2 3. AGENDAAbout meAbout companiesAbout boards and their (in)dependent (non)executive directorsMy experiencesMy adviseVMA FAST TRACK 3 4. 83 started as Industrial Engineer at Hessenatie, Ebes & Agfa86-90 first commercial experience at Digital Equipment & Oracle90-00 local & international career at Lotus/IBM01-06 Country General Manager Microsoft Belgium & Luxemburg07-12 From Real Software via Real to RealDolmen VMA FAST TRACK 4As from 13 All Together 5. VMA FAST TRACK 5 6. From programmer/engineer via sales/marketing to general managementFrom Antwerp via Brussels to Europe and US and backFrom old to new world utilitiesFrom local to international companiesFrom local MBXs to global MBO approachFrom executive to non-executive directorFrom listed to non-listed companiesFrom corporate via intrapreneur to entrepreneur80/20 rule in Digital, Oracle, Lotus, IBM and Microsoft1+1=3 rule at RealDolmenIn cyberspace via blog, twitter, facebook, linkedin, foursquare, slideshare But in meatspace learning by doing, teamplayer and myselfVMA FAST TRACK6 7. GOOD COMPANIES HAVE A VisionA MissionA StrategyA set of ObjectivesBEST COMPANIES ARE ALIGNED Via a Business RhythmVia true Corporate GovernanceVia a set of ValuesVMA FAST TRACK 7 8. BUSINESS RHYTHMYearly general assemblyYearly strategic offsiteYearly budget processYearly kickoffYearly employee satisfaction surveyYearly customer satisfaction surveyHalf-yearly reviewQuarterly boards and committeesMonthly works council(bi) Weekly management team mtgEtc VMA FAST TRACK 8 9. CORPORATE GOVERNANCECode BuysseBelgian Corporate Governance CodeCorporate Governance by FOD Economie VMA FAST TRACK 9 10. VMA FAST TRACK 10 11. VMA FAST TRACK 11 12. VMA FAST TRACK 12 13. BOARDROOMTh Boardroom does not exist, every Boardroom is differentBUTYou never get a second chance to make a first impressionSODo your homework firstCome well preparedBe clear on what you want VMA FAST TRACK 13 14. VMA FAST TRACK 14 15. MY EXPERIENCES- Executive vs. non-executive directors- Dependent vs. independent directors- Prepared vs. non-prepared- Comprehensive vs. non-comprehensive- Anglo-Saxon vs. Continental- Before, during and after the meetingVMA FAST TRACK 15 16. MY ADVISEBE1) Well prepared2) Factual3) Emphatic4) In line with the strategy5) Crisp and to the point6) Clear in what you askEvery board appearance will influence your career VMA FAST TRACK 16