How To Get Followers On Social Media.

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  1. 1. How To Get Followers On Social Media By David Gabriel
  2. 2. Get Followers On Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest Google + LinkedIn
  3. 3. Lets start with the basics
  4. 4. Must-Have Basics 1. Fill out profile completely! 2. Ask your current fans to like or follow. 3. Place follow links and widgets on your blog or website. 4. Be active. Post everyday!
  5. 5. How do I start getting followers?
  6. 6. Facebook
  7. 7. Facebook Leverage Existing Fans Facebook Ads Use The Right Incentives
  8. 8. Existing Fans. Ask fans to like your page.
  9. 9. Ask Fans To Like Your Page At events. At your business. At their business. On the phone or email.
  10. 10. Facebook Ads Facebook has become information saturated. Use Facebook Ads in order to ensure your audience sees your content.
  11. 11. Right Incentives Incentives & promotions will attract likes, however it might attract the wrong audience.
  12. 12. Right Incentives Design incentives that reinforce your brands mission.
  13. 13. Example: A Church Might Offer T-shirt with logo. Christian book. All expense paid retreat.
  14. 14. Rather Than, A $30 amazon card.
  15. 15. Twitter
  16. 16. Twitter Follow Top Influencers Target Connections Participate & Engage
  17. 17. Follow Top Influencers Within your industry & customers industry. Retweet their posts with your own take on the idea.
  18. 18. Target Connections Follow top influencers followers. Follow your competitions followers. Search hashtags & keywords.
  19. 19. Participate & Engage Trending & Days of the week hashtags. Post pictures and links. Retweet and Like other users posts. Reply at least within 4 hours when some one tweets at you.
  20. 20. Instagram
  21. 21. Instagram Leverage Facebook Post Unique & Interesting Pictures. Participate and Engage
  22. 22. Leverage Facebook Target Facebook Fans. Add Instagram tab. Share Instagram posts to Facebook. Run a Instagram Contest on Facebook.
  23. 23. Post Unique & Interesting Pictures Take candid pictures. Use filters. Find interesting angles.
  24. 24. Participate and Engage Like lots of posts! Post about trending topics. Tag people. Comment on posts.
  25. 25. Pinterest
  26. 26. Pinterest Post Original Content Include Pinterest Button Follow Lots Of People!
  27. 27. Original Content 80% of the posts on Pinterest are repins. You will stand out with original content.
  28. 28. Original Content Post Images Infographs Helpful content Quotes Funny Photos
  29. 29. Include Pinterest Button On website. On blog. On other owned content.
  30. 30. Follow People! Follow competitors. Follow leaders. Repin great content.
  31. 31. Google +
  32. 32. Why Google +? Has a direct impact on Googles search results (SEO). Very Important!
  33. 33. Google + Google+ Circles Contribute To A Community Follow As Many People As Possible
  34. 34. Google+ Circles Search for relevant circles. Quickly add targeted, interested Google+ users to your circles.
  35. 35. Contribute To A Community Find a community. Contribute with original content or comment on someone elses content.
  36. 36. Follow As Many People As Possible General Rule, 25% strangers not in your niche follow you back. 50% strangers who are in your niche follow you back. 75% friends will follow you back.
  37. 37. LinkedIn
  38. 38. LinkedIn Target Natural Market Participate In Groups Share Great Content
  39. 39. Target Natural Market Friends, colleagues, classmates, customers; add everyone you can think of! Make sure employees like the page. Personalize friend requests.
  40. 40. Participate In Groups Post a topic. Comment on a topic. Add members.
  41. 41. Share Great Content Repost content from leaders. Repost an article, with your own thoughts. Post owned content.
  42. 42. Thank You! Check Out My Website @