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  1. 1. How to Get the Most of Enterprise Search Davina Erasmus and Maarten Laruelle
  2. 2. In 2016 we all know how to search or do we?
  3. 3. Just entering a term in a search box is similar to
  4. 4. searching for a lost cat with a stick drawing
  5. 5. How do you make your search more targeted?
  6. 6. Filtering search results Determine beforehand which data and which fields will help users to filter results Add these as filters to the system
  7. 7. Talk to your user groups and determine which fields Are most important to each group Are used for quick recognition of results Should be searchable in partial searches
  8. 8. Add the most important fields to the search scope of suggest search and search This can greatly increase users search efficiency by providing useful results back Configure Suggest Search and Search for user groups
  9. 9. Configure Suggest Search and Search for user groups Add the fields that can be used to quickly identify the right result to the returned search result Adjust the styling on the important fields to make the values stand out easily Helps users visually find the correct result faster
  10. 10. Partial Search Partial search is also useful for finding ranges. To make it more useful add the fields that users have identified as most important to the scope of partial search system-wide
  11. 11. Use synonyms to broaden the search horizon Brainstorm most common synonyms used by group and add them as default per language Brainstorm synonyms for key terms per project or campaign and add them for duration of project or campaign
  12. 12. Equality Synonyms Users are equally likely to use any of the terms all the time E.g. users dont have a cultural or other preference for describing stripes as being broad, wide or thick
  13. 13. Expansion Synonyms Users likely to always use one term in searching but content contains a range of different terms E.g. users always search for metallic while assets are marked gold, chromed, plated Metallic=> gold, chromed, plated, metallic
  14. 14. Contracting Synonyms Users likely to use a number of terms in searching but content always contains one specific term E.g. users dont have preference for self- sticking, pre-glued, self-pasting, pre-pasted when looking for wallpaper but technical term on assets is pre-pasted self-sticking, pre-glued, self-pasting => pre- pasted
  15. 15. Manage based on search behavior Content administrators can use correlations in search data to help users get the most out of their searches
  16. 16. Check search logs for trending searches Surface trending searches to users by creating saved and shared views and adding synonyms to surface the results in more searches
  17. 17. Check search logs for zero search result sets Regularly check the log for zero result searches and determine a course of action to help users find what they are looking for Possible reasons for zero result searches: User does not have access to the search result set New assets for which records are not complete User is using terms that are not used on the content
  18. 18. Curate content with saved and shared views Help users find relevant content easily by saving search results and sharing it with users and groups For example: Save a search that finds incomplete records within a campaign and share with users
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