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  • Big Events Webinar! The Larger Outreach- The 4 big events and monthly ministry events.! 1 The 7 rules for outreach! 2 Developing 3 Planning an outreach calendar! an effective outreach!
  • Rules of Outreach! Rule 1 Exposure Rule 2 Repe//on Rule 3 Promo/on Rule 4 Involvement Rule 5 Inuence Rule 6 Focus Rule 7 Networking
  • Rules of Outreach! Rule 1: Exposure! The more people who are exposed to your church, the more people who will make your church their home.!
  • Rules of Outreach! Rule 2: Repetition! The more times they have reason for coming back to your church, the more permanent they will become.! Your chances of keeping them become exponentially higher with each visit.!
  • Rules of Outreach! Rule 3: Promotion! The more the pastor promotes the outreach event, the more parishioners want to help.! What the pastor addresses has greatest value.!
  • Rules of Outreach! Rule 4 : Involvement! The more people you have involved in outreach the more missional the church becomes and the more people it will reach.! Your #1 resource is the people you already have!!
  • Rules of Outreach ! Rule 5: Inuence! The more people involved in outreach, the more their family and friends will attend church.!
  • Rules of Outreach! Rule 6: Focus! The more the church is outreach focused the less internal problems it has.!
  • Rules of Outreach! Rule 7: Networking! The number of people attending is four times the number of people involved.!
  • Setting an Outreach Calendar! Look at the annual community calendar and see what the church can use as outreach! Law Enforcement Day or Teacher Appreciation Day could be a an event to have the major community leaders (mayor, police chief, superintendent) and the media in your church.!
  • Setting an Outreach Calendar! Consider receiving an offering or making a special presentation for a special need in the community.! o Volunteer Fire Dept ! o Orphanage ! o Local School needs! o Teachers Association ! o PTA ! o Law Enforcement Causes!
  • Setting an Outreach Calendar! Look at the calendar to see what holidays are approaching that the church can use as outreach.! o Mothers day ! o Fathers day! o Christmas! o Veterans day! o Independence Day! o Valentines Day!
  • Monthly Outreach Opportunities! Focus on the events that help the church reach its target audience.! Baptism reaches families! Baby dedications reaches young! families! Weddings (bridal shower) reaches! families! Memorials reaches the whole family!
  • Steps to a Successful Outreach! 1. Meet together with the Outreach team and brainstorm together.! 2. Decide which events will have the greatest impact in your community.! 3. Use the events that motivate your team.! 4. Remember, church members are your best resource. What event can get the most people involved?!
  • Steps to a Successful Outreach! 5. Plan your year in the Fall of the previous year.! 6. Advertise each event well in advance.! 7. Involve as many people as possible.! 8. Invitations are the KEY: Each participant MUST provide 7 names of friends/family that WE can invite for them. DO NOT rely on the participants to invite their friends.!


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