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Discover the ways to keep a WodPress site safe from hackers.


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  • 2. How to Keep WordPressWebsite Safe from Hackers
  • 3. WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems in the world. Its a highly secureCMS, but lack of maintenance may open a back-door for cyber criminals.
  • 4. 10 Guidelines for WordPress Security 1. Keep it up-to-date- WordPress community regularly releases updates to enhance security features. As soon as the latest patches are available, download and install them to defend your site against malwares. 2. Update the themes and plug- ins- If you are using a paid theme and plug-ins, update them time to time to run your online business properly.
  • 5. 3. Remove inactive themes and plug-ins- Whenever youchange the layout or stop using some plug-ins; uninstall theprevious theme and inactive plug-ins.4. Replace the default admin- After installing WordPress,remove the default username and create your own username,password to prevent hacking.
  • 6. 5. Use a secure password - Make sure that your password is atleast 8 characters long. Use numbers, symbols and uppercase,lowercase letters to create a complicated password.6. Use a different table prefix -Before installing the software, visitwp_config.php file, go to$table_prefix = wp_; and give acustom name replacing wp. If thesoftware is already installed, open thedatabase through PhpMyAdmin andchange the table name.7. Delete version information- Delete the version informationby adding remove_action(wp_head, wp_generator); functionin the PHP file.
  • 7. 8. Install trusted plug-ins- Before installing any plug-in, makesure that its free from virus and malware. Read user reviewsand use highly rated plug-ins. 9. Choose your hosting service provider carefully- Once the site is developed, look for reputed hosting service provider. Ask him about the security features he is using for anti- hacking, because after the CMS, hackers next target is hosting server.10. Keep your computer safe- Your computer can also harm theCMS, if its not free from viruses. Install an anti virus software inyour compute before starting the project and update your OS timeto time to get the latest features.
  • 8. Keep Hackers at Bay!!
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