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  • 1.professional hackersjim geovediinformation security troublemaker, professional script kiddy

2. hackers 3. are hackers gettingpaid now, like a pro? 4. professional hackers 5. corporate hackers 6. corporate hackersprogrammer deals with programming operating systems or applications 7. corporate hackersadministratorresponsible for running specialequipment or whole infrastructures 8. corporate hackersoperatorsitting in front of a monitor (or several)all days and evaluating output of logsand system messages 9. corporate hackerssecurity officer writing the security policies and procedures for the company decides what to do when security incident is happening defining security and access roles 10. corporate hackersit auditor independent organ within the organisation which ensures the adequateness of it controls 11. corporate hackersconsultantworks for a consultant company(general consultant companies, itconsultant companies, or it securitycompanies) 12. corporate hackershackercheck security of networks, reviewsource code, etc.hired to show to customers or press thecompany employ cool person 13. independent hackers 14. independent hackersoperating system/software hackerdevelop and improve system based onpersonal interest 15. independent hackersintrusion specialist concentrate primarily on how to break- in the system or network 16. independent hackersvulnerability researcherdiscovering the vulnerability and how totake advantage of it 17. independent hackersbotnet ownertake control of thousands of hostsrent the botnet for ddos, anonymousproxy, spam, phising etc. 18. independent hackersrootkit/trojan/virus writersometime work together with intrusionspecialists and botnet owner 19. independent hackersspammer/fraudsterintend to result in financial or personalgain 20. local hacking scene 21. local hacking scene how many professional hackers in indonesia? a question of ethics: hackers behaviour real hackers vs. media whores 22. local hacking scene skill development certification for professional hackers valuing our own skills 23. fin.