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A simple guide to the best practices when decorating in shabby chick.


  • Put the Chick in Shabby Chick

    Comfort, simple and practical lifestyle, the mysterious appeal of vintage objects and most importantly the beauty of imperfection.

    These are the main cornerstones of the decorating style which captured the hearts of thousands. Shabby chick is all about simplicity. But don't be fooled by the word 'shabby' when you try to incorporate the decorating style in your home. While in its allure is in the lack of formal principles and strict rules, shabby chick can add an air of timeless elegance to your dwelling.

    But how do you decorate in shabby chick when the very definition of the style includes the term no

    strict rules?

    If you have your heart set on putting the chick in shabby chick, you must know a few secrets. Firstly, while there are no strict rules, there are a few elements one would expect to see in a shabby-chick-decorated area. Secondly, you must be prepared to maintain all the little doilies, light-coloured furniture and every frame, candle holder and accessory swanky clean. The dcor might look old, and yes shabby, but it needs to be properly sanitized to look elegant and not sloppy.

    Shabby Chick FurnitureWhile vintage furniture with slightly worn look might be just what you need, you shouldn't forget the main rule of this decorating style everything must be comfortable. Just like your favourite pair of old jeans you would put on at home feels much better than the evening gown and high heels you would have to wear on an evening out.

    Place a roomy cushion chair big enough for your kid to snuggle with you in the living room. Don't be afraid to place a slipcover with a floral pattern to jazz it up a little bit. Plus, it will spare you the expenses of booking an upholstery cleaning service every now and then. Give a new home to an old trunk and reinvent it as your favourite coffee table one you wouldn't feel the urge to nag your husband about every time he decides to pop his legs on.

  • Shabby Chick Accessories With shabby chick it's all about accessorising. The little details give your dcor a whole new perspective, so don't be afraid to use them. Place an old vase on the dining table and fill it with freshly cut roses from the garden. Let some of the leaves fall artistically on the doily underneath the vase. Dig up your granny's vintage mirror and clean up the rust. While it still looks a bit shabby, the mirror will add character to the setting. Scatter vanilla-scented candles here and there. Decorate them with delicate ribbons with shabby chick it's all about getting in touch with your femininity, so use it!

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